Third Casuality Of “Roswell Survivor”

Well…it’s been nine days and now it’s time for another one of the sixteen “Roswell” campers to leave camp and head back to civilization.

The third victim voted out of the camping trip, by the visitors of this site, by the majority of voters is..


Rath walked away with 14 votes cast against him to Nicholas’ 9.

Here’s some of the responses to why people voted the way they did.. (I’m withholding names to make it more fair for everyone reading this and wanting to participate)

“My vote for the next casualty is Nicolas. There are many reasons as to why he should get the boot.
It all started when Nicolas cut a peephole into Maria and Isabel’s tent instead of actually doing any work. At nighttime when everyone went to go get some sleep, Nicolas sneaked out of his tent with Brody and over to Izzy and Maria’s tent to have a little peep show. Unfortunately for our evil little Kivar, the hole he had cut into the tent had let in 96 mosquitos. The girls quickly noticed and started to freak. Maria, always prepared for any situation, had a canister of 100% deet bug spray in the tent. (Isabel had first complained of hitting her head on it at night, but now she was grateful.) Maria sprayed all the bugs while Isabel was shrieking about dead mosquitos in the tent. Nicolas was laughing his ass off, but all the screaming alerted the attentions of Max and Micheal, who shared a tent nearby. The two came over to investigate and saw Nicolas with his peephole. Micheal threatened to kill him, and Nicolas threatened to kill Max. A shouting match ensued and soon Lonnie and Rath were alerted
to it because they had been changing the molecular structure of some empty Tobasco bottles by the fire pit. Once they learned what was happening, Lonnie responded by imposing her will over Rath, Micheal, and Max to go give Nicolas a little “talk” in the woods. Isabel knew what Lonnie was up to, but she didn’t care because she was feeling mucho vulnerable at that point.
The next morning the sheriff was assigning chores when he noticed that Nicolas was missing. He decided to send a search party for him. Liz and Ava discovered Nicolas bound and gagged to an oak tree about four miles from the campsite with a crow trying to nest in his hair! The sheriff was NOT impressed.
So my vote is Nicolas because he is disturbing the peace and harmony (as well as privacy, that’s TWO peepholes in a row now) of the group.”

“I vote that Amy is voted off. She is spazzing right and left over little
things that don’t matter and wreaking havoc throughout the entire camp.
Wanna know what happened, Roswell fans? You wanna know what made Amy go
crazy? This is what happed: Michael put his arm around Maria, Amy freaked
out and hit him over the head with a portable toaster. Kyle tried to offer
Budhhist words of wisdom to calm her down but she would have none of it.
Enraged, Amy prepared to knock Kyle over with a golf umbrella but hit the
sherrif instead, sending him falling into the fire in front of Maria, at
the other side, who screamed and fell backwards off the log she was sitting
on. Rath started to laugh because he could see up her skirt. Lonnie
whacked him on the head, he fell, pushing Nicholas over into the mud.
Nicholas started to rant about the butt-ugly, stinking wilderness. Then a
fight begins among all campers. Amy yelling at Michael, Maria yelling at
her mother and Rath at the same time, Kyle AND Sheriff Valenti yelling at
Amy, Lonnie yelling at Rath and Nicholas yelling above all the rest about
the woods and all of the bugs, mud, work, stupid people and he goes on and
on. Amy HAS TO GO!:)”

“My vote is for Lonnie, that girl is trouble. She has way to many memories of
“her past life” and at some point she is going to turn on everyone – (Mole
anyone?) This is just insane.
She’s flirting all day with Nicholas, but you can see that ever since
Michael and Rath are so similar in appearence it’s getting quite annoying
when she starts trying to make out with Michael and then claims she couldn’t
tell the difference. Really! I mean Michael is a little rough around the
edges when it comes to looks but really…
Not to mention you can see that she is blanantly not very found of Isabel,
who she is clearly jealous of because Isabel is such a goody-goody compared
to Lonnie.
But the real worrier is with Max… if she killed off the first Max then
what makes anyone think she won’t kill off the other.
Be careful, all I can say is that it’s a good thing that Liz and Max are
spending more time together now that Tess is gone, Liz can protect him
somewhat, but at some point Lonnie is just gonna kill her off too.”


because ever since he started “memory-retrieval” all he’s been doing is sucking face with Tess, and now that that skanky ho’s gone, all he does is pine away for her, which is making Liz sick to her stomach and that in turn is pissing off Maria.

He doesn’t pull any of his weight around the camp. and now that he’s finding his past, he bugs Michael and Isabel to get together and at least try the “memory-retrieval’ and embrace their destiny. THAT’s pissing off Alex majorly, because ever since his and Isabel’s huge make out session, he’s gone back to ‘square one’ and has become the lovesick puppy. But Isabel likes Alex and only sees Michael as a brother, so Max is majorly irritating her. Plus Michael likes Maria and only likes Izzy as a sister, so Max is pissing him off too.

In short, Max is pissing everyone off. He’s gotta go.”

“I vote Alex off the trip because he’s excluded from meetings etc. so often that none of the others would care (or probably notice) if he was involved or not.”

“It’s definitely time for Nicholas to leave the camping trip. He never
did adjust well to the whole concept of roughing it. He and Lonnie
constantly whined about the cold, the rain, the boring food and the
lousy company and, for obvious reason, the pod squad was never too
comfortable around him.

Brody was also getting sick of picking all the skin sheddings out of
their tent. Nicholas tried to pass it off as an odd skin condition,
but Brody never fully believed it and was getting really frustrated at
Nicholas’ inability to clean up after himself. Amy eventually
overheard one of their discussions about the skin condition and
managed to get all upset that it might be contagious. After that she
refused to go anywhere near Nicholas (probably a good idea, anyhow)
and fussed at everybody over his supposed need to leave for medical
attention he was an obvious choice to be one of the next to leave.”

“This week, I’m voting off Liz Parker.

Liz formed an alliance with Rath and Lonnie, who then stripped her mind
of everything she knows about the Granilith. Due to poor alliance
choices, she causes everyone in the group to be kidnapped by the aliens,
tied to trees, and left with no food or water while the two of them
escape with Max back to Antar.”

“Now, last time I voted for Rath but Tess got kicked off. I guess I underestimated
the fact that everyone thinks Tess is a bitch. Except for Kyle maybe.
Anyways Rath isn’t the biggest problem anymore since Max put a forcefield
around him so that he cannot go after the females in the group. No, the
big problem is Brody. As we all know, you can’t sneak food into the camp.
Well this morning while the others went hiking, Ava spied Brody eating
pepperjack cheese. Ava told the others and they went through his stuff
looking for evidence. Maria jumped to Brody’s defense saying that going
through his stuff is wrong. Michael accused her of liking Brody. She
denied it and they got into one of their shouting matches. They didn’t
find anything but they confronted Brody about it. He denied it saying
he was actually gnawing on some leaves. Yeah,right. We all know the man
can’t live without his cheese for longer than a day and sneaking food
is not right. I’m sorry Brody but your pepperjack loving, alien abductee
self has to leave the woods.”

“It’s tough for me to say but it must be Maria even though I love her.
First of all the girl hates the outdoors, and you would likely catching
her pitching a tent around the same time you would catch her pitching a
baseball, which is never. Plus, can we discuss the amount of lip gloss?
There is no way those lips are not a magnet of stick for every known
insect in the area, so if she stays she will be consuming way too much bug
protein :) Besides, everyone in Camp Roswell is getting sick of her
undying devotion to Michael. Just yesterday she caught him making out
with Lonnie under the guise of…,”hey, I just thought it would give me a
little insight in how to get home faster okay?” Not okay. When Maria
began venting about the Cheating Dog the camp felt sympathy, but by the
third day of relentless sobbing and flip one-liners Jim informed Maria
that she had to go. They couldn’t take her masochistic personality when
it came to Michael and she needed to go home for a little R&R. Jim
thought maybe the pine air got to her, so now Maria is packing up and
moving out.”

“My vote definatly goes to Max. All he’s been doing lately is sitting on a
big rock proclaiming himself “The Man.” Yesterday he accused Michael of
trying to override The Man by suggesting he do some actual work. Michael
stormed off into the forest, causing a huge uproar. Not only did we not have
dinner (Michael being the cook usually makes it for us) but Rath, Lonnie,
and Ava had no protection against the sharp-beaked birds that kept trying to
steal they’re peircings. Max was too busy being The Man to protect them with
his powers, Michael was in the forest and Nicholas was complaining about the
dirt on the forest floor. He says Kivar shoulnd’t have to walk on such
filth, so Michael finally just zapped him up in a tree. (Heh) Anyway, Lonnie
was pecked to death. Not that anyone cared or anything because she kept
trying to kill us all, but Nicholas has been having a hard time with puberty
and killed Rath from his perch in the tree for the loss of his sex toy. Jim
imediatly pulled off a round and killed Nicholas on impact. You should have
heard the celebrations. We aren’t exactly sure why he killed Nicholas
because he wasn’t the biggest fan of Rath himself. We suspect he’s still
steaming about Nicholas’s attempt to turn him into a Nintendo 64.
Fortunatly, Ava was able to stop him before Jim’s head turned into a
handheld control and his behind into a TV screen, but he was still pretty
Then Max told Ava (since Tess is gone) that he’d now refer to her as
The Woman. She blew her top and offered to help Kyle kidnap and tie him to a
tree, but Alex, loyal friend, found out and warned The Man and he was able
to escape safely, much to the dissapointment of the rest of us. The Man ran
into Michael into the forest. We don’t know exactly what happened there, but
when we found them, The Man was hanging upside down from a tree and his hair
was gone. Michael was laughing hysterically next to him. After he stopped
laughing we cut down Max and headed back to camp, where Max was laughed at
incessantly, causing him to blow up one of our three tents, the one that
Michael, Rath, Max, and Nicholas used to share. Michael moved to Alex, Jim,
and Kyle’s tent, and Max now sleeps outside at night, sometimes grumbling in
his slumber and shouting out “The MAN!” and disturbing everyone else. Now
Rath, Nicholas and Lonnie are gone. Like I mentioned, no one really cares,
but they did have some alien powers that we might miss. However, I’m sure
that everyone’s releieved that their lives aren’t in danger anymore. I think
that cancells out the loss of the magical fire thing. But Max is being
totally intolerable and really is overracting about the bald thing.
Frankly.. The Man has got to go.”

“My vote goes for Amy Deluca because she is getting suspicious. Even though
repeatedly warned by Max to do everything the human way, the podsters, the
dupes and Nicholas are constantly using their powers for survival. Nicholas
keeps sneaking into the girls tents at night to view their dreams. All of
them are waking up with monsterous headaches and Amy caught Nicholas leaving
her tent one early morning. Michael keeps using his to impress Maria that
he can control his powers unlike the time wasn’t totally honest about why
his tv blew after he discovered that Courtney was a skin. He accidently blew
up Amy’s water jug while her back was turned when he was aiming for a lizard
beside it. Isabel and Kyle amuse themselves nightly with dreamwalking which
got them both into a particularly vivid dream of Valenti’s that had Kyle
running out of Iz’s tent waking up the entire camp. Lonnie keeps posing as
Isabelle and throwing herself at Alex which completely confuses him because
Isabelle keeps maintaining that she doesn’t need a man in her life and
besides, they seem to end up dead. Max, even though he tells everyone not
to do it, uses them to heal Liz’s wounds that she gets in gathering wood and
food so he can connect with her. Amy is always running to get the first aid
kit and returns to find Liz “glowing” after each incident. She must go in
order to protect the aliens.”

“Here’s why Nicholas deserves to get the boot. Let me set the scene.
They’ve all been on the island for a week and food is running out. Nicholas
knows that he has no friends there so he tries to help out by gathering
coconuts. While Rath, Michael, Isabel and Lonnie bring back a plethora of
the yummy treats, Nicholas comes back empty-handed. Why? you ask. Well,
not to pick on the vertically challenged, but the boy cannot reach the
coconuts. He attempts to make up for this by helping to build a shelter,
but yet again, while he tries to help to build the roof, he cannot reach the

His mood gets progressively worse and he begins bitching about every little
thing. His rant about the dirty water rivals the one that he delivered about
NYC. He began to seriously worrys the others when he tells them how easy it
is to make a weapon out of palm tree leaves. He gets even more upset when
all of the women refuse to share the tent with him. The word “statutory” is
muttered by someone.

He alienates (excuse the pun) the New York crew even more when he tells
them, day in and day out, that they are rejects already so they should be
the next to leave. That his DNA is stronger than their’s does not sit well
with Rath, so he steals his clothing and holds it above his head. No one
else is amused by this, being that they are forced to behold a naked
Nicholas jumping up and down. Kyle maintains that he has gone blind from
the site of it.

Nicholas continually mutter about how they shall all pay for their
mistreatment of him when Kivar returns. How Kivar is all powerful and shall
put him in charge of them as human and alien slave labor. When Amy asks who
Kivar is, Liz lies badly and tells her that it is his miniature collie that
Nicholas had to leave behind.

The last straw, however, occurs when, in the space of two minutes, he asks
Lonnie and Isabel to assist him in making a “Vilandra sandwich” and then
tells Maria that “good things come in small packages” as he lasciviously
waggles his eyebrows at her. Alex, Max, Kyle, Michael and Rath take a walk
with him and he disappears.

So, wait a minute, I guess he doesn’t need to be voted off. But, he still
gets my vote.”

“After the events that happened during last night’s campfire sing-along, I think it’s safe to say Kyle has got to go.
Alex and Maria decided to celebrate Sean and Tess’s departure by organizing a campfire sing-along. They all started singing “Bye Bye miss American Pie…”
All of a sudden Kyle started screaming “I cannot find the Locust”, “I cannot find the Locust” over and over. Jim tried calming him down, but Kyle just ran off into the woods, trying to recite other Buddhist phrases. Apon further investigation, it seemed that Kyle was having a flash-back of when he and Alex were being “attacked” by the crystals.
So I think maybe Kyle just needs a break from all the aliens.”

“Ok Lonnie needs to go, she keeps shapeshifting into everyone else left on the island when their not around. She keeps causing trouble.Like the other day Maria and Liz were off collecting wood for the fire and Lonnie changes into Maria and starts to make out with Brody in front of Michael. Michael flips out and pulls Maria/Lonnie off of Brody and hits Brody. All the time Lonnie is laughing. Then Maria and Liz come back and Lonnie changes back to herself. It was nuts. Lonnie needs to go.”

“Rath should get kicked off because he keeps hitting on every girl in the group and they are getting tired of it. He also stole all the Tabasco sauce and constanly fights with Max. Aparently he has an infereority complex.”

“Max Evans!
After the last tribal council everyone was quite
stirred up. Many believed that Rath would be voted
off because he continuesly drums songs on anything and
everything he can find. At first everyone thought it
was cute until they realized that the songs he has
been playing are Metallica songs. I quote Liz after
the “Metallica discussion”, “This madness has to
In the end Tess was tossed out. Perhaps people
figured that she wasn’t needed, but ever since the
group returned from the tribal council everyone has
been struggling. I guess Tess was really important
after all! Max realized that everyone was stuggling
and he quickly started ordering people around to try
and get everyone working again. Lonnie talks about
his recent behavior, “Yo Max, he just been acting up
in my face and yelling orders at me and yeah, I just
keep telling him yo, this is survivor, this ain’t no
Bootcamp!” Several tribe members got together for a
meeting and decided that Max had to be booted off
because of his bossy, yet undecisive attitude.”

“After a wild fight between Rath and Michael, it was decided by everyone that something must be done about the situation. Ever since the beginning of the camping trip, Rath had been causing frequent disturbances, and quite frankly, everyone was just plain ANNOYED with him. It started with innocent remarks about the Roswellians style, which were ignored by everyone but Tess, who had been pretty touchy about everything since Max kept shrugging off her attempts for ‘action,’ shall we say. But, moving on, Rath decided that just wasn’t enough. He started trashing tents, and finding Amy eating pastrami with mayo didn’t help. He was reported to shout ‘What kinda sick mothers are you here? Screw you all! You can get your own firewood!’ A remark from Kyle started a brawl, and Rath ended up landing in the fire. With singed hair and a burned face, Lonnie refused to talk to him, and he has spent the last 3 days moaning in his tent like an animal. It just isn’t working out. Rath has to go.”

“Amy DeLuca is becoming a major problem in the Roswell Survival Camp and she must be voted out. Last week she made alien attena balls out of leaves and twigs and now she is forcing all the campers to help her make alien dolls out of clay found near the lake. All Michael and Maria want to do is have some fun and share some romantic moments, but Amy keeps interfering with requests for them to go get her more clay. Even the Sheriff is sick of her and has been reported to have muttered “I should have locked her up for life when I had the chance” while he was gathering kindling for the fire. I’m sorry Miss DeLuca but the Roswellians have Spoken, you must now get in the Jetta and leave the camp immediately, and for heaven’s sake, take your stupid alien antennas with you!”

I couldn’t post all the reasons sent in so I had to pick and choose. Now that you saw how the last round went, time for the next victim to be decided upon. You have until Monday afternoon to send in your second round votes and I will announce the next victim Monday night/Tuesday morning (PST of course ;) )

Here’s the rules:

I’m looking for the most interesting reasons why you are voting a person out of the camping trip and I will publish the best responses (even if they aren’t for the person who received the most votes) along with the latest casuality.

To place your vote, send an email to with your vote and if you can (but it’s optional) a reason why you’re voting for that person.

The players still left in the game are: Amy DeLuca, Brody, Ava, Alex Whitman, Isabel Evans, Jim and Kyle Valenti, Liz Parker, Lonnie, Maria DeLuca, Max Evans, Michael Guerin, and Nicholas.

The game will continue through the week of May 21, 2001.