Maxim’s Top 100 for 2001

Thanks to Carrie and Scarlet for this :)

The May 2001 issue of Maxim contained their top 100 picks (of females) for 2001.

Very Roswell Related:

# 98 – Majandra Delfino

(Small pic of majandra with short hair; wet and combed back. She’s wearing a pink army camoflauge tank top with a black border and spaghetti straps. Tie dyed black/white boys style underwear briefs with red elastic trim)

Venezuelan-born Majandra (that’s short for Maria Alejandra, by the way) is so outof this world as wisecracking Earth girl Maria DeLuca on TVs Roswell that she has us hoping for a close encounter fo just about any kind. Heat Factor: After partying a little too hearty last year in Traffic, Majandra stars in the upcoming killer-on-a-college-campus thriller Sticks & Stones.

Sort of Roswell Related:

# 17 – Ali Larter

(Full page pic of Ali wearing a sports-like, belly button, black tank top. She’s wearing black pants, with the waistband folded over to reveal the white of the inside of her pants. Her hair is hanging loose, blonde and slightly curly.)

Ali’s role in Final Destination had us all in suspense: would she don anothe whipped-cream bikini like she did in Varsity Blues? (Answer for frustrated dessert lovers: No.) Heat Factor: With star-making turns like American Outlaws and Legally Blonde, Ali’s so hot right now, it oughtta be a crime.