Shiri Featured on ET ONLINE

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Shiri is featured on ET Online’s webpage.

This is the article:

Alien Love Story

November 08, 2001

Season three of “Roswell” doesn’t take place on another planet, but it does take place on a new network — UPN. Tune in to watch as SHIRI APPLEBY’s Liz experiences another season of sci-fi teenage angst over JASON BEHR’s Max.

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: So what will happen this season?

SHIRI APPLEBY: Max and Liz are going to get together and rebel against everything that’s happening. Liz has focused so much of her energy on one boy these past two years — on what it would be like to be with him. When she finally gets what she wants, her eyes open up. She sees that her choices in life affect other people. So, for the first time, she becomes more of a woman and takes responsibility for her actions. This season, they’re also going to be searching for Max’s son who Tess has taken back to the other world.

ET: Would you like to see Liz and Max get together?

SHIRI: Definitely! I’ve been playing the yearning for two years. I’d like to know what it would be like to work with Jason as a couple versus anger, yearning and lusting.

ET: But isn’t there a fear that if she’s with him, the world might end?

SHIRI: In that episode, she got him to change, so it’s a different world now. Now that Tess has gone back to the home planet, I think that the whole craziness of the triangle no longer exists.

ET: Weren’t you going to college?

SHIRI: I’m on a leave of absence. I was in my sophomore year of college when the show got picked up, so I’ve been on a leave of absence for the last two years. I was going to the University of Southern California.

ET: What was your major?

SHIRI: I was accepted for acting, but I changed to English in my second semester freshman year. I think I’d probably want to study psychology.

ET: What appeals to you about psychology?

SHIRI: Well, it’s very similar to acting. It’s the breaking down of someone’s psyche, how the human mind works and what makes people feel certain things, so it’s very interesting to me.

ET: Any other projects in the works?

SHIRI: Last summer I made a film called ‘Swimfan85’ — that’s the working title — starring ERIKA CHRISTENSEN, JESSE BRADFORD and myself. It’s a story of temptation, and the consequences of what happens if you actually fall into it. Jesse and I play boyfriend and girlfriend who’ve been together for two years. This new girl comes into town and things get a little crazy.

ET: Do you have a boyfriend now?


ET: Are you auditioning for one?

SHIRI: Yeah, I’m scoping the territory, seeing what’s available. I’m quite happy being an independent young girl right now. If someone great came along, I’d be really happy, but if not, then I’m okay.

ET: People always think that young actresses have their choice of anyone they want. But don’t you feel sheltered being on a set all day, and that men are afraid to ask you out?

SHIRI: Oh God, that’s such a good question. You don’t really meet that many people because you’re so busy working. And I think young, independent females could be a tad threatening to men if you’re not dependent on them. You can’t just be the girl on their arm.

ET: So what do you do for fun?

SHIRI: I just went backpacking through Europe for the past two weeks with a girlfriend of mine. We brought a video camera and we shot everything. Everyone says, “God Europe, how was the shopping?” I have no idea. I didn’t walk into a store. We just kind of traveled, met and talked to a lot of people. I’m learning to play the guitar, I’m a compulsive backgammon player, I knit, I crochet, go to the beach, hang out with my friends.

ET: So what countries did you go to?

SHIRI: Well I went to London, Amsterdam, Paris, drove through the entire south of France, Santa Margarita, and Florence. Then I rented a car in Monaco, drove from Monaco to Barcelona in eight hours, and then got on a flight. It was the most positively profound experience of my entire life.

ET: So did people recognize you?

SHIRI: Yes, the show is definitely seen around the world. I think it airs in 22 countries. Being recognized pulled me out of being just another tourist. It made me realize that so many people see what I do, and it’s not just this thing in this box.