Chicago Tribune: Starring Role For ‘Roswell’

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Starring role for `Roswell’

September 1, 2001

An episode of “Roswell” will boldly go into the “Star Trek” universe this fall, with a crossover episode that links it with the UPN freshman series “Enterprise,” the newest “Trek” spinoff.

“Roswell” which launches its new season on Tuesday, Oct. 9, focuses on teen aliens struggling through their high school years. A suspicious death sends the leader of the aliens, Max (Jason Behr), on a mission to Hollywood, where the film vaults of Paramount Pictures may hold a clue. While there, he hooks up with an agent, who gets him an audition on “Enterprise” (which premieres Sept. 26).

Jonathan Frakes, who played William Riker on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” is an executive producer of “Roswell.”

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