Save The FanForum and then Save a Show!

Thanks to Mr. Manager (Brendan’s Manager) for posting this on the Brendan board

Hi all…
Excuse the redundancy of my post, but I’m going to use my little bit of extra influence here to encourage all members and lurkers of the FanForum to pitch in and help save the site(s)!

I’ve been visiting the “Roswell” boards since it’s inception…watching it grow like a well nurtured child. I’ve fought with you and laughed with you and cried with you and now I urge you to do what ever you can to help keep FanForum alive…to help keep it the finest group of fan sites around.

I know you want to save “Roswell” and don’t stop trying…but now, take a moment to throw some of your amazing campaign energies into helping save this board and all the others like it, because, without FanForum, you won’t have a place to come home to to talk about how you’ve saved your favorite show(s).

If all the active members clicked the above banner and gave even $5 to help keep FanForum online, you could generate enough income to keep it going for a long, long time.

Fehrians! Roswellians! And all you other ians!

Save this site…I mean…I have to go somewhere to get yelled at…

Thanks for listening…

Moderators and administrators…please don’t take this thread down…in fact…repost it wherever it can help.

Thanks…Mr. M