FanFic -
"A Valentine's Curse"
Part 2
by DragonPrincess
Disclaimer: Not mine. I'll eventually return them. Well, I'll probably keep Liz to do my homework, Isabel to give me fashion advice, Alex to fix my (expletive deleted) computer, Max and Michael for obvious reasons, and Kyle (even though he isn't in my story) cause I think he's cute. Maybe I'll e-mail Valenti to my mom. Laura and J.J. are cool, so they can stir up a little excitement in my usually dull life. Well, maybe I won't return them. So there.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This story's premise is based on a story on "Beyond Reality", though you don't have to have seen that to get it. Just know that the vase isn't mine or my fault.
"So, what exactly is up with you and Isabel?" Maria asked Alex, who was sitting next to her on the Evan's couch.

"Nothing!" Alex said, "Why?"

"Cause you looked like you were going to die when she said she was in love with Michael," Maria said, "And I sort of have known you for like, forever."

"No," Alex said, "I just thought it was really bizarre. I've never seen Isabel act that way."

"Yeah, this whole thing is way strange."

"So what exactly is going on?" Alex asked.

Maria shrugged, "Maybe it's like an alien thing. Like on that Star Trek movie. At 16 they go all wiggy and have to, like, reproduce with their own species." At Alex's dismayed expression she said, "You should go talk to her."

Alex nodded, "Yeah. Maybe." He got up and went outside. Maria sighed. Isabel and Alex. Not something you would expect to see everyday. Then, of course, her and *Michael*? Not something you'd even think of in your wildest dreams. < Well, maybe my *wildest*. > She thought with a wry grin. Max walked down the stairs and past Maria towards the kitchen. "Max! Maria called, "Hey, Max!" she caught up with him when he reached the kitchen, "What are you looking for?"

Max continued to look at the antiques on the table, "Michael said Isabel were looking at some vase. Maybe that's what's making her act so weird."

"Whoa. X-Fileian." Maria said. She noticed a pink vase on the floor near her foot, "Is this it?" she asked, picking it up.

"I don't know," Max said, looking at it. There wasn't anything special about it, no scratches where she could have cut her hand. He flipped it upside down, shrugged, and put it down. The next thing he knew he was kissing Maria. Maria was kissing him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. Somewhere in Max's mind he knew something was wrong. He was kissing Liz's best friend and it felt...good? < Wait a second, I don't like Maria that way. > he thought, < I like Liz that way. > But any thought of Liz was out of his mind as Maria pushed him on top of the dining room table, never breaking their kiss.


Michael took a deep breath and began to walk down the stairs. < Please don't be down there...> he silently asked Isabel. It wasn't like he actually expected her to listen, he actually expected her to be down there. It would be just his luck. He sighed out of relief when he saw her talking to Liz and Alex outside. Deciding to take the back exit, he hurried to the dining room.

"Maria? Max?!" he said, shocked to find the two making out on the dining room table. he thought, < I decide to wait long enough and she goes after my best friend. > Max and Maria leapt apart, both embarrassed beyond words. "What the hell are you two doing?" Michael demanded, looking horrified.

"What did it look like?" Maria said, hands on her hips, "Not that it's any of your business, anyway."

"Oh, I see what this is," Michael said, taking two steps toward her, "You're trying to seduce my best friend to make me jealous."

"Jealous? Ha!" Maria laughed, "I could care less about you. I actually like this guy, and you're making it all about you. You broke up with me. You've got nothing to say."

"Nothing to say? Hey, what the hell is your problem?" Michael demanded.

"MY problem? Have you looked in the mirror lately, you crazy freak!"

"Stupid whore!" Without thinking, Max grabbed Michael by the collar and punched him in the face. "Don't call her that!" he shouted as Michael fell backwards, blood pouring out of his nose.

"What's going on?" Liz said, walking into the kitchen with Isabel and Alex.

"Michael!!" Isabel shouted, rushing to his side, "What happened?" Michael moved from her touch and looked directly at Liz, "Whatever's going on has got them," he pointed to Maria and Max.

"What do you mean?" Liz said, "What the hell is going on?!"

Michael pulled away from Isabel, "I'll tell you in a minute. Just...control Isabel." He went to the bathroom to clean up.

Liz looked at Max and Maria, "What's he talking about?" As one, Max and Maria shrugged. Liz shrugged and led Isabel and Alex out of the kitchen.

"So, do you think Liz suspected anything?" Maria asked.

"No, and Michael won't say anything. He's too embarrassed," Max said, looking slyly at Maria, "But, now that the interruptions are over, do you want to go finish what we started?"

"In your room?" Maria asked, returning the smile.


"How are Maria and Max affected?" Liz asked Michael.

"I-i-it's not important," Michael said, "What's important is that we figure out what's affecting them."

"So it's not just affecting you guys," Liz said, "You're sure?"

"Very," Michael said, rolling his eyes. He knew Maria could be really stupid, but she wasn't interested in hurting Liz, as she knew dating Max would.

Alex walked down the stairs, "Isabel's locked in her room, should I stay with her?"

"No, we might need your help." Liz said. Alex looked surprised, but he came down.

"Where should we start to look?" he asked.

"Max was going to look at some vase that Isabel was looking at," Michael said.

"The pink one." Liz said, "She told us."

"Wait a sec," Alex said, stopping them, "This vase is like, cursed or something, right? It makes you like fall in love with the first person you see, right?"

"Something like that, how do you know?" Michael asked.

"Oh, Isabel falling for you. And Maria and Max weren't exactly acting like themselves up in his room," Alex said. Liz gave Michael a horrified look.

"They're not themselves." Michael assured her.

Liz nodded and took a deep breath, "How do we know we won't be affected by the curse?"

"Yeah, and what about when the antique-seeking people show up?" Alex asked. There was a long pause. < What are we going to do? > Liz thought.

"I'll go in there and make sure that it is the vase. Then Alex could try to figure out how to destroy it."

"Why you?" Michael asked.

"Cause I'm not that pushy when it comes to attraction," Liz said, "Besides, it couldn't possibly be that bad, right?" Michael gave her an exasperated look. < Famous last words. > He thought. Liz went into the kitchen, while Michael and Alex waited in the living room.

"This idea sucks a big one." Michael said, "We're just going to be toasted. I swear."

"This is like a really bad Valentine's Day joke." Alex said. Isabel and Michael. Maria and Max. Talk about your unconventional couples.

"Do you guys have a computer?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, there's one in Max's room." Michael said, "Where will you find stuff like this?"

"One of my mom's friend's is a professor-slash-parapsychologist at a university. She's sort of Mulderesque on this kind of thing," Alex said. He looked over at the kitchen, "Liz? Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Liz said, walking out with a pink vase, "Is this the thing?"

Michael nodded, "So, do you feel like, weird or anything?" he asked.

Liz shrugged, "Maybe you have to activate it or whatever."

"Let's not," Alex said taking the vase and gingerly placing it on the coffee table, "I'm going to go get on the internet." Liz and Michael nodded and followed him up.

Alex went in first, "Sorry to interrupt," he said to Max and Maria, fully clothed, who were making out on Max's bed. Liz slowly stepped in. She reminded herself. But looking at her best friend in Max's arms didn't make her feel one ounce better. Her heart felt like it was going to burst. It may have just been some nutty spell or whatever, but in that instant, Max didn't love her.

"Hey Liz," Maria said, pushing away Max and looking really embarrassed, Liz pursed her lips and bit her tongue to keep from replying. Alex sat at the iMac computer and set it off for the internet.

"We'll just have to see if she's on-line," Alex said to Michael and Liz.

"How do we know we can trust this parapsychologist?" Michael asked.

"I guess we don't," Liz said, "But this situation is getting sort of desperate."


"Laura," J.J. shouted, while trying to fix the wiring on his psychic-analyzing computer, "Laura, you're computer's beeping like crazy again." Annoyed as the small computer continued to beep, he ran a hand through his dark hair and was surprised when black ink came back on his fingertips. < Great. The writing system's broken too. I must be having the worst day in the world. >

Laura, a thin, dark-skinned woman came from the other room with two mugs of coffee. "I've been trying to figure out what this thing's problem is, but it doesn't seem to want to shut up if I have even one piece of mail."

"Maybe it's got a poltergeist." J.J. joked.

"Don't wish for trouble, J.J." she flipped on the monitor and opened her mailbox.

" Who's that?" she opened the mail, "Oh, it's Lisa Whitman's kid."

J.J. looked at the message, "A pink vase that might be cursed? Makes people fall in love? You don't think..."

"No! It was destroyed," Laura said, "Unless it reproduced itself..." She promptly began typing a return message.


"You can't break the curse!" Maria shouted, "I like it!"

"Like it?!" Liz said, "Maria, look at yourself. You don't even like Max like that."

"Well, I guess I do now." Maria said with a cold stare, "Why is everyone acting like this is bad? You wanted a reason not to like Max and; here we go! You have one." Liz looked at her best friend in horror. Maria just said her most intimate secrets in front of everyone.

She took a deep breath and looked at Alex, "How do we break this thing?"

"Professor Wingate says that you have to..." Before Alex could finish his sentence, Max waved his hand over the computer and it caught fire.

"Oops," he said facetiously, "I guess not."

"Maximillian!" Michael said grabbing his friend by the shoulders, "Get a grip! Reality. Remember? You don't even have a thing for Maria. You're like, in love with Liz." At the mentioning of her name, Max seemed to react. He put a hand on his forehead, trying to discern the chaos inside. One side, which sounded a lot like his own voice, kept telling him that he loved Liz more than anyone. The other side, which had a strong but syrupy tone kept telling him Maria. "No," he finally said, "No. I...I don't love Liz."

Maria looked smugly at Liz, "I told you."

"Did you get how to break the curse?" Liz asked Alex.

"Loud and clear," he said, rushing toward the door.

Isabel stood in the way looking really pissed off, "What's going on?"

"They want to make you stop loving Michael," Max said. Angered, Isabel put a hand on Alex chest and he flew across the room, landing next to the desk.

"Alex?" Liz screamed, "Oh my God!"

Alex opened his eyes and winced, "You've got to break the vase!" he said, "Then they'll be back to normal!" Michael rushed for the door. Isabel didn't want to hurt him, so he was able to pass quickly and easily. He ran to the living room and grabbed the vase, prepared to throw it across the room. However, he suddenly felt dizzy. Isabel ran down the stairs after him, and the next thing he was aware of was kissing her with complete and total passion. Liz ran down the stairs to see Michael practically swallowing Isabel whole and the vase on the carpet floor. She rushed past them and threw the vase against the wall with all the anger she felt towards Maria and especially Max.

"NO!" Max shouted, but too late. The vase shattered into a million pieces. Michael and Isabel promptly broke their kiss. Then they jumped apart as though they'd been electrocuted.

"Oh, God!" Isabel shouted, revolted. "I kissed Michael! GROSS! He's like my brother!"

Michael wasn't too pleased himself, "Oh, my God!" Isabel looked like she was going to vomit and she rushed out of the room.

"Liz!" Maria said. She walked to her friend who was standing stiffly in the middle of the living room. "Oh, God, Lizzy, I'm so sorry!" She didn't know what to say. She hated herself. < Why did I do that???? >

"It's okay," Liz said, "It wasn't your fault," her voice betrayed that she was hurt. She looked up at Max, who looked at her in total sadness and remorse. She gave him and Maria a weak smile.

"Is it over?" Alex said, walking down the stairs, "Did we break the curse?"


February 15th


"Mom didn't even notice the missing vase," Isabel said to Alex, "And Max cleaned it up really fast." She took a bite of her hamburger.

Alex nodded, "Do you feel better?"

Isabel nodded shyly, "Embarrassed beyond words. Grossed out too." She shrugged, "But I guess I'll deal." She looked sadly at him, "I'm so sorry for, you know, throwing you across the room. I didn't even know I could do that."

"It's no biggie," Alex said, "It's not your fault. You weren't, you know, yourself."

"But you're okay, right?"

"Hey, you know me. Indestructible," Alex replied. "But," he took a deep breath, "We could celebrate your 'recovery' by going to see a movie tomorrow. If you want to. Aliens like movies, right?"

Isabel gave him an annoyed look, then she smiled, "Yes. Sounds good to me."


Maria slammed close her locker. As she turned to leave she bumped into someone, dropping her books everywhere.

"God I'm sorry," she said.

"No big," Michael said, helping her with her books.

Maria sighed, "You hate me, right?"

Michael's brow furrowed, "Why should I hate you?" he said, "We're not together and if you were to date Max, which I'm not thinking will happen any time in the future, I shouldn't act like such an ass. I was just a little..."

"Jealous?" Maria asked, raising an eyebrow.

Michael looked at the ground, "Sort of. Just don't give me a four-page apology. Max did that already this morning." Michael gave her a small smile, "Does Liz still hate you?"

"She says she doesn't. But, she wasn't exactly the happiest. She's going to go talk to Max today."

"Yeah," Michael said. Maria stifled a laugh at his calmness.

"What?" he demanded.

"Sorry, it's just I can't help thinking how funny it was. You know," she chuckled, "You and Isabel. Alien love."

Michael rolled his eyes, "I-I don't like Isabel like that at all," he said. "She--she's like my sister!"

"I hope you don't kiss your sisters like that," Maria quipped. Michael gave her a look, which she replied with a grin.

"It was a spell," Michael reminded her, "You and Max."

"Yeah, well try to explain two certain people in the Crashdown during that big heat wave in December." She said.

Michael looked at her sincerely, "I can't."

"Yeah," Maria said, looking at the ground. She hated when he does that; making her feel like a puddle when he looked at her. The two walked to Maria's next class in silence.

"This is where I get off," Maria said, pointing at Ms. Callis's math class.

"Okay," Michael said, "So, I'll see you later, right?"

Maria smiled, "Okay."

"Crashdown this afternoon?"



Liz hung up her waitress uniform and took off her antennae headpiece. To say that it had been her worst day would probably be a lie. Yesterday was her worst day. But she knew that her day was only going to get worse. She hadn't talked to Max yet. She knew the whole him-and-Maria thing wasn't his fault. It wasn't Maria's either. Sure, Maria had spent the past day trying to apologize for it. Sure, Liz had accepted every one, but it still hurt.

"Hey," she heard the familiar voice of Max say from behind her.

"Hey, she said, turning around. Max looked so handsome, with his soulful brown eyes looking almost pleadingly at her.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry," he said, "About Maria..."

"Max, it's not your fault," Liz said, "And I've got no reason to blame you at all. It was really surreal. Nobody's fault."

"I know that, but I just wanted to say," he took a tentative step towards her, "That...I-I didn't mean what I said to Michael back there. I wasn't in control." Liz looked at him, slightly confused.

He walked up to her and gently brushed her hair with his fingertips, "I...I love you Liz."

Liz smiled, "I love you too," she whispered. Max's face lit up. Slowly, gently, he leaned in to kiss her, to seal his love.

"Lizzy?" Mr. Parker said, walking into the back room, "You in here?" Liz and Max reluctantly pulled apart.

"Oh," Mr. Parker said, looking kind of embarrassed. "Sorry to interrupt," he quickly walked out of the room.

"I should go," Max said softly to Liz after her father left.

"Yeah," Liz said, smiling at him, "I'll see you in school, right?"

Max nodded, "I'll see you then."

Liz turned to walk upstairs, "Bye."

Max smiled again, "Bye."

~Dear Journal,

It's February 15th and yesterday, Valentine's Day, was the worst day of my life. Today, thanks to Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, an antique show and a curse on a glass vase, I've found the person I love the most. Today: a definite improvement. ~


"Something's missing!" the operator said, looking over the unbought antiques. There weren't very many, but there was something wrong.

"What is it?" Ms. Evans asked.

"The inventory's wrong," the operator said, "I'm missing a pink and red Italian vase." Ms. Evans walked over to the side of the room where a vase sat perfectly still in its corner.

"This?" she asked, handing it to him.

"Yes," he said, "I wonder why this never seems to get sold. It's such a nice item." Ms. Evans shrugged and walked out. The operator sighed and wrapped up the vase. He closed the cardboard box, failing to notice the small light that came from within. The vase was glowing, it's Valentine's Day curse ready to be fulfilled next year.

***THE END***

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