New Version Of “Roswell Survivor”

I’ve decided to do a Crashdown version of “Survivor” but with a twist.

I’m not sending the sixteen individuals to a deserted island but rather on a camping trip to Frazier Woods. The sixteen “Roswellians” who are headed for a eight week adventure into the Woods are

Ava (Tess’ dupe)
Alex Whitman
Amy DeLuca
Isabel Evans
Jim Valenti
Kyle Valenti
Liz Parker
Lonnie (Isabel’s dupe)
Maria DeLuca
Max Evan
Michael Guerin
Rath (Michael’s dupe)
Sean DeLuca

Every Monday and Thurday, a new person will be voted off the camping trip

Instead of just voting a person off and then revealing who was voted off the “camping trip,” I’m turning it into a mini work of fiction. This is where you all come into play. I’m giving everyone a chance to say why you’d want a certain person voted off the trip. For example, say you vote for Kyle and you decide that you’re voting for him because he spends too much time praying to Buddha.

I’m looking for the most interesting reasons why you are voting a person out of the camping trip and I will publish the best responses (even if they aren’t for the person who received the most votes) along with the latest casuality.

To place your vote, send an email to with your vote and if you can (but it’s optional) a reason why you’re voting for that person.

The game will continue through the week of May 21, 2001.