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“TeenPeople” Nov 2000, p. 172 submitted by MyrnaLynne

Question of the Month: What’s Your Lucky Charm?

Katherine Heigl (Roswell): “I pick up pennies, but only if they’re heads up. That’s the rule.”

Entertainment Weekly #562, October 6, 2000, p 71 submitted by MyrnaLynne

“Television: What to Watch”

Monday 9-10pm

Roswell (The WB, TV-PG-DLV) Now annointed the alien leader, Max does what all great leaders do: orders people around.

Thanks to DukeChik12 for this:

1 little bitty Roswell pic u missed in TEEN PEOPLE….look @ the calendar
pg….on November 24th there’s a tiny split pic of Katie & Colin & it says
that they both celebrate their birthday that day…it’s cool. Just thought
ya might wanna know!

Thanks to Stella for this :)

This is in the October issue of Seventeen:

In the quiz “Are you living La Vida Loca?” question number 10 is:

You’re hooked on Jason Behr and devotedly watch Roswell every week, rerun or
not. In the middle of the show, Carrie from your math class calls,
desperatley looking for homework help. You tell her:

(a) You’ll call her back in half an hour.
(b) to keep it quick; the shape shifting alien might reappear.
(c) you’ll help, even though you are totally going to miss your favorite

Also, on pg. 150, they ask stars “What’s Your Favorite High School Moment?”
There is a picture of Majandra Delfino and this quote:

“My best friend and I were in the same study hall, although the principal had
made an effort every year to place us in seperate classes. What better class
to misbehave with your best friend than in study hall?”

Thanks to Em for this:

the article at the URL below is actually on the front page of (September 30). it doesn’t specifically mention Roswell, but
rather it talks about how networks decide to pull or keep shows under
the current system, which has sort of changed subtly in the past five
years or so because of changes in government regulations. since we are
*all* interested in keeping Roswell on the air, i wondered if people
might be interested in the article, since it sort of explains the
reasoning behind networks’ decisions-

Washington Post Article

Thanks to Roshell and Judy for this :)

On the WB…
The WB is also pumping up its own paranormal programming. They’re adding
Michelle Trachtenberg (as a psychic sidekick) and J. August Richards (as a
street-savvy vampire hunter), respectively, to the Tuesday-night
demon-slaying duo of Buffy and Angel.

Roswell is also getting a harder sci-fi edge. That means scaled back
intergalactic smoochin’ between Max and Liz and more focus on
extraterrestrial action to attract a wider audience. Will the makeover work?
Who knows? But the retooled series better not anger its Tabasco-wielding
fans, or the show’s execs may end up soaking in hot sauce.
E! Online

Here’s an older article but still note-worthy that scott73 sent in :)


TV: Angel, Roswell Score in the Ratings Game

The WB’s much-hyped premieres deliver big numbers.

October 8, 1999

Turns out that Buffy’s boyfriend can make it just fine on his own. The WB’s Tuesday premiere of Angel garnered the network its best-ever ratings among men 18-49, and teamed with Buffy to deliver the WB’s best-ever Tuesday average with adults 18-49.
Make no mistake — those bratty, tormented upstarts on Dawson’s Creek and Felicity may get all the Teen People covers, but Buffy and Angel deliver the numbers. And actually, the Buff-ster has been known to pop up on a Teen People cover or two. The premiere of Angel built on its Buffy lead-in (6.79 million viewers, 3.0 rating/9 share), capturing 7.47 million viewers and a 3.1 rating, 8 share in adults 18-49. On a related note, the net’s Wednesday debut of Roswell gave the WB its second strongest premiere ever in total viewers and adults 18-34 (6.71 million, 3.0/8), and built considerably on its Dawson’s lead-in.

In a mind-boggling twist, the show that still holds the record for the net’s highest premiere numbers is the abysmal Charmed — apparently, the Halliwell sisters’ witchcraft has some sort of unexplained, hypnotic effect on the otherwise sane, TV-watching public. Or maybe it’s just Shannen Doherty’s cleavage.

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Live! Grill, Gossip and Gripe About All Things TV

This week: Midriffs, pecs, cleavage and belly buttons–life on the WB is
getting mighty interesting
Seen the WB’s new season yet? Add a little “wocka-chicka-wow” music, and it
could pass for late-night Cinemax.

It must’ve been one helluva crazy summer, because suddenly, the innocent
darlings of Dawson’s Creek, Roswell and even Sabrina, the Teenage Witch look
like sex kittens headed for a swingers club.

If you saw the premieres, you had to notice the change. The Creek had that
eye-popping skinfest of a beach scene, with the guys (including Real World’s
Danny Roberts) sans shirts and the girls in itty-bitty bikinis. (Who knew
Meredith Monroe had such big…talent?) Plus, Katie Holmes spent the whole
hour in a tight skirt and backless tank–just the outfit for manning a
sailboat and schlubbing around Capeside.

Sweetie-pie Sabrina is also all sexed up. Somewhere along the road from
ABC’s T.G.I.F, the witchy woman must’ve hit the party circuit, because
Melissa Joan Hart’s sporting heavier makeup, leather pants and peekaboo
midriffs galore. Even spunky little Punky, Soleil Moon Frye, is bustin’ out
all over. Still, Roswell takes the cake for drastic change. It seems feisty,
short-haired Majandra Delfino has taken out stock in Miracle Grow (for her
hair) and hairbands (to wear as skirts);

Brendan Fehr has dropped his signature spikes for a sexy Rob Thomas-esque
‘do; and the other girls–Katherine Heigl, Emilie deRavin and Shiri
Appleby–have bigger hair, twice the makeup and tighter, shinier clothes.
Titillating, sure. But it gets downright silly in the second ep, when we see
a shirtless Jason Behr running through the streets of Roswell, with sweat
glistening off his pecs and the hussied-up girls giving some kind of sex
show inside the Crashdown Cafe. And what absolutely kills me is they wear
the same skimpy getups to sniff out evil in treacherous locales.

It’s no secret that sex sells, and if the WB can boost ratings this way,
without letting the quality slide, more power to ’em. All I ask is that they
use the money they’re saving on fabric to hire back Meredith, Amy Jo Johnson
and Marc Blucas when their shows start to tank without them.