Fourth Casuality of “Roswell Survivor”

Please take the time to vote–this can be fun as long as enough votes are being submitted.

Well…it’s been twelve days and now it’s time for another one of the sixteen “Roswell” campers to leave camp and head back to civilization.
The fourth victim voted out of the camping trip, by the visitors of this site, by the majority of voters is..


Nicolas walked away with 12 votes cast against him to Lonnie’s 6.

Here’s some of the responses to why people voted the way they did.. (I’m withholding names to make it more fair for everyone reading this and wanting to participate)

“After Amy kept borrowing Marias clothes and getting them dirty Maria decided that she had had enough. When the gang kept catching Amy and Jim making out all over the place the group (Max, Liz, Michael, and Kyle) join Maria in an alliance to vote Amy off”

“So those already tossed out of Frasier Woods are Sean,
Tess and Rath hua? I’d have thought that the voting
would have been a little more strategic by now, but
it’s been interesting to see why they have each been
removed from the festivities. I mean, Sean wasn’t too
much of a stretch, it’s not as if he was going to do
any work while he was in the woods. Tess? Actually I
was surprised that she left the woods as soon as she
did, though I picked her early myself, but that was
after getting rid of Lonnie and Nicholas (who by the
way are still in the woods with the rest of the gang).
But Rath was really a surprise as I thought that Liz
would have wanted him to stick around a lot longer
than she would Michael. Besides, if you get rid of
Lonnie and Nicholas it appears that Rath has
potential. Although at this point he does have to
protect his “rep” so maybe it was wise getting rid of
him early. Which leave us where exactly?
Amy should be fine as long as Jim is still there to
keep her distracted from any little “tricks” that
Lonnie and Nicholas keep playing on the humans.
Although if Nicholas keeps it up any longer, I fear
that Jim is going to want to pull Nicholas over his
knee…not really a good idea, but on Jim’s behalf there
is only so much a man can take. Speaking of pairings,
I know that everyone was a little worried that Isabel
wasn’t going to pull her own weight, but with Alex
still there she doesn’t want to revert to her old ways
and look weak in his eyes as things between them are
getting better with each passing hour, though it’s
different in a way that Isabel can’t put her finger
on…it’s Alex, but not Alex. Of course she’s found
Lonnie trying to trick him into thinking that she’s
really Isabel, but so far he hasn’t fallen for it…or
very long and with no apparent way of getting back at
her, Isabel has decided to take the “high” road…though
she’s always on the lookout for a really great way for
her to return the favor. I mean, it’s not as if she’s
going to make the “moves” on Rath…besides she’d have
to get rid of Liz to do that and that’s already a
disastrous situation in the making just with the
memories that Max is calling forward lately. She’s
also learned that Nicholas may look like a 12 year
old, but he’s as ruthless as any adult.
So who do I think needs to leave the peaceful
existence out in Frasier Woods? Brody of course! You
just can’t tell who he might be and now that Tess is
gone, why would he want to continue to stay out in the
woods with the rest of them. You see I think that
while he’s Brody he’s just fine – as long as he gets
his daily dose of Pepper Jack cheese, but when he’s
“invaded” he’s not Max’s friend, but rather using
everyone to get to Tess – his true love and if he
can’t have her this time, then no one can and he’ll
see to it that all of their lives are turned upside
down in the process! Besides can you just see Maria
trying to tell her mom that Brody goes for days
without knowing where he’s been?”

“Although Nicholas and Lonnie are tempting to vote off, Amy DeLuca gets my
next vote. She’s a nice enough person and all, but she’s starting to really
get on some of the campers’ nerves. Maria is getting seriously annoyed,
because she can’t have a moment alone with Michael, without Amy breathing
down her neck and showing sharp disaproval the whole time. Liz is getting
quite outraged at Amy, who’s trying to convince her that Sean is really “a
good guy.” (Thank God he’s gone). Also, she’s getting a little too
over-excited with her camera, trying to take pictures of everyone all the
time. But worst of all, Jim Valenti has finally realized that she’s not as
fun as he thought she was. Without being able to make pies for him, she’s
just plain annoying.”

“Okay, I think that Lonnie has to be the one to go. If it isn’t obvious why… let me explain. Lonnie is as close to Vilondra as it comes. Hello… isnt’ she the one who destroyed the whole planet way back when? It seems I recall hearing her say to Nicholas “I remember what it was like to be Vilondra. I want that life back, and I’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get it.” We all know that Nicholas is “the bad guy”, but he’s not a real threat. Lonnie/Vilondra has proven that she IS a threat, and that she can’t be trusted. Plus, that whole changing into other people thing just cannot be tolerated. The “w”itch has got to go!”

“Kick off Ava!
Why? Because nobody really cares about her anyways. All she does is walk around all day looking scared like someone is going to try & kill her. And her accent is so bogus that all the other campers have started making up fake accents and using them when talking to her just to show how annoying it is.”

“I’m going to have to take Brody outta there. It’s way too hard for Liz, not to mention everyone else on the island, to keep her mouth shut about the fact that there are aliens there, and Brody’s poor weakened heart just wouldn’t be able to handle the shock. Not to mention the fact that Larek keeps showing up at the most random and inopportune moments. Amy and Maria were having a nice little chat with Brody about how his daughter is doing when suddenly he went into Larek mode and started talking about the King and the home planet. While Isabel tried to nonchalantly drag Brody’s lifeless body into the tent so that Max could heal him, Maria had to make up a whole story for her mother about Brody’s epilepsy and his multiple personality condition. Needless to say, Amy wants Brody off the island because she thinks he’s mentally ill, Max wants him off because he’s afraid to use his powers again, Michael wants him to stop flirting with Maria, and Maria wants him off because she feels he should be with his daughter anyway. So it’s goodbye Mr. Pepperjack!”

“These past couple of days have been filled with tension. Sure, with Rath
gone the females can breathe a little easier but there is still fighting
in the group. The whole Brody/cheese fiasco has died down a bit. Actually
some of the campers feel sorry for him after he related to them how he
became addicted to pepperjack cheese. Man, you walk into a Subway, order
a sub with mozarella , they give you pepperjack instead… That’s how
these obsessions start. Michael doesn’t trust him but we all know its
not because of the cheese. He and Brody almost got into a fight while
trying to make a fire. Which of course woke up the whole camp. Michael
was about to zap him until Maria promised him some nookie if he can get
along with Brody. That quieted him down quite a bit. With Tess gone,
Max has gotten lonely. So he starts to act really friendly with Ava.
Ava doesn’t like him that much. Actually she has been spending a lot
of time with Liz, if you know what I mean. Max got jealous and in a kingly
fit of rage marched into the girls tent and said “Woman, you are my bride
and you are supposed to be with me!” Then he started sobbing uncontrollably
and ran off into the woods. Obviously all this time away from civilization
has made King Max a little crazy. Alex found him curled up in a ball
and repeatedly saying ” How come no one likes me, I’m the leader” in
a small voice. The cheese has slid off the cracker. So Max, you have
to take your delusional self and leave the woods.”

“Alright-that’s it! Amy Deluca must leave the camp immediately! Her non-stop money making schemes and overprotective attitude towards the younger campers is so old the entire camp is about to revolt against her and throw her in the lake! From the alien antenna balls made of twigs, to the alien dolls made of clay, now Amy had actually forced everyone to stand in the assembly line for 5 hours a day. The campers seem to have turned into machines, making alien blood out of the slime found in the bottom of the lake, all day everyday. Even Maria has had enough, she actually broke down and started crying in frustration when her mother told her she couldn’t gather firewood with Michael anymore, after Amy caught them in the middle of a sweet kiss behind the stack of logs. Amy Deluca must leave, the Roswell camp is falling apart because of her!”

“After much deliberation, I decided that Kyle would be the one to go. This is why:

Kyle, after realizing that he is actually in love with Tess, moped around since she was booted off. He neglected his duties, and the last straw came when he attempted to get in touch with her. Thinking that the only way to get the message across (not to mention the fact that it would be rather difficult to call her from the middle of nowhere) would be to hone his alien skills and dreamwalk into her mind, he sneaked up behind Isabel and grabbed her arm, hoping that would enable him to make the connection. Startled, she dropped the bucket of water she was carrying and spilled the contents all over the fire, which had taken 15 minutes to build and 3 hours to start. The survivors were then unable to cook the fish Max and Liz had caught, and everyone had to spend the night hungry (they could find no non-poisonous plants that day) as well as thirsty. There was a bit of a debate at first as to whether Kyle or Isabel was more at fault, but it was soon decided that Kyle was the guilty party. After being informed of his expulsion, Kyle was overjoyed and asked if Tess had returned home or was staying in the motel closest to their locale.”

“I would vote Ava off even though I strongly considered Lonnie or Nicholas. I
mean come on, she looks just like Tess!

Reasoning: Obviously, she doesn’t have a very strong personality and with
the wrong influences things could get bad. After talking with her Dupe
others in an attempt to create a strong alliance, she leaves thinking
herself to be independent. Instead she is just a puppet of Lonnie and
Nicholas. Now she goes around trying to fill Tess’s place. She constantly
tries to mind warp Liz and Max to split them up while Lonnie and Nicholas
just laugh from their hidding places at Ava doing their dirty work. Ava
thinks she is getting the “Max” she never had when L & N just want him dead.
Liz has already complained to the sheriff about her, but what good is a
restraining order for someone with mind warping abilities!? With her Max
obsession whe is disturbing the whole camp! Liz gets upset when Ava tries to
separate her and Max so she’ll talk to Maria about it who will then complain
to Michael to do something about. As we all know Michael doesn’t have much
patience. Then, we have this whole chain reaction of complaining about Ava.
Something like ‘That gril never does anything around here to better our
situation. All she ever does is try to get Max from Liz!’ Of course, we
can’t have this. She needs to go! She gets the boot this week! ^_^”

“Liz Parker has got to go. After finding Max giving a harmless hug to Ava, who was having bad dreams from seeing Lonnie and the recently kicked off Rath again, she immediately assumed the worse and ran to the closest person, Alex. Unfortunately, Alex had his own problems to deal with, namely Lonnie’s repeated attempts at getting him to “do her.” Ignoring Alex’s pleas for help as Lonnie grabbed him and almost hauled him off, Liz just jabbered on and on about how Max was drifting apart from her, conveniently forgetting that in their first few days on the island, Sean had been her “special buddy.” Mumbling something about hussiness being a chromosomal trait, Liz wandered off in search of Maria, managing to bump into Isabel along the way. As she attempted to tell Isabel about the ridiculous antics of her brother, she flippantly mentioned Lonnie’s and Alex ignoring her as well. Isabel, realizing Lonnie’s intent, rushed past Liz in search of her boyfriend. Liz, dazed at the nerve of these people who wouldn’t even stay still for five minutes to hear her out, went off in search of Maria, whom she knew would drop everything and listen. Stumbling upon Maria and Michael ::ahem:: sucking face, she voyeuristically observed them, taking notes for future reference with Max. That is, if she decided to forgive him of course. And if Sean wasn’t busy. Deciding that she really needed a good cry for the audience to feel for her, she went back to the camp. Walking into her leaf-hut, she encountered the Sheriff and Amy. Deciding that they weren’t being interesting enough, she burst into tears and told them her sob story, managing to work walking in on Michael and Maria in a compromising position into the conversation. By the time they gathered for the tribal council, almost everyone had a reason to be pissed at her. Max was mad because he was getting the cold shoulder from her when he did nothing wrong; Ava didn’t like that Liz kept glaring at her and making comme! nts; Lonnie missed an opportunity at having Alex “do her,” Nickolas, well, he did whatever Lonnie told him to do; Alex and Isabel were still bristling at her indifference towards Lonnie’s attack; the Sheriff was mad at his missed opportunity with Amy, who spent all of her time watching Michael and Maria; Brody was angry because she hurt Maria; and Michael and Maria were mad at not being able to sneak off late at night, seeing as how Amy threatened castration and other bodily harm towards Michael if he “soiled her daughter.” The only votes not cast against Liz were Amy’s and Liz’s. Amy’s was no different; she had been voting off Michael for three weeks straight. Liz, on the other hand, voted off A**, because she must have been mindwarping Max into a relationship and was therefore evil.
Liz was shipped off with her meager parting gift of three Yanni CDs and a “Celebrity Squares” play-at-home game, in addition to her luxury item, her journal, which was finally returned to her after the other tribe members stole and hid it in the hopes that there would never be any more sappy voiceovers. Ever.”

I couldn’t post all the reasons sent in so I had to pick and choose. Now that you saw how the last round went, time for the next victim to be decided upon. You have until Monday afternoon to send in your second round votes and I will announce the next victim Thursday night/Friday morning (PST of course ;) )

Here’s the rules:

I’m looking for the most interesting reasons why you are voting a person out of the camping trip and I will publish the best responses (even if they aren’t for the person who received the most votes) along with the latest casuality.

To place your vote, send an email to with your vote and if you can (but it’s optional) a reason why you’re voting for that person.

The players still left in the game are: Amy DeLuca, Brody, Ava, Alex Whitman, Isabel Evans, Jim and Kyle Valenti, Liz Parker, Lonnie, Maria DeLuca, Max Evans, and Michael Guerin.

The game will continue through the week of May 21, 2001.