Roswell final episode set visit

Thanks to Lena (Fehrocious) for letting me know about this

From Ebay:

Sci-Fi drama ROSWELL is entering production on the final episode written by Jason Katims and Ron Moore. This is an opportunity for you and a guest to visit the set as well as meet the writers of the show. INCLUDED is a tour of the ROSWELL sets at Paramount Studios including the Crashdown, a visit to the set of the final episode of this season (whether it be at Paramount or on location which in case you would be personally escorted to by one of the writers), a season finale script signed by Jason Katims and Ron Moore, and finally lunch with the writers. Use this as an opportunity to pick the writers’ brains on the past season and gain insight into the story telling process. Time is short as production ends on March 11th so you would have to visit the set between March 4 – 8 or on March 11th. NOT INCLUDED: Transportation, other than the location visit. Lodging. Or any other or local expenses. Co-Producer Garrett Lerner is offering this as a way to raise money for his son’s charity, Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy ( This is a rare life threatening disease that currently has no treatment or cure. Researchers believe they are close and these dollars can actually put them over the top into finally helpng and even curing children who are stricken with this terrible disease. Time on this is short so thank you and good luck!