FanFic -
"Cupid Shot Us All"
Part 2
by Tinkerbell
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Summary: This story revolves around Valentine's Day and was written for a contest held on Irina's Roswell Page. The story has to PG-13 or less which means no smut. There must be one unconventional couple that has yet to be paired up. It has to revolve around Valentine's Day and alien cupids, a rubber ducky, a mushy love note, a Red Martian Cocktail, and a heart-shaped box full of chocolates must be in the story somewhere. The line "Now where did all those nuts go?" must be placed in the story and the word "viagra" has to be used without any reference to sex. I thought it would be fun to try it.
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Rating: PG-13
Maria sat on her bed staring at the doll in her hands. She had been working on it for weeks. Her present to Michael. It was definitely a Maria thing to do. Sighing in exasperation she stuck the needle into the arm and dropped the doll onto her bed.

"Knock knock," Amy DeLuca said coming into the bedroom.

"Hey mom."

"What are you up to?"

"Trying to make one of those alien cupid dolls."


"And it is not turning out very well," Maria held up the misshapen doll to prove her point.

Mrs. DeLuca laughed and sat down on the bed next to her. "You just have too much stuffing in the wrong places and your stitches are uneven." Amy showed her daughter how to fix the problem.

"Thanks mom," Maria said giving her a hug.

"Sure sweetie."

"So you and Sheriff Valenti are going out tomorrow."


"That's weird."

Amy DeLuca laughed. "Yeah. It is. But I like it."

Maria rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

"So who is this doll for?"

"A friend."



"Fine. Fine."

The doorbell rang. "That's Jim now."

"Okay. Thanks for your help."



Max Evans sat at his desk with his pen and notepad. This afternoon driving home it had hit him. The perfect gift for Liz. She admired truth more than anything else. Truth he could give her. She wanted him to let her in. He would. Max put on one of his favorite mellow CDs and began to write.


Alex sat on his bed with his guitar picking out chords to go along with the words that were scribbled on the piece of paper lying in front of him. He had to get this just right. Everything had to be perfect.

An hour later he had everything done. Alex picked up his recorder and turned it on. This would either make Isabel realize how much he cared or it would make her laugh. Either way this was something that he had to do.


"Jim. What a surprise," Amy DeLuca said standing in the front doorway.

"Hey Amy."

"What's up?"

"I just wanted to make sure that we were still on for tomorrow night."

"I would not miss it for the world," Amy said smiling at him.

Jim Valenti smiled back at her. "Good."

"Oh. Just a minute." Amy went to the kitchen and brought back two alien cupid dolls and handed them to Valenti.

Jim looked at them curiously.

"One of them is for you and the other one is for Kyle. Tell him to give it to someone special."

Jim laughed. "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow at seven."

"I'll be there."


Liz sat down next to Maria at lunch. "Hey."

"Hey Liz," Maria said handing her a shopping bag. "Leather pants as you requested."

"Thanks Maria."

"No problem babe."

"So. How's the doll coming?"

"It's finished."


"It's definitely unique."

Liz laughed. "Then I am positive that Michael will like it."

"You think so," Maria asked hopefully.

"Oh yeah."

Maria brightened considerably. "So...did you make the chocolate?"

"Yeah. It took me all night."

Maria rolled her eyes. "Never try to bake when you cannot, I repeat cannot concentrate on anything except a guy. Remember when we blew up your Easy Bake Oven because Chad Tarson was in the Crashdown and he kept staring at us?"

Liz smiled. "Yeah. And that time we blew up that loaded baked potato when Pam Troy brought in her brothers friend from New York who was a model?"

Maria laughed. "Yeah. And that time we stole Alex's rubber ducky and stuck him in the oven."

"And mom turned on the pot roast and it started burning and ran everyone out of the Crashdown."

The two girls erupted into giggles.

"Mind if I join you," Isabel asked.

"Not at all," Liz said moving her book bag over so that Isabel could sit down.

"So, what are we talking about?"

"Childhood traumas."

"Ah. Anything interesting," Max asked sitting down on the other side of Liz. "Hey."


"We were just talking about the time that Liz and I stole Alex's rubber ducky," Maria informed them.

"Alex has a rubber ducky," Isabel asked amused.

"Yeah. A rubber ducky named Simon."

"Simon, huh?"

"Yeah. Anyway, Alex always had him around and when he came over to spend the night he always brought him."

"Damn. Lucky Alex," Michael said joining them and plopping down next to Maria. "Right Max?"

Max just blushed.

Maria rolled her eyes. "Anyway, Alex never left home without him. Liz had her purple doggie named Labie and I had my alien doll named Lokie that my mom made for me. Alex always had Simon."

"Yeah," Liz agreed remembering.

"So Liz and I stole it from him one night and hid it in the oven upstairs. When Mrs. Parker turned on a pot roast we forgot all about it being there until we smelled something burning."

"Oh no," Isabel giggled.

"Yeah. So, you know how burnt rubber smells?"

"Yuck," Michael agreed.

"Totally gross." Maria paused. "Anyway. Alex comes running into the kitchen yelling 'where's my rubber ducky? Where's Mr. Simon? What did you do to him?'"

Everyone laughed at Maria's antics. She was so animated Michael thought to himself. And glowing.

"So...Mrs. Parker comes running back upstairs and opens the oven door. And-and-the rubber ducky had started to melt and the smell! Yuck! Liz and I were standing there as Mrs. Parker pulled him out and sat him on the counter to cool off. Alex just stood there in his pajamas with every button done up with his arms crossed glaring at us. When Mrs. Parker gave him back the duck, Simon's beak had slopped to the side and his tail was dro-drooping." Maria broke up into a fit of giggles.

"Yeah," Liz agreed picking up for Maria. "So Alex takes Simon and just inspects him like you would a baby. Then he marches over to us and bursts into tears."

"Aw. Poor Alex," Isabel said.

"Poor me? Why," Alex asked joining them at the table.

"Alex! Tell us about Simon," Michael prodded.

Alex looked at him dumbfounded. Then he looked at Isabel who was grinning and turned as red as a tomato. "Oh God. I think I am going to be sick."

"So," Maria began again. "Alex starts screaming at us waving Simon around. 'You killed him! You killed Simon! You killed my rubber ducky! You mutilated him! How could you do this? Look at his beak! Look what you did to his tail!'" Maria stopped to control her giggles.

"Maria, I am going to kill you," Alex said quietly.

"So then he grabs my Lokie and takes it over to the chopping block, takes one of the butcher knives and chops its head off!"

"Oh no," Isabel exclaimed.

"Yeah," Liz piped in smiling. "Then he went and grabbed Labie out of my room and started running around the apartment with it. We started chasing him. He goes down to the Crashdown and jumps on top of the counter. He goes over to the stove and holds Labie over the burner and yells 'You guys had better apologize or else I am gonna fry Labie here'. So of course we start screaming apologies at him. Finally he came down and we went back upstairs where mom sewed back on Lokie's head and tried to make Simon look a little better."

"The place smelled like burnt rubber for a week," Maria recalled.

"Simon never floated quite the same again," Alex said sagely shaking his head.

Everyone at the table burst into laughter.

"I'm going to get you guys back for that one. Just you wait." Alex said glaring at Liz and Maria who just smiled innocently at him.


The six friends were still laughing five minutes after Maria finished the story of Simon the rubber ducky.

"That was fun," Liz said smiling.

"Yeah, and totally embarrassing for me," Alex said glaring at Maria and Liz.

"Oh, I thought you were adorable," Isabel said giving him a quick kiss.

Alex turned red.

"Guys, please don't start," Michael said throwing a pillow at them.

"Who's next," Maria asked.

"I will," Liz said.

Max looked at her knowing what she was going to say.

"You guys remember how Kyle was always trying to get the best of us...."


Liz stood at her locker making sure that she had everything she needed when Max came up to her.

"Hey," he said softly.


"So...about tonight. What time do you...." Max trailed off and looked past her.

Liz turned around to see Kyle standing there clutching an alien cupid. "Kyle."

"Hey Liz."

Max started to leave but Kyle stopped him. "I just wanted to give you this," he said to Liz handing her the doll. "As a token of friendship."

"Thank you Kyle," Liz said sincerely.

"You're welcome." Kyle looked at Max. "You had better be good to her or I will personally beat the crap out of you."

Max actually managed a laugh.

"Seeing you two actually makes me believe that true love does exist. Who knows? Maybe Vicky and I are meant to be."

Liz smiled. "You just never know Kyle."

"Well, take care and I'll see you later."

"Okay." Liz gave him a quick hug and Kyle left.

Max looked down at her. "That was weird."

"Nah. Kyle's a good guy. He just lost his way for awhile."


"Actually, Isabel is coming over early. I asked her to help me with something."



"Okay. Then what time should I be at the Crashdown?"


"Okay. I'll see you then."


Liz watched him walk down the hallway and she smiled. Maybe things would work out after all.


Maria looked at her mom in exasperation. "Mom. You look fine. You looked fine in the first outfit too."

Amy DeLuca went back into her closet and rummaged around for some shoes. "So...what are your plans?"

"Well, Michael might drop by after the get together at the Crashdown and we'll just watch some movies."

"Sounds like fun." Mrs. DeLuca came back into the bedroom. "So?" She twirled around.

"You look really nice mom. Sheriff Valenti is not going to know what hit him."

Amy smiled and hugged her daughter. "Thanks baby."

"Sure thing."

Mrs. DeLuca glanced at her watch. "I have to go. I'm running late. I have to meet Jim at seven and I have to run by the UFO Center on the way to drop of some products to that crazy curator Milton."

Maria laughed knowingly. "Okay mom. Have fun."

"You too. Don't wait up."


Kyle raised his eyebrows at the pile of clothes thrown haphazardly around his father's room. Jim Valenti was a neat freak but the fact that he had a date with Amy DeLuca was making him crazy. "Dad. Just calm down. Everything will be fine."

"I know. I'm just nervous," Jim Valenti said fixing his tie. "Do I look okay?"

Kyle snorted in amusement. "Dad! You look fine."

"Fine? Is that good or bad?"

Kyle laughed. "It's good dad. Good.

"Great." Jim grabbed his coat. "So who did you give the cupid to?"


Jim stopped in the middle of putting on his coat and stared at his son.

"As a thank you and an expression of friendship dad," Kyle clarified.

"Good. Any plans for tonight?"

"Yeah. Vicky and I are going out to eat."

"Oh. Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Kyle laughed. "Don't worry. I won't."

"Don't wait up."


Diane Evans looked at her little girl amused. Isabel was running around her room discarding garments everywhere. "Looks like someone's nervous," she commented coming into the room. She had to move over a pile of skirts just so she could sit down on the bed.

Isabel rolled her eyes. "Mom!"

" look nervous. Plus I have never seen you run around like this for a date before."

"This is different."

"I can tell," Mrs. Evans commented. "I take it you really like this boy."

"Yeah. I guess I do."

"Can I give you some advice?"

"Of course. You're the mom."

"Just be yourself. Obviously this boy likes you for who you are. Otherwise you would not be this nervous. You could always tell whether someone liked you for your looks or for who you are. I'm guessing this guy is the latter. So relax."

"I can't," Isabel exclaimed plopping on top of the pile of skirts next to her mother. "I really want this to go well."

"And it will honey," Mrs. Evans assured her.

"How do you know?"

"Because I acted the exact same way when I went out with your father for the first time."

Isabel looked at her mom curiously. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

Mrs. Evans smiled. "I'm just saying be on your toes. You never know when lightening could strike."

"Thanks mom. I will." Isabel got up and went to her closet and rummaged around until she found what she was looking for. She pulled it out and held it up for her mother's opinion. "Well?"

Mrs. Evans nodded. "Looks great."

"Alex likes me in red."

"Alex who?"


Mrs. Evans eyebrows raised and she had to suppress her laughter. "Isn't his dad the one that is a computer technician or something along those lines?"


Mrs. Evans smiled knowingly. "Hmm."

"What does that mean," Isabel demanded as she put on her dress.

"Nothing. Just interesting."

Isabel rolled her eyes but said nothing. She went back to her closet to find her shoes.

Max stuck his head in the doorway. "Mom. Where are the envelopes?"

Mrs. Evans looked at her son closely. He looked as nervous as Isabel was acting. "What kind honey?"

Max shrugged. "Just regular envelopes." Isabel came back out of her closet and he nodded in approval. "Nice Izzie."

"Really? Your not just saying that because you're my brother?"

"No. You look really nice."


"In the top drawer of the desk in the office downstairs."

"Thanks mom." He turned to Isabel. "When you leaving?"

"In about ten minutes."

"Okay." Max left.

"What's your brother so nervous about?"

"Oh. He's got a date with Liz tonight," Isabel said as she put on her makeup. "He always gets nervous when he is going to be around her."

"Liz Parker," Mrs. Evans asked a knowing look on her face.

"Yeah." Isabel finished clipping her hair. "How do I look?"


Isabel smiled.

"What did you get Alex?"

Isabel's smile fell. "Well...I got him something. I'm just not sure if he is going to like it."

"As long as it came from the heart, I am sure that he will like it."

"You think so?"

"Sure. Would I lie to you?"

"No." Isabel said wishing that she did not have to lie to her mother. "What are you and dad doing tonight?"

"Staying in and enjoying the peace."

"Sounds good." Isabel got up. "I have to go. See you later."

"Have fun baby." "I will."


Amy DeLuca walked into the UFO Center carrying a large box full of her alien merchandise. She was already running late for her date with Jim and the last thing she wanted was to get hung up with the biggest kook in town. All Milton did was rant and rave about extraterrestrials and whatnot. Personally, Amy thought that he was seriously unhinged. Sure, she cashed in on the whole "aliens are real" mumbo jumbo but only because it paid the bills. She would believe that aliens were real when she stood face to face with one.

Milton was an entirely different story. He was so sure that aliens existed that he made a complete fool out of himself with all of his theories. Getting arrested for being in the middle of the woods with a metal detector in the middle of the night had not helped his reputation. Amy considered herself a little flaky and she could admit to that and could put up with eccentric people. But Milton was...well, he was a complete fruitcake. But he was a good customer, which was why she was here. It was also why she wanted to get in and out before being cornered by him to hear his latest conspiracy theory.

"Milton," Amy yelled looking around the empty showroom. "Milton. Where are you?"

Amy walked to the storage room in the back. "Milton?"

There was a sudden crash and Amy screamed.

Milton came out from behind a stack of books and looked at the mess on the floor.


His head snapped up. His eyes flew past her to the door that was swinging closed. "Amy. Grab the door!"

Amy looked at him confused. "Why?"

Milton rushed past her and lunged at the door just as it shut with a resounding click. "Damn!"

"Milton. What's going on?"

"The door locks from the outside Amy."

" have your keys right?"

"No. They are laying on my desk."


Liz walked downstairs with Isabel. They had curled her hair and put on makeup that Liz never could have imagined herself wearing. But she was pleased with the final results. She was wearing the leather pants and a snug fitting red Lycra top and her favorite black boots. Isabel was proud of herself. Liz looked gorgeous. Max was going to loose it.

Mr. Parker stopped dead in his tracks and stared at his daughter. "Uh...Lizzie?"

"Yes dad?"

"Are you wearing a cow?"

"Yes dad."

"She looks very nice Mr. Parker," Isabel said.

"Was this your idea," Mr. Parker asked her.

Isabel looked at him shocked. "Huh?"

Liz sighed. "Dad it was my idea. M...I...N...E.... Mine. Isabel just helped me out because I asked her too.

Mrs. Parker came downstairs with a basket of laundry. Her eyes widened when she saw her daughter. "Liz?"

"Nancy. Look at what she's wearing."

"A cow?"

"Yes. Remember when Liz said she would never ever do that?"


"Dad. That was five years ago. Besides you bought me my leather jacket."

"Sure. It just goes over your back. It does not stretch out over your legs, hips and butt like a second skin."

"Dad! I'm sixteen years old. I think I'm old enough to wear what I want to." Liz looked at her mother for help.

"Jeff. I think she looks very nice."

"Nice? Bikers like girls like that."

Isabel could not help but laugh. "My brother is not a biker."

Mr. Parker looked up surprised. "You're going out with Max tonight?"

"Yes dad."

Mr. Parker's whole attitude changed. "Oh. Okay then. That's fine."

Liz looked at Isabel stunned.

"Tell Max that he has my permission to beat the crap out of anyone who says anything derogatory about you or tries to hit on you."


"I'm serious honey. You just cannot be too cautious these days. But...I know that Max will take care of you."

Isabel and Liz looked at each other and burst into laughter.


Miles away on the Indian Reservation River Dog sat in front of his fire sprinkling a powder into it. His alien friends were going to learn a lot about themselves tonight and the humans who loved them. He just hoped that they would all follow their hearts and let each other in.


Michael, Max and Alex all arrived at the Crashdown at the same time. Isabel motioned to them from the horseshoe booth in the back. Alex's' mouth dropped open when he saw her. Isabel looked stunning in her long clingy red dress and her leather jacket.

"Alex. Hey."

Alex just stared. "W-wow." He handed her a single red rose.

"Thank you Alex."

Maria came bounding in from the back. Michael's eyes sparkled in amusement. She was wearing a short black dress with a sparkling red heart on the front of it and black boots. "Hey guys," she said.

"Hey," Max, Alex and Isabel said at the same time.

Michael just stared at her. She looked cute enough to eat in that outfit.

Maria silently applauded her choice in outfits. "Cat got your tongue," she asked him.

Michael cleared his throat. "Cute."

They sat down at the booth.

"Where's Liz," Max asked looking around the café.

Isabel and Maria exchanged knowing glances.

She'll be out in a minute," Maria said.

As if on cue the door to the back opened and the three Parker's came out. Mr. and Mrs. Parker carried the trays with the cocktails on them.

Six Red Martian Cocktails on the house," Mr. Parker said as he and Nancy sat the drinks down. "You kids enjoy yourselves," Mrs. Parker said smiling at them. The two grownups left. Max's eyes widened when he saw Liz. Michael and Alex had identical comedic expressions of surprise on their faces. Max's jaw had dropped open and his eyes burned. Liz in leather was almost more than he could take. Dear God help him.

"Well look who decided to take a walk on the wild side," Michael commented smiling at Liz approvingly.

"Whoa,' Alex stammered.

"Excellent," Isabel said grandly.

"Looking good babe," Maria added grinning.

Liz looked at Max who still had not said anything. He was gazing at her with those soulful brown eyes that she loved so much.

"Max. Shut your mouth. You're drawing flies," Isabel cajoled.

Max snapped his mouth shut.

Liz smiled at him.

"Liz," he finally managed. "W-Wow." They stared at each other silently.

"Okay. Stop the drooling," Maria giggled pushing him playfully. "It's too early for puppy eyes. At least wait until those of us who have no romantic lives get out of here." She glanced at Michael. "Right?"

Michael blinked. "Yeah."

Liz distributed the drinks to all five of her friends then raised her glass. "To friendship. Be it bullets, the FBI, Valenti, hormones, obsessive UFO nuts and whatnot...we're a team. I am so glad to call each and every one of you my friends."

Max held up his glass. "To friendship," he said his eyes on Liz.

"To friendship," Isabel agreed.

"Here here," the others agreed.

They all clinked glasses and took a sip.

"Not bad," Isabel said.

"Nope," Max agreed.

"Got any Tabasco sauce," Michael asked hopefully.

After dinner every one went their own ways. Michael went back with Maria to watch movies. Alex and Isabel left in Alex's' mother's car to go back to his house and Max and Liz hopped in the Jeep.

Mrs. Parker watched Max help her daughter into the Jeep and smiled to herself. Her baby looked beautiful and the smile that she wore on her face when Max was around reminded her of the way the always smiled at Jeff. Mr. Parker came up and put his arms around her.

"What are you thinking Nancy?"

"Oh. Just watching our daughter grow up," she said wistfully.

Mr. Parker sighed and kissed the top of her head. "Don't I know it."


Sheriff Valenti glanced at his watch again. Amy was running later than usual. She had probably just got hung up.

"Dad," Kyle said coming into the living room with Vicky.

"Hey Kyle. You leaving?"

"Yeah. You sure everything is okay?"

"Yeah. Amy is just running late."

"You want us to stay?"

"No son. You and Vicky go out and have a good time."

"Are you sure Sheriff Valenti," Vicky asked.

Jim smiled. "I'm sure." He looked back at his son. "Go. Have fun. Just be careful."

"Okay dad."

The young couple left. Jim sighed and sat down on the sofa. Amy was not one to stand someone up. He noticed the alien cupid sitting on the table and picked it up. He would give her another hour. Then he would start looking for her.


Amy DeLuca sighed and leaned against the door. They had been stuck in the storage room for over an hour. She knew that Jim was probably worried about her but there was no way that she could get a hold of him. There was no phone in the storage room and her cell phone was in her car.

This was not the way she had envisioned spending Valentine's Day night. She had been thinking a romantic candlelit dinner, some wine, some mood music and maybe even some smoochies. But not this. Sitting here listening to Milton as he ranted on about how he just knew that the superhighway of UFO activity was about to reopen or how aliens were walking among us was driving her crazy. Much more of this and Amy was quite positive that she would take one of her alien plasters and knock him over the head with it.

"I tell you Amy. We are so close to some major revelation. The government is running out of options. Sure, not as many people carry on about it now...but there is still those of use that believe. We-,"

Amy let out an exasperated sigh. "Oh Milton. Would you shutup," she exclaimed getting to her feet. "I am so sick of hearing about all these crazy theories." She stood nose to nose with him. "There are no such things as aliens!"

Milton just shook his head sadly. "Oh Amy. If only you would believe."

"Milton. There is nothing to believe."

"Sure. You just think that a bunch of us nuts got high off some type of hallucinogenic and fabricated the whole thing."

"Gee," she paused and glared at him. "So, where are the others?"

"The other what?"

"The other nuts?"

"I don't know what you mean."

Amy threw up her hands. "You were talking about all you nuts and your fabricated stories. So I ask you this one question. Now where did all those nuts go?"

Milton just looked at her confused.

Amy took her index finger and poked him in the forehead with it. "Oh yeah! Now I know where they all went. They all crawled up into your head and had little nuts and now they all reside in one being...You. A severely unhinged man that I am stuck in here with when I could be at dinner enjoying myself." Amy walked back over to the door and slumped to the floor.

Milton looked at her sadly. "You have a date with Sheriff Valenti?"

"Yes. I think the operative word here is 'had'."

"I'm sorry Amy."


"No really I am," he said earnestly. "You are a wonderful woman. Someone should get to enjoy the pleasure of your company."

Amy's head snapped around to look at him. "What," she asked shocked.

"Oh come on Amy. Don't make me look like an even bigger fool. You have never noticed the way I look at you? The way my eyes light up whenever I see you."

"Dear Lord. Could this night get any worse," Amy muttered.

"We are perfect for each other Amy," he continued. 'I wish that you could see that."

Amy's eyes widened. "I don't want to hear anymore."

Milton refused to be quiet. "Sure. Think I am crazy. Think whatever you like about me but know that there is someone out there who appreciates you for all your quirks."

Amy put her head in her hands. "Oh God," she mumbled. "So is this why you buy my stuff? Because you think you are in love with me?"

"No. I buy your stuff because you have talent. And no. I am in love with you. I don't think it. I know it."

"Please don't say anymore," Amy said quietly.

Milton nodded. "Sure." He paused. "Cheer up. I'm sure Valenti will be here soon and you can still scrounge up some of your evening."

Amy looked at Milton's slumped shoulders. Poor guy. She actually felt sorry for him. Amy got up and walked over to Milton. She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thank you."

"You deserve to be happy Amy."

She smiled. "Yeah. So do you."

Milton smiled sadly. "Well, unfortunately, the only one I'm interested in thinks I'm nuts."

"Oh Milton. I didn't mean-,"

"Yes you did. But it's okay. Maybe you're right. Bit at least I know which direction I'm headed. I can only wish the same for you." He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"So," she asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. "Exactly how long have you been holding out on me?"

"Oh...since about the third grade."


The others looked at Maria.

"Your mother and Milton," Max asked amused. "Wow. That's an unlikely couple."


"What happened to him?"

"He's still here. He still runs the UFO Center. He finally met someone as kookie as he is though. They got married a few years ago."

Everyone had a good laugh.

"Okay. My turn," Isabel said looking at Alex who was smiling at her.

"Uh oh," Liz said knowingly. "I can tell which way this is headed."

Isabel just smiled. "Alex took me back to his house...."


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