Various Cast Information On “Roswell”


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In Puerto Rico’s newspaper (El Nuevo Dia) Jason Behr was anounce because of his birthday and they gave a little Bio of him.

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The KTLA news at 10pm in Los Angeles on Christmas day was asking various
celebrites what the best gift they ever recieved for christmas was and Jason
Behr said, “My mom got me a, um…this G. I. Joe that I always wanted. He
had that kung-fu grip thing that I thought was really kinda cool.”

Here’s what CHRISKAOH2 sent in on Jason’s KTLA appearance

This is such a small tidbit, but I thought I’d send it in anyway. On
Dec. 25, Jason was on the KTLA news at ten. The question was, what was your
favorite Christmas memory or gift? His answer (something to this effect): A
GI Joe that had a kung fu grip.


Thanks to Megan for this. Don’t forget–“Wish Upon A Star” will be airing Monday on Disney

Katherine Heigl:
88 min.
Set in 1937, second-rate actors who look like and fill in for Hollywood
stars gather at a local bar and complain about their lives. Sammi Davis,
Jordan Lang. Lillian: Katherine Morris. Jack: Costas Mandylor. Shirley:
Daphne Zuniga. Peggy: Charlotte Chatton. Rhonda: Missy Crider. Taffy:
Katherine Heigl. Fritz: Todd Cattell. Reisner: Rod Dyer. Cameraman: Bob

Cast: Katherine Morris, Costas Mandylor, Jordan Ladd, Daphne Zuniga, Sammi
Davis, Charlotte Chatton, Todd Cattell, Missy Crider, Katherine Heigl, Rod
Dyer, Bob Elyea
Rating: TV-14
Content: Suggestive Dialog, Strong, Coarse Language, Violence
Category: Movie, Drama
Director: Harvey Keith
Release Year: 1997

Show times
Date Time Channel
Thursday, 4 7:30 AM 591 TMC


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Take My Life (2001)

Directed by
Dana Lustig

Writing credits
Annette Goliti Gutierrez
Dana Lustig

Add to
Plot Outline: A suicidal bank teller is confronted by a bank robber when his
heist goes awry. She agrees to lead him to the money if he promises to kill

Production Notes/Status: Status: Completed
Status Updated: 27 October 2000
Note: Since this project is categorized as being in production, the data is
subject to change or could be removed completely.

Credited cast overview:
Max Beesley
Selma Blair
Brendan Fehr
D.W. Moffett
Lochlyn Munro

Also Known As:
Kill Me Later (2000) (USA: working title)
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color


Thanks to Aaron for this:

The febuary issue of SFX features an interview with Ronald D Moore who talks about the tense period when it was being decided if the show should be cut. He also talks about the changes from more romance to sci-fi, and what storylines are headed.

I personally got this in a newsletter from SciFi

The aliens from Roswell have landed and they’re invading homes everywhere.
That’s right, the long-awaited first season card set is in stock and
ready to crash-land in your home. A total of 90 full-color cards
featuring characters, plot summaries and more are now in stock.
Don’t let them escape! Capture them all at:
Roswell Store

Thanks to Kelsey for this:

I was watching a show on CBC called Jonovision and they were doing this
funny thing. They were trying to raise televisions for the World Television
Appeal, and one of the people who donated was Max Evans. He gave a 48″ Alien
to them.

Thanks to Shahd for this:

i was watching E! last night and it was about people who have dream jobs and
this woman named Susan something was the set decorator of the show….she
goes out to buy everything we see on roswell…i thought that was cool to
SHIRI and KATHERINE AND MAJANDRA were all in the hairstyle magazine…they
described their hair..and stuff..n’thats all!


Thanks to Megan for this:

William Sadler:
Reach the Rock
100 min.
John Hughes (�The Breakfast Club�) wrote this seriocomic coming-of-age tale
about a small-town juvenile delinquent (Alessandro Nivola) whose night in
jail changes his life. Quinn: William Sadler. Lise: Brooke Langton. Ernie:
Bruce Norris. Directed by William Ryan.

Cast: William Sadler, Karen Sillas, Alessandro Nivola, Bruce Norris, Brooke
Rating: R
Content: Strong Language
Category: Movie, Comedy-drama
Director: William Ryan
Release Year: 1998

Show times
Date Time Channel
Sunday, 31 11:00 AM 3 KJZZ

104 min.
Racially charged thriller in which a black cop (Courtney B. Vance), falsely
blamed for the killing of his partner, sets out to prove his innocence while
protecting a young boy. Mike: William Forsythe. Shannon: Robert Patrick.
Lucy: Virginia Madsen.

Cast: Charles Hallahan, Jeremy Lelliott, William Sadler, Virginia Madsen,
Bill Nunn, David Keith, Courtney B. Vance, William Forsythe, Robert Patrick
Rating: R
Content: Strong Language, Violence
Category: Movie, Drama
Director: Ernest Dickerson
Release Year: 1998

Show times
Date Time Channel
Wednesday, 3 5:40 AM 553 HBOPLUS