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Big Hit – Jason Behr

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This is an Australian Magazine: Big Hit

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Jason Behr
The alien hottie lands in your living room

Why you’ll lust after him…
Have you ever been in love with someone because they’re totally out of this world? Well’ Roswell’s Jason Behr really is! He plays Max Evans, who is one of just a hand full of aliens to survive a UFO crash-landing. When the gal he has a crush on, Liz (played by Shiri Appleby), is shot , he reveals his alien power and saves her life. There’s no cuter moment than in the first episode when Liz asks, “Where are you from?” and Max point to the sky. She says “Up North?” and he points higher.

How you know him…
“I started out as Michelle Williams’ love interest then my charicter ended up hanging around Capeside causing trouble.” Says Jase of his time as Chis Wolfe on Dawson’s Creek. He also caused havoc for the residents of Sunnydale, as Billy “Ford” Fordham in the season 2 Buffy episode Lie To Me. “I came in as a friend to Buffy but had an ulterior motive,” he giggles.

Who he’ll remind you of…
Those sad eyes (hey, he lost his whole civilisation!) remind us of Pacey’s perfect pupils when he learnt of Andie’s lies on Dawson’s Creek. Speaking of Capeside cuties, Jase also looks a bit like Kerr Smith (with his new spikey hair, of course! [on the facing page it has that picture of Jason in green with spikey hair]) with a touch of Buffy’s Nicholas Brendon.

What you need to know…
Jase was born on December 30, 1973 in Minnesota, USA, and now lives in Los Angeles where Roswell is filmed. He likes basketball, hiking in the mountains and indulging his guilty please – watching cartoons. He researched his role by studying the rumoured real-life spaceship crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in July, 1947 and checked out all the weird stuff was meant to have happened. Oh, if you healing, just give him a call because he can fix everything with a silver hand print. Hang on a minute, that’s his character!

Why he knows the truth is out there…
Before his stint on Roswell, he starred in the 1996 TV movie Alien Nation: Millennium. He says:”For me to tell you that we are the only intelligent life form that ever existed would be very arrogant of me.”

The is from a more resent Magazine TV Hits (don’t Australian Magazines have the worst names?)

All Sport and No Play!
Our fave screen stars are not that sporty. Still, in true Olympic spirit, they take to the starting blocks for the TV HITS Olympic challenge.

Would you play dirty to make sure you won?
Katherine Heigl (Roswell): I might kick someone in the shins. You can’t be perfect all the time.
Jason Behr(Roswell): No I’ve never had to do that. I’m a fair player.
What’s your favourite sport?
Majandra Delfino(Roswell): I’m not a sporty person at all! I like tennis and ballet, that’s about it! I do play tennis and I like football, but I really suck at it.
Jason Behr(Roswell):I love basketball. I actually play in a team with some actors and producers.
Who would you barrack for in a basketball match between BSB and*NSYNC
Majandra Delfino(Roswell): Definitely Backstreet, because they came first and they are the originals.