Roswell and Save That Show in Detroit Free Press

Thanks to Marilyn for this :)

Mike Duffy is one of Detroit’s leading newspaper columnists. His column on January 21st is about Save That Show .com. He mentions Roswell. The following is an excerpt from his column:


Though the site focuses on new shows primarily, Burrell (the owner of the site) has added such highly endangered older series as “Once and Again”, “The Mole”, and “Roswell”, each of which has an intense, impassioned fan base despite low ratings.

In balloting on “Roswell”, for instance, more than 6,000 (now 8500) votes have been cast in favor of saving UPN’s clever teen space alien drama.

“I didn’t know just how many people had a passion for certain shows like “Roswell” or “The Tick”, says Burrell. “People really love their TV shows. And I didn’t realize how many people feel the Nielsen ratings are outdated and inaccurate.”