Roswell: Next Big Thing for Buffy Fans

Thanks to Elsa for sending this in!

From Philidelphia Daily News:

by Ellen Gray

The WB’s “Roswell.” Sure, lots of other shows this season deal with
alienated high school students, but only one boasts actual aliens. Set in
the New Mexico headquarters of all things extraterrestrial, “Roswell” stars
Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker, whose life changes forever when she’s shot while
waiting tables at the Crashdown Cafe, and Jason Behr as Max Evans, the
classmate whose secret crush on Liz leads him to reveal a much bigger secret.
Creator Jason Katims got his start on “My So-Called Life” and if the
sweetness of his pilot is eventually matched by the intelligence of that
show, “Roswell,” not “Angel” may turn out to be the Next Big Thing for “Buffy
the Vampire Slayer” fans.

In a sidebar of new shows, there was this little blurb:

The teen-agers in this New Mexico town look like all the other teens on the WB (in other words, like beautiful 22-year-olds), but three of them have a secret: They’re from outer space, apparently left behind in the much-rumored 1947 crash of an alien spacecraft in Roswell, N.M. Shouldn’t that make them way too old for the WB’s hip 12-34 demographic? Apparently they’re late bloomers. Worth noting: while other shows just talk about teen alienation, this one does something about it. Extra credit: Tom Hanks’ son Colin plays
an earthling.


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