New letter from Kevin Brown about the Campaigns!

Kevin Brown is the executive producer of Roswell, and has taken an interest in the various renewal campaigns. He sent this letter to be posted on


Please tell everyone for me that the “ROSWELL is hot!” campaign is really
having an impact. Indeed, it made today’s (3/21/) N.Y. Daily News!!!

More importantly: I told you a week or so ago that the WB had only received
around 40 bottles of Tabasco. Well, I am now happy to report that in the
short time since then, almost 1000 BOTTLES OF TABASCO HAVE ARRIVED AT THE

I also understand that part of the reason for the Daily News article is that
some of you sent some bottles to their writer, Richard Huff. Great idea!
If you haven’t already, include Matt Roush at TV Guide, Ken Tucker at
Entertainment Weekly and Robert Bianco at USA Today.

And always remember: this is not a “save” ROSWELL campaign – it’s a “renew”
ROSWELL campaign! Nobody, including the WB, wants to see ROSWELL go away;
they just want to know there’s a reason – other than the quality of the show
– to renew it. And that reason is all of you!

ROSWELL fans are hot!!!



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