Colin and Jason on the radio-Radio Station Info

Thanks to Rashna for this :)

Hi! Ok the radio station Colin and Jason will be on is 102.1 the Edge.
their web site is they have a web cam so they’ll probably
have it on Colin since he’ll be in the studio. Hope that helped.

Thanks to Angela for this :)

I live in Texas and I wanted to let you know the radio station that Colin and Jason will be on is 102.1 the Edge on their morning show. For those fans not in the area you can hear their broadcast at their website at Hope this helps out.

Thanks to Christina for this :)

The station for the radio program that Jason and Colin will be on is 102.1 The Edge (KDGE). Hope that helps!

Thanks to Jenny for this :)

that radio station ad sounds like it will be on KDGE 102.1 the edge! @…..thanks