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*What's New Updated: June 1, 2000

When fans of The WB's television drama "ROSWELL" get together there is no stopping what they can do. Proof positive can be seen in their relentless campaigning to assure ROSWELL's renewal for a *second season.


After news hit the Internet about ROSWELL's possible demise a string of campaigning began, including a very clever idea to send The WB Tabasco bottles (due to the shows main characters' need for sweet and spicy foods). Tabasco began pouring into The WB and in the end more than 3,000 (it's even rumoured to be as high as 5,000) Tabasco bottles were received.

"Hunger Is Not"

But the question soon arose as to what The WB would do with all that Tabasco? Throw a big barbecue? Make a jumbo sized Bloody Mary? We didn't know. So instead of continuing our guessing game the fans on the FanForum ROSWELL Message Board ( decided to take matters into their own hands and figure out what could be done. The answer was easy; incorporate the Tabasco bottles in a campaign that raises money for charity. After reading that a few fans were planning on sending some non-perishable food items to the WB instead of Tabasco under the slogan "ROSWELL Is Hot, Hunger Is Not" everything fell into place. I started making some suggestions and people started responding. The idea that we could use our collective efforts to support a charity while acting responsibly and helping to dispose of the Tabasco was very well received by all. And once the charity was decided upon (**World Vision's "30 Hour Famine") things really began to move.

"The Party"

Next was the biggest question of all - where would we sell the bottles? Fortunately there was a summer fan gathering in the works in the Los Angeles area and after submitting a request and being told that a table would be set aside for our charity drive we and sent a request to The WB to take the bottles off their hands. As it turned out however, The WB had other plans for the bottles; they sent them to media agents across the continent with press materials to promote the show's move to a new timeslot. But this change in events didn't stop us as by this time our charity campaign had begun to snowball into something so much more than just selling a few Tabasco bottles. We had already come up with various other fund-raising ideas and activities (such as pledge drives, online auctions, raffles and silent auctions), and after the party planning committee had a change in administration RIHHIN went from having only one table at the event to becoming a big part of the August Fan Gathering.

The party itself will be held on August 5, 2000 on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, California. We are planning on an attendance of 450 ROSWELL fans from across the world and hopefully will reach our campaign goal of $10,000 (if not more) for World Vision. We are also requesting that everyone attending bring "at least" one non-perishable food item to the party to be donated to The Covina Emergency Aid so that not only are we supporting starving children overseas - but starving children (and adults) here at home. Both charities are very supportive of our campaign and will have representatives there at the event.

If you have any questions about the campaign or wish to find out what you can do to help please feel free to email me at


Michelle Woolley
(aka Lilybunny)
Campaign Founder

*The collective efforts of the fans showed just how much we loved our show, and in the end we were happy to hear on May 18, 2000 confirmation that ROSWELL was indeed picked up for a second season.

**World Vision is celebrating its 50th year as a non-profit charitable organization. "The 30-Hour Famine" is one of their various branches of World Vision whose goal is to feed starving children all over the world while raising hunger awareness in today's youth. Brendan Fehr, one of the stars of ROSWELL has been spokesperson for the Canadian branch of "The 30-Hour Famine" and supports their cause. For more information on "The 30-Hour Famine" please visit their website at