FanFic - Alice in Wonderland Contest
Part 8
by Lilybunny
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. I just followed me down my rabbit-hole one day and I decided to let them hang out and play. I promise to let them back out when they’re done :)
Category: Contest Stories
Rating: PG-13
“Maria?” a voice said worriedly. “Maria, can you here me?”

Opening her eyes the first thing Maria saw was Michael’s concerned face looking down at her. “Hi. Ow!” she said as shooting pain seared through her skull. She raised her hand to the back of her head and felt a huge bump there.

“Way to make an entrance.” Alex said. Maria looked around and saw Alex, Liz and Max crouched beside Michael, all staring down at her with worry. She tried to remember what happened but it was all a blank.

“You fell and hit your head against Alex’s monitor.” Liz said, seeing the questioning look on her friend’s face. “You were unconscious.”

“How long was I out of it?” she asked them. But before any of them could answer a panicked voice cut through the air.

“Oh my God. Maria, are you okay?” she heard her mother yell as she pushed Michael aside to check her daughter for any sign of injury.

“Mom.” Maria protested, pushing her mother’s hands away as she sat up. “I’m okay. Really. Well, if you don’t count the excruciating embarrassment and humiliation. “As if I wasn’t nervous enough already. “Wipe Out” was NOT what I was planning on performing tonight. And now I have to follow that up by singing.”

“Oh no.” Amy told her, shaking her head. “You’re not singing anywhere tonight young lady. That was quite a fall. I want you to come home. Now.” Amy felt Maria’s head and found the goose egg forming on the back. “After a trip to the emergency room first maybe.”

All the attention her mother was pouring over her was making Maria even more self-conscious. “No. Mom. Look, I’m fine okay?” She said, pushing her mother away and getting to her feet. “Really. OW!” she cried after putting pressure down on her left foot. “Ow, ow, ow, ow.”

Maria thought she was going to fall down again due to the severe pain shooting up her leg and tears formed in her eyes. But Michael was there once again and swooped her off her feet.

“What are you doing?” Maria asked him, her pride fighting her pain.

“You’re hurt.” He said matter-of-factly in his typical Michael way as he started carrying her off stage. “You’re going home.”

Maria was going to argue but the pain in both her foot and her ankle convinced her he was probably right. “B-but can’t you know.” She said, hoping that he could use his powers to take away her pain.

Michael looked at her and then turned around so she could see who was there. Maria looked and realized that Valenti was standing close by watching everything. “Not here.” He said meaningfully. Maria bit her lip against the pain and nodded in understanding.

As they walked into the parking lot Maria saw Isabel walking towards them from the jeep. When she saw Michael carrying Maria towards her an expression crossed her face that Maria had thought was only reserved for Michael or Max. Worry.

“I leave for a few minutes and something always happens. What’s going on?” she said rushing towards them. “Are you okay?” she asked Maria.

“Let’s just say that I don’t think Alex will EVER ask me to sing with him again.” Maria said as Michael put her in the back of the car.” When Isabel didn’t look satisfied with that answer Maria continued. “I tripped and twisted my ankle but I’m okay.”

Amy walked around to the other side of the car and got in behind the wheel as Michael tried to get into the car beside Maria. But Isabel pulled him back. “You ride in front” she told him as she climbed into the backseat beside Maria. Before Maria could even wonder what she was up to Isabel said to her under her breath “Michael’s not as good at healing as I am. I’ll fix it once we’re away from here.” Maria was surprised at Isabel’s concern and wondered if maybe she had been too harsh on her in the past.

Liz leaned into the window “Do you want me to come with?” she asked. Maria looked past her friend to Max standing a short distance away talking with Alex.

“No. It’s fine. You stay here. I’m good.”

Liz smiled at her, a silent understanding passing between them. “Only if your sure.” She said.

“Definitely.” Maria replied. “Go. Have fun.

“Okay then, I’ll call you later tonight okay?” Maria nodded and Liz stepped away as Amy turned on the car and drove away.

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