New UPN Roswell Promo

Thanks to John for this :)

There is a new Maria Roswell promo kicks ass! It aired tonight during ALL SOULS (a show that I am loving!) and was 30 seconds long.
Here’s how it went:

It starts off with the title ROSWELL

This flashes and turns into: Maria

We see a series of flashes of the desert and such, and then we see Maria and hear her saying:

“What if you discovered that the person you love isn’t exactly who you thought he was?…when I found out the truth about my boyfriend, what he really is, it um, it crushed me…I didn’t trust anything anymore…except my heart…and it was telling me…don’t let go…”

Then the announcer and title says:

ROSWELL, all new episodes beginning Tuesday October 9th on UPN

Also, something that I noticed, in the promo with Jonathan Frakes, before near the end of the promo where you saw a single picture of Michael, they’ve now added a picture of Maria and Michael! I guess they heard the fan’s complaints!

Thanks to Phyco352 for this :)

Um I was just wondering if you had seen the comercial on UPN with Just
Majandra Delfino. Its really cool and it says that Roswell is going to start
on October 9 not on October 16

Thanks to zydny for this :)

Saw Roswell promos tonight (8/3) during repeat of All
Souls on UPN 54 New Orleans–first I’ve seen so
far–they announce premiere date as October 9 and show
cast photos behind a silver handprint