Random Tidbits Of “Roswell” Information

Thanks to Shahd for this:

I’m not sure if anybody put this in, yesterday i was listening to z100 and
they had announced the 3 hotties of the week, and ROSWELL”S JASON BEHR was
voted number 3 HOTTIE OF THE WEEK! GO JASON!

Thanks to singsing12345 for this. I (Mandy) want to add that Bean of KQOQ 106.7 FM in Los Angeles LOVES Roswell. He mentioned last week about how great he thinks this season is and encouraged the listeners to tune in to the show and see what all the fuss is all about :)

On Q.102 fm a philadelphia radio station there is a segment on there morning show called hollywood news.
Today (Nov. 7) on the way to work 6:30 am They mentioned Roswell and how great of a show it is, and how there might not have been a second season because of the ratings. They also mentioned how the campaign of the fans helped save the show for a chance at a second season. They announced that Roswell may be sitting in the best spot possible on the WB. Last night the show had the best ratings for a Monday night since (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) was in there time slot! They are in support of the show and made it perfically clear to wacth it because it’s awsome it has been picked up for 19 episodes this season so far let’s make it a full season and move on to the third.

Thanks to Liz for this:

I’m a big fan of Roswell and today I was listening to Z100 ( a radio
station in NYC) and how happy I felt when they said that Roswell was
doing great in the ratings and that the WB already ordered 9 more
episodes! I thought I shared
that with you. You can check that out at www.z100.com

Thanks to Caitlin for this:

At Teen People online they are having an election for who would we vote for
for celeb president (top 10 list) Brendan hasn’t made it on the list yet so
go to Vote For Brendan
and vote for him!!

Thanks to Eowyn for this:

I am not sure if this was already mentioned but Roswell was #34 in
the top 40 cult hits of sciece fiction and fantasy in some Sci-fi magazine
called something culthits (I am not exactly sure of the exact title.) There
was a little tibbit on the show with a picture of Jason and info about its
creator Jason Katims. It had a better ranking then Angel and Charmed. :)