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Jason’s Movie – the Shipping News

Thanks to UNCgal for this info!

You can read about Jason Behr’s new movie, “The Shipping News” at upcomingmovies.com

Here is part of what it has to say:


“A struggling newspaper writer, Quoyle (Spacey) returns to the small fishing town in Newfoundland his family has long lived in, with his two young daughters, after a traumatizing experience with their mother (Blanchett) (scroll for spoiler: She sold them into prostitution.) (note: there might just be one daughter in the movie, changed from the book). Though he’s had little success thus far in life, his “shipping news” column in the local newspaper, The Gammy Bird, finds an audience, and his experiences in the town change his life. (Ifans plays the paper’s foreign news editor; Glenn plays the editor, and Behr plays his carpenter son). “