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Diane Farr: Woman on the Virge

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From playboy.com:

The Basics:


Diane Farr got her start at the age of 12, modeling on
the catwalk and for commercials. She was also named
the youngest “Miss New York” ever. She currently lives
in Los Angeles.


Co-host of MTV’s Loveline with Adam Carolla and Dr.
Drew Pinsky; has a recurring role on The Drew Carey
Show; has had guest spots on Arliss Sports Agent for
HBO, VIP and Silk Stalkings. Will next be seen in the
upcoming independent films Bingo and DWM.

Now on To the Interview:

By Rob Hill
playboy.com: First off, how does one become a TV sex

Diane Farr: [Laughing] Well, for me it just came down
to an audition. I’d moved out to L.A. from New York
and had been taking acting lessons, teaching acting in
a men’s prison, and then I got the call to audition. I
had never seen the show before, and I just went in
there and did the greatest improv of my life and got
the part.

PO: What requirements did you have to be a sex show

DF: Other than just common sense, not much. I mean I
dated a shrink and an M.D., but really I just started
reading books and taking things from conversations
between me and my girlfriends.

PO: Are you ever stumped on the show?
DF: Yeah. This guy called up once who was a “pre-op
transsexual.” He already had breasts and was taking
estrogen and was waiting for the final step in getting
his female genitalia. He was dating a man and was
trying to tell me he was more of a woman than me,
prettier, better looking, better breasts etc. He just
kept attacking me, and I really didn’t know what to
say. It was very weird.

PO: Who do you go to with your sexual questions?

DF: [laughing] Whoever I’m waking up with in the
morning! Well, other than my very close girlfriends.

PO: Has a pick-up line at a bar ever worked on you?
DF: No. I usually make the first move. After that, I
back off and let the guy ask me out. Because, you
know, an aggressive woman can still freak guys out.

PO: Where do you, uh, hide your sex toys?

DF: I don’t have any. I think sex is a pure team

PO: What’s the oldest thing in your refridgerator?
DF: I don’t know, let me go see. [Goes to fridge.] Let’s see, this raw cookie dough is ancient…from
Thanksgiving, I think. I’m throwing it away right now!

PO: What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

DF: When I went to Tanzania, Africa. I went there as I
was changing careers — I used to be a club
promoter/owner. I got lots of perspective while I was
there. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. It was on that
mountain that I truly realized that I wanted to be an

PO: What magazines do you subscribe to?
DF: DF: Believe it or not, none. Media can do weird
things to you, can make you feel like you aren’t
keeping up if you aren’t in all the magazines and
being profiled. I don’t want to get caught up in all
of that. You know, every prom king and queen from
around America comes to L.A. to “make it,” but once
they get here they realize that they aren’t the big
fish in the small pond anymore. I just want to do my
work and go home and be proud. But if there was a
great yoga magazine I would subscribe to that.

PO: Is there any place that you hate to be touched?
DF: Yeah, on the ass in public. I’ll smack ya in the
face if you try that with me.

PO: OK, if you had to be snowed in in a cabin in the
mountains, who would you want to be with, Adam or Dr.

DF: Adam. Let me put it to you this way: Drew is the
guy your mother wants you to marry, and Adam is the
guy who you want to date.

Rob Hill is a senior editor for Bikini and a regular
contributor to playboy.com.


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