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"Valentine's Day Surprise"
Part 1
by Paceygal
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"This is sad" Maria DeLuca said as she plopped herself down on the couch next to one of her best friends, Alex Whitman.

"What's sad?" Alex asked, averting his eyes away from the history book he held in his lap and looked at Maria.

"The fact that were studying, one day from Valentine's Day. I mean face it Alex, were supposed to have dates, go to parties, its the holiday of love and instead were sitting here, at my house, studying for Mr. White's history quiz, doesn't that strike you as...depressing?" Maria asked.

Alex frowned and looked at Maria "No I think it just shows that this particular day doesn't hold that kind of significance for everyone."

Maria snorted "Denial isn't only a river in Egypt Alex, my dear buddy ol' pal." Alex rolled his eyes over Maria's remark and glanced at the coffee table in front of them, reaching over and picking up a small statuette he glanced at Maria holding the figurine.

"An Alien Cupid?" Alex asked raising his eyebrows.

Maria nodded "Yep, mom made it a few years back, she decided to set it out in honor of the upcoming holiday" Maria said, sighing.

"What is it with your mom and the strange attraction to aliens?" Alex asked.

Maria shrugged, "I dunno, I'm thinking it's probably genetic, or contagious" she mumbled.

"Meaning?" Alex asked.

"Meaning that ever since we found out about the Czechoslovakians, neither one of us, You, me or Liz have been able to stay away from them ya know? It's like they put a force on you and then it's wham! bam! Thank you maham, or sir, in your case" Maria pointed out.

"Hey Isabel never used me, she and I never..." Alex said frowning.

Maria eyed Alex "Whatever you say. I mean you might as well wear a sign on your back that says 'Welcome Mat'."

Alex set the statuette down and looked at Maria "Still dwelling over Michael huh?" Maria made a face "No... not at all, I mean as pathetic as it sounds, as pathetic as I am" she corrected herself "I think it was for the best" she finished.

"How many times do you have to tell yourself that before you start believing it?" Alex asked.

Maria let out a deep sigh and sunk herself lower into the cushion "I don't know, I'm thinking that maybe one of these days I'll be able to realize that it was a big mistake" she confessed. Alex took one glance at Maria and smiled.

"OK, how about this, since our dear friend Liz is off on a date with her 'soulmate' Max Evans, Isabel being at Mike Morgan's party and Michael is possibly off causing havoc in our little town, you and I forget about studying for this stupid quiz and go in that kitchen and pig out on some chocolate chip cookies, to ease the worries that are invading the brain?"

Maria looked at Alex and smiled "Sounds good to me".

"Ouch dammit. I can't believe you talked me into this" Maria mumbled as she shoved her hand under the faucet in the kitchen sink.

Alex let out a laugh "I told you the sheet was too hot to touch" he pointed out.

"You forgot to mention that I needed one of those kitchen glove thingys to wear for when I pulled it out! God why don't I just burn my house down...." Maria said.

"OK so maybe you aren't Chef Boyardee" Alex said.

Maria nodded and looked around "Now where did all those nuts go??" she asked as her eyes scanned the kitchen counter.

"Nuts?" Alex asked suddenly chewing a bit slower on his snack.

"Yeah I was going to make my moms famous recipe for chocolate chip and Macadamia nuts" Maria said. Alex decided to swallow what it was that occupied his mouth, but found it was a big mistake when something caught in his throat. He began to cough, patting his chest. It was then Maria's eyes whipped up and stared at Alex.

"You didn't!" she gasped.

"Water.." Was all Alex could get out. Maria's hazel eyes had turned into a glare as she bore into Alex "I can't believe it, now what are we supposed to add in the cookies?" she scolded.

"Water..." Was all he managed to say again.

"We can't add water to the cookies you're choking!" Maria realized. Walking over to the sink she filled a glass with water and turned to Alex. "I should just let you choke." she said, practically tossing the water at him.

Clearing is throat, he mumbled "Sorry"

"It's ok I guess, we already have a batch in the over now, which should be done, right about now" Maria pointed out. She walked over to the oven and put on the oven mitts, leaning down she reached in the over and pulled out the freshly baked cookies, pulling it out a little too far, she watched as the cookies dropped to the floor.

"Ohmygosh!" Maria said, attempting to pick up the cookies.

"I got them" Alex said, rushing to Maria's side, their hands fumbling to pick up the newly baked cookies.

"No, Alex, I have it" was all Maria said.

"No, its OK, just go and start on others, I'll clean the mess" Alex said. They both leaned in, without realizing it and their heads collided.

"Ouch!" Maria said, rubbing her forehead.

"You think?" Alex replied. It was then Maria began to laugh. Alex scowled "I think I have a concussion." Without realizing it, Alex chuckled realizing their situation. Here were two people who had nothing better to do on Valentine's Day than to attempt to bake cookies. They both began to laugh at their pathetic situations until tears sprang from the corners of their eyes. Maria continued to laugh as she looked at Alex "Look at you, you got a small red mark on your forehead" Maria said, pointing to Alex.

"So do you" Alex pointed out.

"Melon Head" Maria said, grinned.

"Kling-on!" Alex replied, trying to hide the amusement in his voice.

As the laughter died down and Maria and Alex sat against the lower kitchen cabinets silently, both with small smiles on their faces.

"I could really use a drink" Maria murmured.

"Alcoholic beverages are a no no Maria" Alex said, jokingly.

"My mom makes the best Red Martian Cocktails" Maria said.

"Yeah, you're right, drinks would be good about now"

"Oh don't even ask me to attempt to make those" Maria said.

"With your cooking, I don't think I want to taste your drinks" Alex replied.

They looked at each other, grinning. Maria blinked as she noticed something for the first time, Alex, his eyes were the bluest, holding what seemed like the ocean in them, they were simply beautiful. Alex noticed the funny stare Maria was giving him and his eyes gazed down to her lips, her full lips. He noted the reddish lip gloss that were on her lips and stared.

"We are so pathetic" Maria finally said.

Alex snapped out of his phase and stared at Maria.

"That we are.." He said.

"I need a date, like bad" she said.

Alex stood up slowly as an idea peaked to him "Hey..I have to do something, mind if I come back later?" Maria looked at him with confusion then nodded. Alex gave her one last smile and left the house.

Maria sat on the couch, she didn't know why but her stomach seemed to cramp. Butterflies? No, Maria had decided. It had to be something she ate. She had never looked at Alex like that, he was like a best friend, a comrade, he was the sweetest guy, an understanding guy. The doorbell rang and Maria sat up and glanced at the door. It had to be Alex, she wondered what it was he had to do.

She opened the door and gasped as she noted the flowers in Alex's hand and a box of heart shaped chocolates in the other. Letting a small smile play at her mouth she looked at Alex. "Wow.." was all she could say.

"For the lady" Alex said handing Maria the flowers and candy. Maria accepted the gifts whole heartily and looked at Alex.

"Thank you" she said sincerely. She reached over and gave him a hug.

"I more thing to give you" Alex said. He pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and handed it to Maria. "I wrote it in 4th grade, in Mrs. Viagrians class" Alex said, flushing slightly. Maria let out a small giggle "Mrs. Viagrian! I so remember her, we used to call her Mrs. Viagra, without knowing what it meant back then of course."

Alex nodded and watched Maria open the note, he watched her mouth read the note silently, her lips moving with the words on the note. Looking up she looked at Alex, her eyes became misty as she looked at him. " wrote this for me?" she asked.

Alex nodded sheepishly "It was 4th grade, I was a terrible poet but, I always kept it, " he said.

"You mentioned my yellow rubber ducky, which you have yet to return buddy, but still, I..I never knew.." Maria said.

"Now you know" Alex said. He was surprised as Maria embraced him with a hug

"Thank You, you don't know what this means to me" she said.

"Thank you?" Alex asked.

"For making this Valentine's Day, one of the best" she said. Without realizing it, she lightly brushed her lips against his. The Lip Gloss flavor was wild cherry, Alex noted. It was a kiss of friendship, a kiss out of love and a kiss of thanks.

Alex smiled and looked at Maria "Valentines day isn't a bad thing after all"

Maria sat down in her room later that night. Alex had left 3 hours ago. They had talked, they had new views of one another, they didn't know what was going to happen next but they liked it better that way. Planning out feelings wasn't a wise idea. She studied the letter a little longer, reading it over and over. It may have been written by the 4th grade Alex but she could still feel the love that the letter had held.

Dear Maria,

It's Valentine's Day and Mrs. Viagrian told us that we had to do something to express our caring for our fellow classmates, so I decided to write you a note. I'm sorry I squished your rubber ducky, I promise that I'll buy you a new one. I also didn't mean to make your barbies head fall off. I just wanted to say that you are a really pretty girl and a good friend, you have those little curls that I like to tug and touch because their so springy and soft. You got the hazel eyes too, they look just like the color hazel that is on my Wayne Gretsky hockey card. You are a good friend and I don't think I'll give you this letter because you will probably laugh at me. You and Liz are my bestest friends and I hope I know you guys for a long time. Maybe when we get older, like in 6th grade you'll see me as I see you. One could only wish. =)


Maria tucked the letter away and smiled into the night. She realized that Alex had more to him than met the eye and she couldn't wait to learn more about the boy who fell for her in the 4th grade.

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