FanFic -
"Cupid Shot Us All"
Part 1
by Tinkerbell
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Summary: This story revolves around Valentine's Day and was written for a contest held on Irina's Roswell Page. The story has to PG-13 or less which means no smut. There must be one unconventional couple that has yet to be paired up. It has to revolve around Valentine's Day and alien cupids, a rubber ducky, a mushy love note, a Red Martian Cocktail, and a heart-shaped box full of chocolates must be in the story somewhere. The line "Now where did all those nuts go?" must be placed in the story and the word "viagra" has to be used without any reference to sex. I thought it would be fun to try it.
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Rating: PG-13
The sun shone brightly in Roswell, New Mexico as Max Evans pulled his Durango into the driveway of the Guerins' house. It had been eight years since he had been to Roswell but he was glad that he was returning. Michael came out to greet him. They hugged each other firmly.

"Hey Michael," Max said.

"Hey. How are you?"


"How's the pediatric world?"


Michael laughed. That was something that he had done a lot since marrying Maria DeLuca six years ago. He had found his place in the world as a husband to the blond pixie and as a famous artist. Max had never seen him look so at peace. He felt a stab of envy for his brother and wished that he could have what he did.

"Who's here?"

Michael looked at him knowingly. "Everyone."

Max took a deep breath and nodded. "Okay."

"She looks good Max. Real good."

"Is she alone?"

"Yeah. No ring either. I checked that. Plus Maria has not said anything about her being involved with anyone."

Max just nodded.

"Now is your chance Max. Don't wait anymore."

"Yeah. Look at you."

"I have never been more happy," Michael said seriously. "I would not trade this for anything in the world Max. It's the most wonderful thing I have ever felt. You had that too...with Liz. You need to get it back."

"I'll think about it," Max said softly. "Let's go inside."

"Yeah." Max walked into the spacious house and looked around. It definitely looked like Michael and Maria lived there. The house was done in bright colors and pieces of Michael's artwork adorned the walls. Michael led him into the living room where the others were gathered. For a minute, Max thought he was looking at four sixteen year olds. Then the illusion broke. His sister, Isabel Evans Whitman, was sitting next to her new husband and listening intently to what he was saying. They had been married for about six months. It had been a beautiful wedding. Maria sat on the arm of the recliner holding her four-year-old daughter who was asleep. Maryleigh was a beautiful child full of her mother's infectious charm and her fathers quiet intuition. Michael went over to Maria and picked up his sleeping daughter to carry her upstairs. Max's eyes found Liz and his heart stopped beating. He had not seen her in six years. Ever since Michael and Maria's wedding. She looked the same except for the fact that she was even more beautiful to him...if that was possible. She was talking to Maria about something and they were laughed. Her dark hair shined in the sunlight and Max had to swallow the lump that rose in his throat.

Michael came back into the room. Maria got up and went over to him. "Thank you for coming everyone. It's so nice to have all of you here at one time," she said grinning at her friends.

"Sure," Alex said putting his arm around Isabel and holding her close. Isabel just smiled at him.

"Not a problem," Liz said. "I have been meaning to come for a visit for awhile."

"Me too," Max said.

"Well...let's get some drinks and get started." Thirty minutes later everyone was situated in the living room. Jim and Amy Valenti had come by to pick up Maryleigh for the evening...even if it was Valentine's Day. They loved their granddaughter. Even Jim got mushy.

"So...who wants to start," Maria asked looking around the room. No one made a move. "Oh come on you guys."

Alex cleared his throat. "I'll do it."

"Great." Maria settled on Michael's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You're squishing me cheesehead,' he said playfully.

Maria just stuck out her tongue at him.

Everyone laughed.

"Some things never change," Isabel commented.

"Alex. Go ahead."

Alex looked around at his friends. "Okay. Everybody remembers that first year right?"


It was one of those perfect days in the desert. The air was actually cool even as the sun shone brightly over the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. It seemed that love was in the air...everywhere. Even the cactuses were flowering.

Liz Parker thought about these things as she walked across the front lawn of West Roswell High School. It was February 12, only two days until Valentine's Day and already Liz wished that it were over. All around her kids were pairing off. The atmosphere was reminiscent of when the heat wave rolled through. Yeah missed out on the action then too a voice in her head said. Max did not even kiss you until after it was over. Then, a few days later, he broke up with you. Liz shook her head, trying to get rid of the nagging voice but it was no use. She could just not get rid of it.


Maria DeLuca locked her mothers Jetta and slung her book bag over her shoulder. She walked across the lawn and stepped onto one of the schools numerous catwalks. All around her were people kissing, holding hands and hugging. It made Maria want to barf. She never had anyone on Valentine's Day. Sure, Alex still gave Liz and herself a box of chocolates but...that was different. Maria had never had anyone to just hold her hand and cuddle with her. No one to hide a card in her locker and surprise her with a kiss between classes.

Maria sighed dejectedly as she walked up to her locker and twisted the dial. She opened her locker and stuffed her geometry book inside. Even her mother had a date for Valentine's Day. Of course, Maria had to admit that she would much rather stay at home than date Sheriff Valenti or anyone carrying the Valenti genes for that matter. But, Sheriff Valenti was good to her mother no matter how much he might freak Maria out. That was what her cypress oil was for.

Maria was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not notice anyone come up to her.

"Hey," a familiar voice said.

Maria let out a shaky breath. She would recognize the voice anywhere. "Michael," she said turning around with a slight smile on her face.

It was hard to believe that Michael Guerin was the same person that he had been a few months ago. Well, technically he was not a "real person" but as far as Maria was concerned he was one hundred percent human. Ever since she had confronted him about not saying thank you for saving his life and he had finally slightly opened up to her they had experienced a rather stable relationship. There were no more passionate kisses or Eraser Room fiascoes but still...they had a connection. Michael had been true to his word when he said that he could not get entangled. But they had become friends, which was something neither of them had ever thought possible. It was mind boggling when they thought about it...which was often. They were both too proud to admit it though. Maria just stared into Michael's eyes that always seemed softer when she was around.

Michael swallowed the lump that rose in his throat. Just looked at Maria made him long to touch her, to hold her close and never let her go. He knew that could never happen. But, no matter how hard he tried to keep his distance, he always seemed to come back to her. There was something about her that always kept him near. It was something he could not was just there. He felt it more and more every day but could never let her know. If he did, Michael knew that there would be no turning back for either of them.

Michael and Maria probably would have stood there gazing into each other's eyes all day if the bell had not chosen that moment to ring loudly and insistently in their ears. Maria shook her head as if to clear it and shut her locker.

"So...I had better go," she said softly.

"Yeah," he mumbled.

Maria started to walk down the hall. She felt his eyes on her back and stopped. She turned around and looked back at him. "Michael?"


"You coming to the Crashdown this afternoon?"

"You working?"


"Then I'll be there."

"Okay. See you there."


Michael watched her retreating form in confusion. Why could he not stay away from her? She was slowly breaking down his wall and no one was supposed to be able to do that.


Alex Whitman ran his hands through his short hair nervously. He had been trying to get up the nerve to ask Isabel out for Valentine's Day since...well, since the third grade. Ever since the day that he met her Isabel had been the only girl in his thoughts. She was the only one that he wanted. Even knowing that she was hatched had not lowered his opinion of her. It just made her more intriguing to him.

Alex had the perfect idea for Valentine's Day. He had been planning this day since he was eight years old. Ever since Alex had stepped up to the circle to save Michael's life, Isabel had acted differently towards him. And the fact that she trusted him was mind-blowing. If she said yes to his invitation than it would be even more mind-blowing. But, when and if it was Isabel saying yes that did it, Alex would happily have his mind blown. She had to say yes. She just had to.


Isabel Evans walked around the school not caring who was looking or what they were saying. Over the past few months she had stopped caring so much about what people said and thought about her. Enough had been said when she had "lowered" herself by subbing for Liz when her grandmother was sick. But, for Isabel Evans to be seen with Alex Whitman was...well, it was unthinkable.

Isabel bit back a laugh at the thought of how everyone's tongues had been wagging lately. Surprisingly, her popularity had not decreased like she had suspected it would. Instead, people seemed to like the fact that the most beautiful girl in school would take an interest in sweet, dorky Alex Whitman.

Even Alex was surprised. Isabel could sense that every time she talked to him. He was so shocked that she would actually be nice to him...and not just because she had to. Isabel knew that Alex would guard her secret with his life. That realization made her feel safe, especially when he was around. It was weird and totally unexpected. But, Isabel thought to herself as she noticed Alex rummaging around in his locker, she would not trade the feeling for anything on earth.

Alex was mumbling under his breath, searching for his elusive geometry homework when someone tapped him on the shoulder. "Maria...I do not have time for your rantings on the calming qualities of cypress oil. Liz...if I hear one more thing about how I should get over my nervousness and ask Isabel out I am going to..." Alex turned around and the color drained from his face. "Scream," he finished.

Isabel stood there, smiling at him. So, he had been thinking about her. That was nice to know. "Hello Alex."

"Isabel. H-Hi," he stammered.

"So...are you going to the Crashdown this afternoon?"

"I had thought about it. Yeah."

"Good." With that Isabel turned and walked down the hallway to her class, pausing at the doorway to turn around and wave at him.

Alex numbly raised his hand in return and gave her a cheesy grin.

Isabel chuckled and ducked into class as the bell sounded.

Alex let his hand fall to his side. He had been standing there like a total dork looking after Isabel and had forgotten all about his missing homework and the fact that the tardy bell had already rang. Shaking his head he noticed the elusive piece of paper filled with quadratic equations and grabbed it. He slammed his locker shut and headed for class. Surprisingly, he was not upset that he was going to get detention. It had been worth it just to see her smile at him.


Max Evans sighed as he glanced over at Liz in Biology. They had remained at a distance ever since he had broke it off with her. Sure, they still talked and exchanged soulful looks but they had not kissed or been at an intimate distance since she had kissed him goodbye that night on her roof a few months ago. He missed her more and more every day. Before all of this had happened at least he could look at her and dream about her even though he knew it could never be anything. Now that Liz knew about him and had shared emotional experiences with him it made Max ache even more. It could have been something so special...if he had let it. Now, it might be too late.


Maria and Liz sat down at one of the stone tables in the school courtyard. They took out their lunches and stared at them in silence. Neither one of them was hungry. Their minds were too full of thoughts of their alien paramours to be interested in food. Alex who chose that moment to arrive shattered their silence. He dropped his book bag onto the table and plop onto the bench dejectedly.

Maria and Liz both came out of their reveries to look at Alex.

"What happened," Maria asked, concerned.

"Oh...nothing new. I just embarrassed myself in front of the girl of my dreams...again."

"Isabel," Liz asked.


"How," Maria wanted to know.

"Oh...I was just running late for class, trying to find my homework when she tapped me on the shoulder. I thought it was one of you guys so I launched into a speech on how I did not want to hear anything else about the calming qualities of cypress oil or how I would scream if I heard that I should get over my nervousness and ask Isabel out just one more time. Then I turned around and it was her."

Maria and Liz exchanged amused glances.

Liz, the forever scientist, asked: "What was her reaction?"

"She just smiled and asked me if I was coming to the Crashdown this afternoon and I said I had thought about it and she said good."

"And," Maria probed a sparkle in her eyes.

Alex shrugged. "She walked down the hall to her class. She turned around and waved at me so naturally I waved back, looking like a complete dork."

"Oh Alex. I'm sure that Isabel does not think you're a dork," Liz said compassionately.

"No. That's not it. I stood there with my hand up until after the tardy bell rang watching her go to class."

"So you got detention," Maria asked.


"You don't sound too upset about it," Liz commented taking a sip of her apple juice.

"That's because I'm not."

Maria and Liz smiled knowingly.

Alex shook himself and clapped his hands together. "So...what have my two best buds been up to?"

"Moping," Maria said glumly.


"Did you ask her yet," Liz asked.

"No. But I can at least try to do it this afternoon."

"Good. At least one of us will have a nice Valentine's Day," Maria grumbled.

"Maria. Be nice," Liz scolded giving Alex a reassuring look. "I'm sure she will say yes."


"Yeah, doofus," Maria chimed in. "How could she say no?"

"Don't even get me started."

The three friends looked at each other, threw their arms around each other and burst into laughter.


The alien trio watched the three humans from the other side of the courtyard.

"Wonder what they were talking about," Michael mused.

"Obviously something funny," Isabel commented. She looked at Max. "How come we never do that?"

Max looked at his sister in surprise. "What do you mean?"

"Why can't we laugh when things get stressful. I really don't even know how to laugh - except with mom and dad."

"Me either," Michael added, a far off look on his face. "The closest thing that I have come to laughing was with Maria."

"Alex made me laugh once," Isabel said thoughtfully. "Does Liz ever make you laugh Max?"

Max nodded. "A few times, yeah," he replied thinking back to their botched kiss at the rave and their one and only date. The ache inside him grew stronger and he had to swallow hard to keep from crying.

Michael stood up. "Man, this is getting too depressing, even for me. I'll see you guys after school."


The Crashdown Café was busy when Max, Michael and Isabel arrived. Isabel noticed Alex sitting at a booth and suggested they join him.

"Got room for us," Isabel asked him.

Alex looked up and his ears turned red. "Sure." He slid over so that Isabel could sit down next to him while Max and Michael sat down across from them.

"Where's Maria," Michael asked nonchalantly.

Before Alex could respond Maria burst out of the kitchen carrying four hot plates of food. Michael watched with an amused expression on his face as she successfully dodged two kids that were running around and an old lady who was barely going a mile an hour with her cane. Maria delivered the food to her table, noticed everyone sitting at the booth and went over to them. She winced at a flaring pain in her arm and looked down. One of the plates had burned it. She bit her lip and went over to the booth.

"Hey guys," she said taking out her order pad. "What can I get for you?"

Michael noticed the burn on her arm. "What happened," he asked softly.

Maria looked down at her arm. " of the plates was really hot."

"Oh. It looks really bad."

"It's okay," Maria lied. "I'll go put some aloe on it in a few minutes. You guys ready to order."

Maria took down the orders noticing that Max had not said a word. She looked at him curiously. He was looking past her at something...or someone. Maria turned to look in the direction he was and saw Liz talking to the elderly woman that Maria had almost ran over. Maria smiled to herself and turned around. "Max? Earth to Max!"

Max blinked and finally focussed his eyes on Maria. "Sorry. What is it?"

"What do you want to eat?"

"Oh." Max looked embarrassed. "Um...a Will Smith with a Cherry Coke."

"You got it," Maria said. She walked back to the kitchen.

"Excuse me," Michael said, getting up from the booth and going after Maria.

Max was starring at Liz again.

"So...Isabel," Alex began.

Isabel waited patiently. "Yes?"

Alex's' gaze flickered to Max and then back to her. "I was w-wondering if...."

Obviously Max sitting there even though he was only physically with them was making Alex uncomfortable. Isabel shot a look at her brother who paid no attention to her. She kicked him as discreetly as possible under the table.

"Oww," Max yelped in surprise. He turned his attention back to Isabel. He saw the look on her face and got to his feet. "I think I am gonna go say hey to Liz."

After Max left Alex turned to Isabel. "Isabel."

"Yes Alex."

"Would you like t-to-," he stammered.

"Just ask me Alex."

"Okay. Would you like to do something for Valentine's Day...with me," he asked hopefully. Alex held his breath hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Isabel smiled brightly at him. "I would love to Alex."

Alex let out a sigh or relief. "Really?"


They smiled at each other happily.


Michael followed Maria to the kitchen. "Hey."

Maria turned around, surprised. "Hey."

"Can we talk for a second?"

"Sure." They went in to the break room. "What's up?"

Michael reached out and took her injured arm.

"What are you doing?"

"Shh." Michael gently placed his hand over her burn, closed his eyes and concentrated really hard.

Maria felt a tingling in her arm and then the burning stopped.

Michael looked at her. "Did it work?"

Maria nodded. "Yeah. Thank you."

Michael nodded slightly. "Yeah."

Maria pulled her arm back gently. "So?"

"So...what are you going to do for Valentine's Day?"

Maria rolled her eyes. "Oh, you know. The usual for people who have no one. Stay at home, watch some sappy movies on television, have a good cry and pig out on junk food. Interested?" She looked at him hopefully.

Michael shrugged. "It sounds a lot better than dodging Hank all night. What time?"

"Why don't you meet me here at about seven?"

"Sounds fine."


They stood there for a moment. "Well, I need to get back to work," Maria finally said.

"Yeah," Michael agreed.

Maria started out the door but turned around in the doorway. She held up her arm and smiled at him. "Thanks again."

"No problem." Michael watched her go wondering what he had gotten himself into this time.


Max walked up to the counter. "Hey Liz."

Liz looked up from her order pad and smiled at him. "Max. Hey. Whatcha doing?"

"Oh. Nothing much. Just waiting for Alex to get done so I can go eat my food before it gets cold."

Liz smiled. "So he's asking her?"


"Took him long enough," she commented. "He's liked Isabel since the third grade."

"I know how that feels," Max said softly, his soft brown eyes locking with hers.

Liz swallowed and cleared her throat. "Yeah." She looked back at Alex and Isabel in the booth. They were smiling at each other. "Looks like she said yes."

"Yeah." Max looked at the Formica countertop for a moment. "Liz?"


"Would you like to do something for Valentine's Day?"

Liz smiled her dazzling smile that made him weak in the knees. "I'd love to."


Max, Michael, Isabel and Alex were sitting at the booth eating when Liz came over to the booth.

"Listen. I wanted to ask you all something."

Four pairs of eyes looked up at her curiously.

"Every year Alex, Maria and I have this tradition where we come to the Crashdown on Valentine's Day and mom and dad make us one Red Martian Cocktail apiece. Somehow, they make it non-alcoholic. Don't ask me how. Mom and dad refuse to give me the recipe until I turn twenty-one. Go figure." Liz paused. "Anyway, what I want to know is this. Now that there is six of us instead of three...will you guys come?" Liz looked at the three aliens hopefully.

Isabel smiled sweetly at Liz. "I would love to."

"You bet," Max said giving her his famous little smile.

"Sure," Michael agreed. "Any time that I can get something for free I'm in."

The group laughed. "Okay. I got to get back to work." Liz walked off smiling to herself.


Mr. Parker had the television at the counter turned on and Michael was catching bits and pieces of the newscast over the noise in the café. He caught something about some drug with a weird name that he had never heard of before. Michael looked around at the other three sitting with him. "What's Viagra?"

There was utter silence for a moment. Isabel dropped her hamburger, Alex choked on his fry and Isabel had to pound him on the back. Max was just taking a sip of his Cherry Coke and let out a gush of surprised air that caused his drink to bubble up out of the cup and onto the tabletop. They all turned to look at Michael and burst out laughing.

Michael looked at them confused. He had asked them an honest question. Alex was turning red, Max was coughing uncontrollably and Isabel was bowled over with her head on Alex's shoulder. "At least someone's laughing," he grumbled.


The six friends laughed as Alex finished talking. Sitting here talking about it made it seem like yesterday. Alex smiled as he took a sip of his beer. "Those were the days huh?"

Isabel smiled at her husband. "Yeah."

Max looked at Liz who was gazing at the floor in thought. She was obviously remembering the same things he was.

"Who wants to go next," Alex asked looking around at his best friends.

"I will," Maria said grinning at Michael.

"Yeah. I bet you will."

Maria looked around at her friends. "You guys remember the leather pants and Simon, the rubber ducky?"

Alex groaned. "Oh no. Please don't start with that."

"Oh Alex. Be a good sport."

Max looked at Liz closely remembering the way that she had looked in Maria's leather pants. Max had nearly had a heart attack. Liz noticed him staring at her and returned his gaze.

Maria looked around at her friends. "Well...Liz wanted to borrow my leather pants...."


One day and counting until Valentine's Day. All six friends walked around West Roswell High in a daze. Things were just going too well. Max, Michael and Alex were trying to figure out what to get the girls and the girls were trying to figure out what to wear and how to do their hair.


Alex walked around like he was in the best dream in the world. A date with Isabel Evans...and for Valentine's Day. Nothing ever went this well for Alexander Charles Whitman. It had to be a dream. But, if it was, he never wanted to wake up. Suddenly the perfect gift for Isabel struck him. Alex laughed out loud in the middle of geometry class. Everyone turned around to look at him curiously.

"Is there something you would like to share with us Mr. Whitman," Mr. Singer asked.

Alex's' ears turned red and he shook his head.

Everyone stared to turn back to the board but before he could stop himself Alex's mouth opened again. "No sir. I just forgot to let the dog out this morning and he has probably torn up the place and peed on all the furniture by now."

The whole class burst into laughter. Even Mr. Singer looked amused.

"Sounds like you're going to have quite a mess to clean up."

Alex just stared at him trying to keep from sinking into his seat.

"But next time keep it to yourself Mr. Whitman."

"Yes sir."

Everyone turned back to the board. Alex put his head in his hands. You are such a dork Whitman he told himself. He snuck a glance over at Isabel. She was smiling at him. Alex grinned back shyly. Suddenly he felt much better.


Maria stared at Liz in shock. "What did you say? I must have heard you wrong. Repeat that for me one more time."

Liz smiled at her best friend. "I said that I wanted to borrow your leather pants."

Maria's jaw dropped open. "I cannot believe it. Liz Parker is actually wanting to wear something skin tight and daring." She looked at Liz closely. "Is this about Max?"

Liz let out an exasperated sigh. "Maria!"

"I mean Liz. This is Max we are talking about here. Max Evans. 'Mr. Shy who likes his girls dreamy and wearing floral underwear'."

"Maria! Shh!"

"Who likes floral underwear," Isabel asked sitting down next to them and taking out a can of diet Coke.

Liz shot Maria a warning look that she completely ignored.

"Liz here has decided that she wants to borrow my leather pants to impress your brother and I told her that Max would probably rather have her wearing a dress and floral underwear."

"Maria," Liz hissed.

Isabel's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Is this true Liz?"

Liz blushed. "Yeah."

Isabel nodded her approval. "I rather like the idea Liz. Be spontaneous. Do something that he would never expect you to do. Keep 'em on their toes. That's what I always say."


"Yeah. Tell you what. I'll even come over and help you do your makeup and your hair."

"Thank you Isabel."


Liz turned to Maria. "Well?"

Maria was still in shock. "I uh...."

Liz sighed in frustration. "Maria. Just lend me the damn pants!"

Isabel and Maria exchanged surprised looks. Liz never said curse words unless she was really upset. "What, the perfect Liz Parker cursing," Maria mocked.

"What is the world coming to," Isabel played along.

Liz shot them looks of contempt. "Guys."

"Okay. Okay. Sure, you can borrow my leather pants. Good luck."

"Thank you."

"So what about you Isabel," Maria asked curiously.

"I will be my perfect usual."

The girls laughed.

"So...what about Michael," Isabel asked Maria.

Maria rolled her eyes. "Please. Watching movies and pigging out on junk food hardly qualifies as a dress up occasion."

Isabel sighed. "Don't worry Maria. I'm sure everything will turn out fine."

"Yeah," Liz agreed.

"Shut up 'Miss I'm gonna wear a cow to impress my Czechoslovakian soul mate'."


Max sat in the library trying to figure out what he was going to give Liz for Valentine's Day. Something that would let her know how special she was to him. Nothing was coming to mind and he was running out of time. At least he knew where he was taking her.


Michael Guerin stepped back to look at his painting. Mr. Cowan came up behind him, startling him.

"Very nice Mr. Guerin."

"You think?"

"Yes. Who's the beautiful girl?"


"You're supposed to be drawing Aphrodite, the goddess of love as shown in the picture on the board."

"I am," Michael said firmly.


Liz looked at the cookbook in front of her. "That can't be right," she moaned in exasperation. She had been in the kitchen for two hours trying to make chocolates for Max. Sadly, she was not getting very far. Every time she thought she had it right some little detail would go wrong and the process would have to start over again. But Liz was not deterred. She would stay up all night if she had to...until she got this right.


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