FanFic -
"Valentines, With An Alien Twist"
Part 1
by Shee
Disclaimer: The WB, Fox, and Jason Katims Productions own Roswell and all of the characters in it, including one slightly composite character. No infringement intended. A nod to William Butler Yeats.
Summary: Takes place at West Roswell High School (and a little around town)
Category: Contest
Rating: PG-13
Chapter 1

It was announced yesterday. Roswell High was having a Valentine's dance this year. Five departments would be contributing their expertise: Literature, Woodshop, Art, Chemistry and Home Economics.

There was a booth set up near the quad, decorated in red and white crepe paper. This is where you could purchase your tickets. And as each ticket sold, a red heart was tacked to a large white poster behind the booth. Each heart was numbered for a door prize, a clear bubble phone, fully loaded, and a personal cd player. It was also good enticement for the student body to attend. This had been the principal's brainchild, which also explained the fifties theme. What he didn't know was the dance would be a dash of valentines with a twist of alien on the side.

Amy Deluca staggered a bit with the large box she was carrying. She had clipped the edge of the door and was now dangerously close to the coffee table. "Mom, look out," cried Maria, as she lunged for her. "Thanks, that was close. Here are the little alien cupids to be." Maria took the box and sat it down. "It was good of you to donate these dolls to the dance, but I still think it's a lame idea, period." Amy had flopped down on the couch. "You mean my dolls?" "No mom, I mean the dance."

"Maria, come sit here for a second." Maria walked around the box and sat next to her mom. "We used to have theme dances when I was in school. Getting the costume is half the fun, if you aren't involved with the decorations."

"Mom, I don't want to play dress up, I have kind of outgrown that." Amy picked up one of the alien dolls and inspected it. "Hon, you dress up for the Crashdown Festival, drawing all over your face and wearing God knows what. Explain to me how rational that is? Oh, and let's not forget about Halloween."

Maria looked back at the box, knowing she was defeated. It didn't help that her mom was so enthusiastic about the whole thing. But she had made her point. Thinking back to her attire for the Festival, she had to laugh. "Mom, I hate it when you're right." Amy smiled at her daughter. "I know you do. But call Liz and Isobel, and get them involved in creating your costumes."

Chapter 2

Liz, Maria and Isabel sat in a booth at the Crashdown, discussing what to wear. "Okay, Maria and I like the idea of poodle skirts. But you want to wear a tight skirt?" Isobel shook her head yes. "I like the idea of a long fitted skirt with a sweater."

Liz and Maria grinned at each other. "Isabel, you need an appliqué to go on that sweater, and we all need those saddle oxford shoes, or penny loafers. I think that's what mom called them." Liz looked intently at Maria. "Your mom has put a lot of thought into this, hasn't she?" Maria started fiddling with her straw. "Mom made some suggestions and shot down any theories I had about this theme stuff."

Isobel liberally added some Tabasco to her French fries. "What about the guys? For some reason I don't see them as clothes horses." Maria tried one of Isabel's fries, and winced at the tobasco heat. "Michael won't do anything, if he comes at all." Isobel took another French fry from her basket. "I don't think that will be a problem. I have him pictured as the James Dean of the dance." Maria perked up, "Oh I can see him in a t-shirt and leather jacket with jeans. A regular rebel without a clue." And they all laughed at that.

"I have another idea for Max and Alex" said Isobel. It is going to be a bit tricky, but I got the idea from a commercial I saw on tv." She had the others full attention. Liz finished her drink and asked, "What's the idea?" Isobel leaned back in the booth and grinned, "we are going to do some shopping tomorrow at the mall. We'll see if we can find the particular clothes I have in mind." Liz and Maria looked at each other and grinned. Suddenly this theme dance was a lot more interesting.

The girls did go shopping the next day, and they found everything they needed for themselves and also for the hapless victims. Liz and Maria found material to make their skirts with appliqués, and Isobel found her skirt. No saddle oxfords, but they would make do with some borrowed shoes from various parents. The three of them worked tirelessly, without giving the guys a clue of what was in store for them.

Chapter 3

The day of the valentine's dance was here. Liz and Marie were dressed in their poodle skirts and bobby socks, while Isabel had donned her long tight skirt with a sweater, and her own bobby socks. The three of them had fixed appliqué hearts to the skirts and sweater, and it had worked. Isabel had managed to talk Max into wearing his outfit, and the others had worked on Alex until he agreed. They planned to arrive separately. Max, Isobel and Michael together, and Liz, Maria and Alex together.

As Liz and Maria walked up to the school, Alex complaining about his outfit, the others drove into the parking lot. So they waited to see the fireworks begin. When Max had parked the jeep and got out, the three of them started walking towards the others. When they got close enough, Max stopped. So did Alex. They stood there staring at each other, both garbed in identical outfits. Argyle sweater vest, bowtie, and a short sleeved white shirt. Alex couldn't believe his eyes. "You guys did this to me?" Max looked down at his own sweater vest. "What do you mean, just you Alex." The others were laughing so hard they couldn't speak.

Isabel finally spoke up. "I just couldn't resist after I saw this commercial on television. I think you both look adorable." Alex threw his hands up in the air. "All I need is a pocket protector." That sent the others into another fit of laughter. "Alex, you and Max look great." Liz's eyes were sparkling when she met Max's eyes. And he was beginning to smile, just that almost hidden kind that only he could do. Isobel walked over to Alex and put her arm through his. "I think you look great, Alex. Very smart indeed."

Meanwhile, Maria was giving Michael the once over. "What a surprise, another Fonzie. Or maybe the rebel without a clue?" Michael smiled back at her. "You don't look so bad yourself. Are those skirts for parachuting?" It was the guys turn to laugh at them. And when they had stopped their cackling, they went on into the school.

Max lagged back a bit, pulling Liz with him. He stopped them and turned to her. "I got a little something for you." He reached into his sweater and pulled out a small heart shaped box, filled with chocolate covered cherries. "For you." Liz took the box, and smiled down at the floor. "I didn't get you anything, but you already have this." And she reached up and placed her hand over her heart. Max could only stare into her eyes. But they spoke volumes.

As the six of them reached the gymnasium, they started to ooh and ah at the decorations. As the entrance, the guys from woodshop had fashioned a large arch, with cutout hearts all over it. And in each of the hearts hung an alien cupid doll. The art department had supplied them with wings. They each showed their tickets, and went inside through the arch.

The gym had been transformed into an alien-valentine extravaganza. There were red and white balloons tied to every chair, around an alien centerpiece on each table. And from every balloon hung an alien cupid. They looked about the large room, commenting on the decorations. Max recognized some of the more sophisticated aliens from the UFO museum. Mr. Milton had to be somewhere around, obsessing over his figures.

Liz pulled Max up towards the stage, where a large sign hung overhead. On it was written; 'How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But I loved the pilgrim soul in you, and loved the sorrows and joys of your changing face.' It was signed, 'Your Valentine.'

All Maria could get out was, "wow." Then Michael stepped up beside her. "That is a quote from William Butler Yeats." Maria turned to him; once more surprised at the knowledge he kept hidden. "It is beautiful, Michael." What she didn't expect was for Michael to read it out loud, except he was looking at her. He knew it by heart. Maria felt her face flush, and she grew very warm. But she could do nothing but listen to this poem of love being recited by someone she cared so much for.

Chapter 4

Beside the stage where the band was playing, there stood one of those blow figures, made out of parachute material. It was having a problem staying upright, as the fan keeping it aloft kept sputtering and slowing down. The figure would then start a slow collapse, until the fan pick up the beat and started blowing full force again. Maria said out loud before she thought about what she was saying. "Somebody ought to toss in a couple of viagra, that will make it stand up." Michael could only stare at her in disbelief. Liz yelled "Maria" and the rest dissolved in laughter. Maria could only stand there with her eyes shut; mortified she had said it quite so loud.

They made it to an empty table, laying claim to it for the evening. There were small heart shape containers filled with dips and chips and nuts all around the gym. Alex was deep in conversation with Isobel, and asked her if she wanted to get something to drink. The two of them walked over to the large table, with a large crystal bowl in the center. The girl behind the table asked them, " Would you like a Red Martian Cocktail?" Alex looked at her and grinned. "Is that what the red stuff is?" The girl poured a couple of glasses full. "Yes, that is what we are calling punch tonight."

Alex noted the odd decoration surrounding the punchbowl. It was a small river of red liquid, moving slowly around the table. "What is that for" The girl was pouring another glass of red martian cocktails for another couple and replied, "See the rubber duckie floating in the stream? It contains the winning numbers for the door prizes. Alex seemed mystified by the circling duck, and was standing there eating nuts out of heart shaped bowl. When he asked Isobel a question, he didn't noticed somebody in charge of the food come up beside him and replace the almost depleted bowl of nuts with a bowl of dip. He reached down for some more nuts, and came up with a handful of dip. Isobel started laughing and Alex said; "Now where did all those nuts go?" Isobel dutifully grabbed some napkins and gave them to Alex.

Watching from behind the curtains of the stage stood Amy DeLuca and Ray Milton, who was fretting about his alien figures. "I hope there is no damage to them." Amy patted him on the shoulder. "Ray, they will be fine. Let's go get some more of this alien punch, or whatever they are calling it." They started to walk down the steps on the side, when Amy spotted Maria. "I didn't tell Maria I would be here tonight. She might be a bit surprised to see us together." And so would Sheriff Valenti. Maybe it would do him some good.

It had been a shock to all sitting at the table to see Mrs. Deluca with Mr. Milton. Maria was taking it very hard. "First the sheriff, now the UFO nut." Max looked at Maria and smiled. "Milton is not such a bad person, a little too obsessed with aliens, yes, but would you prefer the sheriff?" There was a resounding no that came from the table.

Sheriff Valenti stood alone by the side of the gym. He was here as a chaperone, and was keeping an even closer eye on one particular table. That is until he saw Amy come down the steps with Milton. Then he couldn't seem to look at anything else.

The night came to a close, being hailed as a huge success. The idea of theme dances had sparked some interest in other events. The six teens walked slowly out of the gym and towards the parking lot. But this time aliens mixed with humans. Max and Liz were in the jeep with Alex and Isabel, and Maria drove off with Michael harping about all the little alien cupid dolls. Sometimes aliens could be so exasperating, God love 'em.


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