Roswell: We Believe (new campaign)

Thanks to Kaye for writing this up, and for working on this campagin!

Roswell: We Believe

Just in case you were going into campaign withdrawal…

There are several campaigns currently in the works, centered around convincing the WB to extend the second season of Roswell to a full order of 22 episodes. The campaign that is in the forefront is Roswell: We Believe.

What we propose to do is to make silver handprints on black construction paper, using silver paint or ink, and to write “Roswell: We Believe”. Together, we can make enough of these for the WB to wallpaper their offices – and send out for publicity, as they did with the 6,000 bottles of Tabasco we sent not too long ago.

The first episodes of the new season are already being written, and production starts shortly. The time is coming soon that The Powers That Be will start making decisions about the direction of the show…and how long it will be on. We need to do what we do best – speak out – and make sure that Roswell is on for a long time to come. We also need to do this in support of what we love about Roswell, in support of the writers, producers and

This is really easy to do, and really inexpensive to make and send. It’s also something that we can get a lot of people involved in, and gain word of mouth publicity for the show. For more details and to get involved, follow the link below to the campaign thread. Let’s show the WB how much we love this show!

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