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Dark Horizons – “Final Destination” Review

By • Jan 31st, 2000 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

Review “Final Destination” – A Review by ‘Trainspotter’ (Positive – Major Spoilers) The other day my film class was subjected to a screening of NEW LINE CINEMA’s upcoming teen drama FINAL DESTINATION. I must say that I was quite impressed with the finished product. The film is wonderfully fast paced and intellegent. It’s just a […]

Jason Behr Presenting At ESPY Awards

By • Jan 31st, 2000 • Category: Jason Behr, Roswell

ESPY lineup The Feb. 14 ESPY Awards, honoring outstanding athletes of the past decade, will feature a myriad of celebs — from show business and the playing fields. Jimmy Smits, who’ll host, will be joined by such athletic superstars as Tiger Woods, Mark McGwire, Evander Holyfield, Reggie White, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf — and dozens […]

Life Beyond Earth?

By • Jan 31st, 2000 • Category: Roswell

Ok, so this isn’t exactly about the show, but its kind of topical, and I thought it was an interesting article. U. Washington scientists question existence of life beyond Earth Updated 12:00 PM ET January 28, 2000 By Scott Waletzko The Daily U. Washington (U-WIRE) SEATTLE — Are we alone in the universe? This fundamental […]

Review of “Leaving Normal”

By • Jan 30th, 2000 • Category: Roswell

This is from Scifi Ign: Roswell, Leaving Normal review: The Continuing Follies of Christian Kyle Slater and Jar Jar Maria. January 12, 2000 by Sarah Kuhn There is a small problem with my beloved Roswell, which I was just able to put my finger on this week. All of the supporting characters are annoying. And […]

Fantasy TV: The new reality

By • Jan 30th, 2000 • Category: Roswell

This is an article from Ottawa Citizen Online. It mentions Roswell as a fantasy series at the end. Fantasy TV: The new reality January 27, 2000 by Tony Atherton “A fantasy is worth more than a thousand words.” With this phrase the producers of Brutally Normal introduce the WB’s latest entree in TV’s ever expanding […]

Guys We Love – Brendan Fehr

By • Jan 29th, 2000 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

Thanks to Amy for sending this in! Guy We Love – Brendan Fehr By Leesa Coble From: JUMP, March 2000 For Roswell star Brendan Fehr, playing the edgy, alienated character Michael isn’t just an act, “When I moved to L.A. last year, there was such a negative vibe,” the Canadian native admits. “Being in Hollywood […]

Young Networks are Gender-Based

By • Jan 29th, 2000 • Category: Roswell

This is from the San Jose Mercury News. This is a slightly different take of the previous article about UPN vs. WB. Young Networks are Gender-Based Weblet programmers content with unisex niches January 24, 2000 by Charlie McCollum, Mercury News Television Writer FOR THE WB network, the future may come down to the length of […]