Majandra Music Mania No. 3

Thanks to Sheila for this:

Hey Majandra Music Fans!

You guys are great, you’ve been showing you love for “Majandra’s” music in a big way, by email in your request for her cd when it comes out. But some of you have a major question about getting/buying the Cd.

Well all you have to do to make sure you’re one of the first to be able to buy “Majandra’s” cd, is email Mr.Anthony Rodriguez at: . Write to him stating that you’re interested in getting the cd when it comes out. You’ll be out on an email list, where you’ll be the first to know when and where to buy “Majandra’s” cd when it comes out.

Now here’s the thing the list doors will close when “Majandra’s” website is up. So all those who want to be the FIRST to know have to sign up quick, cause the site should be up real soon!

Keep The Music Pumped!

Sheila Limontas