Sci Fi Wire: Rodriguez Reveals Roswell Details

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Rodriguez Reveals Roswell Details

Adam Rodriguez told SCI FI Wire that even after Jesse Ramirez (Rodriguez) and Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl) tie the knot in the “To Have and To Hold” episode of Roswell the groom still wouldn’t have any idea that his beloved is an alien. “She feels she’s got to hide it from me,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a huge dilemma for her.” Rodriguez added, “Once she tells me, if she tells, my life will change forever. Our lives will change forever, regardless of what I decide to do, whether I decide to stay with her or leave her and Roswell. I don’t know how long they’re going to play it out, but it’s an interesting plot turn because it adds tension to everything that goes on for Isabel. It’s also funny because I’m just oblivious to it all.” The actor is no stranger to genre television, having co-starred as Patrick Fortado on the short-lived UPN series, All Souls. Still, he readily admits, he didn’t know thing one about Roswell before joining the cast. “I had to learn about Skins and Antar and how the alien kids ended up on Earth and had their DNA mixed with human DNA and were put in these pods and then walked out of the desert 12 years ago and were adopted by human families,” he said. “I had to learn everything. It’s been an education. The whole back-story is really cool to me and now I’m just glad to be a part of it. I really dig it.”