FanFic - Alice in Wonderland Contest
Part 7
by Lilybunny
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. I just followed me down my rabbit-hole one day and I decided to let them hang out and play. I promise to let them back out when they’re done :)
Category: Contest Stories
Rating: PG-13
As Maria ran down the street and away from the Crashdown she heard a commotion coming from the concert hall. Slowing to a stop just outside of the building she pushed the doors open and peered inside. She could see people milling around whispering about the trial that was to take place in that very room. Maria slipped inside unnoticed and looked around. At first she didn’t see anyone she recognized, but as she looked onto the stage she was surprised to see Isabel seated on a throne, diamond tiara perched perfectly on her head, a scepter in her hand. Beside her sat Mrs. Topolsky, a white judge’s wig upon her head. And standing to one side of the stage…was Michael.

Maria started pushing her way towards the stage, trying to get to where Michael was standing. By the time she got there she was thoroughly frustrated and angry.

“Michael!” she called to him as she approached. “What is going on?”

Michael gave her an angry glare. “Mary Anne, I told you. I don’t have time for this right now. I’m busy.”

“Busy doing what? A bellhop impersonation?” Maria asked him “And who the hell is Mary Anne. Why won’t you say my name? Would it KILL you to say my name? Just once. Maria. Ma. Ri. A.”

“Look” Michael said patiently as if explaining himself to a child. “Mary Anne. I’ve got a duty here. Isabel needs me. Stop distracting me!”

Mrs. Topolsky looked down at Michael. “Read the accusation.” she ordered him.

Before Maria could say another word to Michael he raised a trumpet to his mouth and blew, causing the audience to hush to silence and turn towards the stage.

“Hear ye, hear ye. The accusation is as follows:

The Queen of Hearts, she kept her heart Until an autumn day When the knave of hearts he stole her heart And ran with it away.”

Whispers of “He stole her heart” ran rampant through the crowd until Isabel banged her scepter on the arm of the throne to call for quiet.

“Call the first witness.” Mrs. Topolsky said as the crowd parted to let the witness through. Maria couldn’t believe her eyes…it was her mother.

“Mom?” she called out.

Amy turned and smiled at Maria “Hey baby.” She called out and waved.

“Silence!” Isabel shouted at Amy, banging her scepter on the throne again and making Maria jump.

“Let’s hear your evidence.” Mrs. Topolsky ordered her.

“Well, you see I was baking a pie, and I saw it all. He just stole her heart.”

“And you say that you know the defendant.” Mrs. Topolsky asked her as Amy nodded in agreement. “Please point him out if you would.”

“Why that’s him right there your honour. That’s the Knave of Hearts.” Amy pointed directly at Michael. “It’s so plain to see that he stole her heart. He loves her you know.”

“Off with his head!” Isabel cried as the crowd went wild.

Maria’s heart dropped like a stone. He loved Isabel? Even her mother could see this? Why couldn’t she? “Is this true?” she asked him.

“It’s true.” Michael confessed. “I took it. I couldn’t help myself. It WAS only fair though. She stole mine first after all.”

“I can’t believe this.” Maria said softly to herself, tears welling in her eyes. “I can’t believe you are in love with Isabel.”

“Isabel? No. Isabel’s not the Queen of Hearts.” He told her matter-of-factly.

“But if Isabel’s not the Queen of Hearts who is?” Maria asked him, completely confused over the whole evening’s events.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet?” Michael explained to her patiently. “You are Maria.”



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