FanFic -
"Revenge and Candy"
Part 1
by Starkiller
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: All events take place after "The Balance"
"Ouch" Max whispered as he remembered today was Valentines Day and he hadn't gotten his sister a gift. "Isabel's gonna kill me, this is her favorite holiday." Although she didn't admit or show it much, Isabel had a sweet and caring side, and she loved to exchange gifts with everyone she knew. Max looked over at Liz as she looked at the new chemical samples under the microscope, and he couldn't help but forget all his problems for just a moment. Alright Max, focus, he thought. I'll have to get out of school as soon as the bell rings and exchange with Isabel at the Crashdown. But what to get her?? Max pondered. "I know!" Wait, did I just say that out loud? Max thought. He looked all around his science class, to see everyone staring back at him. Yep, I definitely pulled a "Viagra" there.

"What do you know Max?" Liz asked. "Uhh, umm, oh it's nothing, just thinking out loud Liz. How's the uhh, project coming?"

"Well" Liz said. "The samples from these two chemicals match up perfectly, but when you put the chemicals together, they slowly part." Max thought about that for a second.

"You're kidding...aren't you Liz??" Max said.

"No silly, don't you remember the lesson we had last week about the Roswell effect?" Liz asked.

"Oh yeah" Max said, realizing Liz wasn't trying to elude to their relationship in any way. "Isn't that like the only proof of the Roswell Crash the government couldn't cover up?" Liz wondered where Max's head was today, that subject had him totally engrossed last week.

"Yeah, that's it Max" Liz said. "Although scientists have proven that it's just this town's position in relation to the polls..." Liz stopped, realizing class was over.

"I'm sorry Max, I've gone Ms. Scientist on you again, thanks again for the gift." Liz looked at the little alien Cupid doll that Max gave her and couldn't help but smile. "I know I'll enjoy it, and don't worry, I've got a gift for you too." Liz said with a sweet smile on her face.

"Oh, don't worry about it." Max said "That look on your face when I handed it to you was gift enough." Max turned and walked out of the classroom, with a big smile on his face. He loved it when Liz was happy. I can't believe how well this "just friends" thing is going, Max thought. Well, I better get out of here; I got a lot of hunting to do, Max thought to himself as he left school on foot. I hope Michael and Isabel remember the 10 minute rule.

I can't believe how bad this "just friends" thing is going, Liz thought. How can he sit there and be so sweet and expect me to not love him even more? "Miss Parker" Ms. Granger said. "School is out, why don't you daydream at home?"

"Oh! Y, y, yes Miss Granger, sorry." Liz said. "No problem child, I just don't figure daydreaming AFTER class is a normal behavior" Ms. Granger grinned evilly "Now get out of here, it's a holiday." Liz got up from her chair and left the room, not before giving a little wave to her new substitute science teacher. I can't believe how cool she is. Liz thought. Even still, I hope Mrs. Halinger gets better soon. I don't wanna get too attached. Liz turned right and headed for the school entrance, only to find Isabel who actually seemed to be waiting for her. And she was bearing gifts!

"Here you go!" Isabel said happily. Isabel knew Liz would be surprised that she got her a gift, and was most certain Liz didn't get one for her.

"Thanks Isabel!" Liz said. "I got a gift for you too." Liz reached in her backpack and pulled out a little personalized Valentine's Day card and handed it to Isabel. Isabel tried to erase the shock from her face, and received Liz's gift. Isabel began to read the card out loud.

"Sometimes I feel like we're from different worlds...but you're always welcome in mine!" Isabel blushed and gave Liz a little hug. "Thanks Liz, see you tomorrow." Isabel said.

"Yeah, definitely, school...tomorrow, bye Isabel." Liz said with a slightly puzzled look. Wow, I didn't know Isabel had a sweet side, Liz thought to herself. I guess Valentine's Day can bring out the best in some of us. Liz started to inspect the gift Isabel gave her. It was your basic heart-shaped box of chocolates with nuts. With nuts! Liz thought excitedly. They haven't had these in Roswell for a while! She loved them, and had them almost every day until they stopped shipping them into Roswell. Liz had a ritual where she would separate the nuts from the chocolates. She'd then eat a nut and chase it with a piece of chocolate. It just tasted better to her that way. Although her best friend Maria always made fun of her by saying, "There's no wrong way to eat chocolates with nuts." Liz smiled. Maria was more of a joker back then, but she could still make Liz laugh better than anyone else to this day. Well, I better head home, Liz thought. Gotta finish my gift for Max before I bring it to the Crashdown.

"Where is he!?" Michael said impatiently.

"He probably forgot to get me a Valentine's Day gift like last year, 'cause I haven't seen him all day." Isabel said. "Well, it's been 10 minutes, Maxwell will just have to walk home. Mind if I drive today Isabel?" Michael inquired.

"Yeah right," Isabel said playfully. "And let you do to our jeep what you did to Maria's car? No thanks." Isabel got in the driver's seat and started driving out of the school parking lot.

"Well anyways" Michael said. "What round of gifts did you hand out this year? Did you plan a new prank for this year?" "Well, as a matter of fact, I pulled the best prank yet," Isabel continued giddily "I gave most everyone a box of chocolates, including Maria and Alex, but theirs are 'special'. I gave their candy the 'love touch'." Michael's face turned red.

"You manipulated their candy? Now that's a major Viagra." Michael said infuriated. "Be quiet, I hate that name." Isabel said. Michael decided to give a little code name for whenever he, Max, or herself drew attention to themselves or used their powers unnecesarily. He thought Viagra was perfect. Isabel adamantly disagreed.

"Anyways, the 'love touch' wears off in a day, and you can continue to flirt and fight with your precious Maria." Isabel said. Michael didn't reply. He couldn't help but wonder whether he'd be jealous of Alex, or completely and utterly relieved. And what about Isabel, Michael thought. Would she be jealous of Maria? Isabel had become pretty fond of the newest human to find out that Max, Michael, and Isabel aren't normal. Even though she hid it as best she could, it was completely obvious. Maybe there's a reason beyond her lust for the perfect prank for picking Maria and Alex, Michael thought.

"Hey Izzy" Michael said. "How do you know THEY will eat their gifts." "Already thought of that" Isabel said. "I only manipulated one piece from each, and made sure they both ate them to 'see if they were any good'."

"Man, you've gone too far this time Izzy." Michael said with a worried look on his face. "I hope Liz doesn't have a heart attack."

Max was searching his house trying to remember where he hid Isabel's old rubber duckie. She loved the thing when they were kids, but Max and Isabel got in a fight because Isabel used her powers to walk into her mom's dreams. Their mother couldn't sleep for a week, and it made Max so mad he hid Isabel's rubber duckie in a place he thought she'd never find it. Problem was, he couldn't find it either. How could I forget I did this to her? Max thought. Well, no use sulking about it, I need to concentrate, Max thought. Suddenly Max realized where he hid it. "Duh!" Max said aloud. Better get to retrieving it, Max thought. It took me long enough to hide the thing.

Liz finished washing dishes in the back room of the Crashdown and decided to join Maria up front to help taking orders. Valentine's Day was one of the busiest days of the year for the Crashdown Cafe. Especially since one day a year, they served a very popular drink called "The Red Martian Cocktail." It wasn't an alcoholic beverage, but they never let that on to the customers, and they never seemed to notice. They used to serve it daily, but it only sold big on Valentines Day because it was served in a glass with a little alien Cupid on it, so at Liz's insistence, the change was made. It became a Roswell tradition for couples to come in and share one on Valentine's Day. Liz looked at one of the glasses and remembered the gift Max gave her. This can't be a coincidence, boy he knows how to give a gift, Liz thought as she mixed the drink of the day. Well, if it is a coincidence, it's a pretty big one. Liz handed the glass to the affectionate couple across the counter and politely said "That'll be $2.50 please." As Liz took the money and divided it up in the cash register, she saw Alex entering the Crashdown.

Suddenly she heard Maria yell "Sweety!" and watched as she ran over to Alex and wrapped her arms around him as he did likewise. They've gotta be playing some kind of joke, Liz thought. She dumped the rest of the change into the cash register and closed it. She was about to take another couple's order when she glimpsed over at Alex and Maria to see them in a deep passionate kiss.

"What!?" Liz almost shouted. Everyone in the restaurant except Maria and Alex turned to stare at Liz. And then they watched as she slowly fell to the ground.

Max climbed back down from the roof of his house with a smile on his face. He had successfully retrieved his Valentine's Day gift to Isabel. He had hidden it behind a loose brick on the chimney. He knew Isabel hated heights so he knew she'd never find it, and she never did. Max went into the kitchen of his house and proceeded to wash off his hands and his little duck friend. "You gotta look perfect Mr. Duck, so I must give you a bath." Max said. Max soaped and scrubbed it 'til it shined. Suddenly a big smile went across his face. All the sudden I feel like a Sesame Street character, Max thought. Giving a bath to a rubber duckie. "Well my friend" Max said as he headed out the door. "Time to go meet your date."

I can't believe she just dropped like that, Isabel thought to herself. She went over to Liz and checked her pulse. Isabel let out a sigh of relief. "It's ok everyone, she just fainted." Isabel said to the concerned crowd. I thought it would be funny to see Liz's reaction, not scary, Isabel thought. Isabel turned to see Maria and Alex finally stop kissing. She felt a pang of jealousy, then scolded herself for it. Maria and Alex rushed over, finally noticing what had happened to Liz. "It's okay guys, she just fainted." Isabel repeated. "I'm gonna have to fill her spot today Maria, is that okay?" Maria almost fainted herself.

"You would do that Isabel?" Maria inquired.

"Yeah, this is the last time though." Isabel said. She hated the uniforms the girls had to wear.

"Well, come with me" Maria said "I've gotta show you how to mix The Red Martian Cocktail, you'll be serving it a lot." Max entered the Crashdown Cafe, rubber duckie in hand, and saw Isabel in a waitress uniform. What the heck is she doing? Max thought. She swore up and down that she'd never get in one of those uniforms again. I thought I was going to meet her here today, and we would eat together, I didn't think she'd be serving me. She must owe Maria and Liz BIG. Max walked over to the counter and handed the rubber duckie to Isabel.

"Ummm, Max, what's this?" Isabel wondered. "It's your old rubber duckie, don't you remember it?" Max aske,d surprised. Isabel pondered that thought for a moment.

"Oh yeah, Squeaky!" Isabel nearly shouted. "Where'd you find it Max?"

"The same place I hid it." Max said. Isabel looked surprised, and then seemed to yet again ponder what Max said. She gave him a nod of confirmation; she remembered what happened. "Thank you Max, this was very sweet." Isabel said. Then she slapped him on the shoulder. "Now never touch my duckie again!" Isabel said with a chuckle. Max smiled, and then looked around the Crashdown.

"Where's Liz?" Max inquired.

"Oh uhh, she's in the back, she uhh, fainted." Isabel said nervously.

"What!?" Max yelled.

"Calm down Max" Isabel said "I kinda pulled another prank this year, and long story short, Liz saw Maria and Alex kissing and she fainted."

"You used your powers to play with their minds?" Max whispered angrily.

"Relax Max, I just manipulated some candy I gave them for Valentines Day, it'll wear off."

"Isabel" Max said, "Viagra is not a strong enough word for this one." Max looked over to see Maria and Alex flirting and sharing sips of some drink he'd never seen before, and then walked into the back room of the Crashdown. He saw the couch where Isabel and Maria laid her, and went over to her. I think I'll stay by her side until she wakes up, Max thought. And I shall guard her with my life!! Max chuckled. Pretending to be gallant and brave was not his specialty, but he realized it was true. He'd die for Liz.

Liz strained to open her eyes as she slowly woke up. The first thing she saw were the amazing eyes of a very happy looking Max Evans. "Hey Liz, how do you feel?" Max said with anticipation.

"Great actually" Liz said. "One of the best rests of my life. But uhhh, why am I in the back room of the Crashdown?" Liz asked. But before Max could answer she realized what had happened before. "What's going on with Maria and Alex!?!?" Liz asked.

"Oh, uhh, that, welll...."

"Spill it Max" Liz interrupted.

"Well, Isabel used her powers to give the candy she gave to Maria and Alex a sort of Cupid's arrow effect. She says it'll wear off sometime tomorrow." Max answered.

"There's a million questions I could follow up here with, but I'm not gonna bother." Liz replied. "How did Maria manage by herself though!?" Liz asked ready to rush back to help her.

"Don't worry Liz, Isabel covered for you, and the Crashdown's already closed." Max said.

"Whoah. What time is it!?" Liz asked. "11:57" Max replied. "Well then I must hurry and give you your Valentine's Day gift before the day is over." Liz said happily. She headed to another room and came back with her backpack. She opened it and pulled out a piece or red paper with a ribbon on it and handed it to Max. "I wanted to give it to you at school, but I decided against it." Liz said. Max opened it and read it to himself.

"Thank you"

Thank you for healing me, body and soul
Thank you for loving me long after all
Thank you for helping me whenever I needed it
And thank you for staying when you wanted to flee
Thanks for the memories
Thanks and good wishes
I will always miss
Our passionate kisses

Max could feel himself trembling. This poem, or maybe you could even call it a love note, was the most beautiful thing he had ever read. He needed to hold Liz more than ever, but he couldn't. But before he could even give it another thought, Liz gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Max smiled at Liz and he couldn't hold himself back any longer. He gave Liz a deep and passionate kiss that no writing could ever justify. They kissed until the next day when Max realized he had better get home. Isabel could only cover for Max for so long at home before he was in big trouble. Max backed away from Liz, both trembling now. Liz looked at him and she noticed he looked happier than he'd ever been, but sad at the same time. "Liz" Max said "I was wrong. No matter how many reasons there are that we should be apart, our feelings far outweigh them. I love you Liz, and although I don't want you in any danger, I'll give my life to protect you. I gotta go now though Liz, before I get grounded for so long I can never see you again." Liz looked longingly at Max and managed 2 words.

"Bye Max."

Liz went home and up to her room feeling happier than she'd ever been. As she opened her bedroom door, she realized she still had that box of chocolates from Isabel, and she had already separated the nuts from the chocolate before she went to work. Could life get any more perfect? Liz thought as she opened the box. Liz looked at the contents and realized something was missing. "Now where did all those nuts go??" Liz wondered. Then she remembered how much her mother loved them. Liz grinned evilly as she plotted how to get revenge on her mother.

Michael met Isabel in the cafeteria at school to eat lunch with her. Where's Maximillion? Michael thought to himself. Probably "accidentally" bumping in to Liz again, Michael thought as he smirked. "Hey Isabel" Michael said, "Pass the tobasco." Isabel handed Michael the bottle and Michael started to pour it on his apple sauce. Then on his plate. Then on the floor. Isabel didn't understand until she looked at what Michael seemed to be looking at. Maria and Alex were kissing right in the middle of the cafeteria. Isabel couldn't contain a long hard laugh. Then she looked again and saw Maria and Alex break way from each other suddenly. Maria and Alex walked in the cafeteria, hand-in-hand. Maria picked a table for them to sit at, and they asked each other what they should get to eat. After a few seconds, it was plain to see neither of them could resist the urge to kiss again, and they did, in the middle of the cafeteria, with everyone staring. Maria and Alex's eyes met again and they both realized who they were kissing. They broke away from each other.

"Ewww!!" Maria and Alex said in unison. They both looked at each other confused and appalled.

"Okay" Alex said "Let's just pretend that didn't happen." Maria nodded in approval. They both turned to see Isabel making a spectacle of herself and laughing so hard she fell on the floor. Maria and Alex quickly guessed what was going on, and left the cafeteria to plot revenge.


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