Dido Information

Thanks to Raquel for sending this in:

Hi. I wanted to let you know that Dido was featured in the “Faces & Places
Spotlight” section of the latest US weekly. There’s a reasonably large
picture of her as well as a short article. the article is found on page 22.
Here is the article:

“Angel Face
British singer Dido was a literary agent and a law student before Eminem
helped make her a pop star
by Marc S. Malkin

Age: 28
Hometown: Dido was raised with her brother, Rollo (frontman of the trip-hop
band Faithless), by her book publisher father and her homemaker mother in
Current residence: Dido has been on the road do more than a year promoting No
Angel, her debut album, so she hasn’t seen much of the London apartment she
shares with her boyfriend of more than five years, a lawyer.
Book smart: Although dido is a trained classical musician, she began pursuing
mucic full time just five years ago after writing songs for and touring with
Faithless. Before that, she worked as a literary agent and studied law in
Londin- and she says that her legal training has come in handy: “I read all
my contracts with a fine-toothed comb”.
(Slim) shady business: No Angel was released in the U.S. in 1999, but Dido’s
poupularity has skyrocketed this year ever since bad-boy rapper Eminem
sampled her sweet-sounding “Thank You” on “Stan”- his song about an obsessed,
homicidal fan. She has performed the song with Eminem at select shows on his
tour, and their “Stan” video begins airing this month.
British invasion: Although it’s approaching platinum sales in the U.S., No
Angel was released in Dido’s native England only last month. “Nobody knows
who the hell I am there. I should send my mum to buy 20 copies.”

Thanks to Duke for this :)

Today (Nov 14), Nettwork Records has realeased the “Christmas
Song” album. Dido sings “Christmas Song”

Thanks to Barbara for this:

I was watching the Disney Channel yesterday and they played a commercial for a movie on ABC called “The Miracle Worker” and they played some of Dido’s song “Thank You” in the commercial. And on the newest Totally Hits Album (Totally Hits 3) they have Dido’s “Here With Me” featured on the CD. At the website http://www.totallyhits3.com/ you can hear a clip of that song or other songs from different artists featured on the CD.

Thanks to Unico for this:

Hello everyone….

Be sure to tune into the CBS’s morning talk-show program, THE EARLY SHOW, on *Thursday, November 16th* to see Dido perform ‘Thank You’ and be interviewed by host Jane Clayson. The show begins airing at 7am, so be sure to grab a cup of coffee and tune in!

For further info on The Early Show, visit the official web site:

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the show may possibly be pre-empted due to situations related to the presidential election.

In other news, Dido composed and wrote an original song called ‘Christmas Day’ for the Nettwerk holiday release called CHRISTMAS SONGS, which is NOW out in stores in North America.

Here’s the official track listing:

1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Barenaked Ladies with Sarah McLachlan
2. Tara MacLean – Winter Wonderland
3. Dido – Christmas Day
4. Delerium – Terra Firma
5. Mediaeval Babes – Gaudete
6. Sarah McLachlan – Song For A Winter’s Night
7. Meryn Cadell – The Cat Carol
8. Dayna Manning – It’s In Everyone Of Us
9. Matthew Ryan – Little Drummer Boy
10. Kendall Payne – O Come O Come Emmannuel
11. Lily Frost – Skating On The River
12. Jenifer McLaren – Ave Maria
13. Maren Ord – The Christmas Song
14. Stuart McLean – Polly Anderson’s Christmas Party

Thanks to zaphod for this:

I thought someone would have reported this already, but since no one has, I
thought I would share. The other night on the Late, Late Show with Craig
Craig was doing a skit with Mindy Sterling and David Alan Grier and they
Dido’s “Thank You” in the background. And I’m not sure if this was posted
or not, but a couple of weeks ago, they played a Dido song – I’m pretty sure
it was “Thank You” again – on Nash Bridges, as well.

Thanks to Megami for this:

I saw you have a Dido update. I don’t know if its listed yet or if you guys
know about it, but I recently saw this news blurb which talked about Dido.
Eminem’s new single, “Stan”, which is about an obsessed fan who kills his
girlfriend is going to be released soon. Dido apparently does some vocal
backing for the song, and she’s also in the video which they recently shot.
Teen actor Jeremy (or is it Jonathan? sorry, its easy to confuse them) plays
the “obsessed fan” who dresses and acts like Eminem, and murders his
“girlfriend” and stuffs her in the trunk of his car. The girlfriend is
portrayed by none other than Dido. Apparently the video is quite violent and
graphic so MTV may cut her scene out of it… its going to premiere on MTV
soon, so I guess we’ll all find out.