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Everything We Know, We Learned From Science Fiction TV

By Chris Aylott
Associate Editor
posted: 03:00 pm ET
22 May 2000 Lights, Camera . . . ‘Andromeda’ Starts Shooting

As the traditional TV season draws to a close, it’s always good to think back on this year’s life lessons — the important things we’ve learned from a busy schedule of space-related science fiction.

It isn’t always the episodes that teach these lessons, of course. Sometimes the stars and schedules are as educational as the very special messages of the stories themselves.

With that in mind, and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, here are the moral lessons many of our favorite shows taught us this year.


9. Everyone’s an alien on the inside.

Roswell set a unique tone by making its aliens believable teenagers. Can they maintain this level of realism next year while adding enough science fiction to distinguish the show from Dawson’s Creek?