Liz and Max blurb from Feb ’00 YM

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From: YM Feb 2000

Sweetie status: Seperated by otherwordly complications

Why Sparks fly: Thanks to Max’s superpowers they literally see into each other’s souls. Plus, since they’re both down-to-earth types, they bypassed the typical stay-cool attitude partners often have at the start of a relationship. Max sees liz as the path to life’s simple pleasures, while liz loves how Max broadens her world. Each opens up different life experiences for the other.

Passion pitfall: When or if these two offically hook up, they’ll have to work at feeling like a real part of each other’s world since they come from such wildly different backgrounds.

Love lessons: Circumstances might make it seem unfavorable-or even impossible-for two people to get together, but don’t let that change your feelings for the guy you’ve got you eye on. True love rules!


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