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Alien invasion
WB’s ‘Roswell’ more than just another prime-time teen spinoff

By Raymundo J. Escamilla
Contributing Writer

The critically acclaimed Roswell on the WB network is shedding its teen angst for sci-fi next season.

In the first season, Roswell was described as being like Dawson’s Creek, with an X-Files influence. A majority of the scenes were based in high school and were about relationships, with a twist of the paranormal.

In its second season, premiering Oct. 2, the show is bringing in veteran Ronald Moore (Star Trek: DS9) as a writer to help steer the alien mythology.

In case you missed it, here’s what has taken place up to this point …

In the beginning, we meet a group of three aliens — reserved leader Max Evans (played by Jason Behr from Dawson’s Creek), a cold, pretty girl, Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl from Under Seige 2) and new Canadian star Brendan Fehr as moody loner Michael Guerin. The trio lives in Roswell, N.M., where Max and Isabel were adopted into a family after they were found together. Michael hid and was sent to a different foster family.