Post Gazette: Reinventing ‘Roswell’

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Reinventing ‘Roswell’

Once again the sci-fi drama “Roswell” is on the fence for renewal, getting lower ratings than UPN executives or executive producer Jason Katims expected.

The show may take a break in March to make way for two new comedy series, but Katims promises whenever the remaining episodes air, the story involving the infant son of alien teen-ager Max will be resolved. And yes, Tess, the child’s mother, who kidnapped him in last May’s season finale, will be back for the resolution.

Katims said he feels all the stories relating to the teen aliens in high school have been exhausted, and a two-hour season finale will set the show up for a new direction.

“The finale will act as a satisfactory and emotional ending and also act as a pilot if the show returns,” Katims said. He wouldn’t specify what those changes will be but said it could involve cast changes.