Zap2it – UPN Cancels ‘Roswell’

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UPN Cancels ‘Roswell’
Wed, Apr 10, 2002 01:07 PM PDT

LOS ANGELES ( – In a move that is more expected than surprising, UPN has pulled the plug on its teen alien drama “Roswell.” Thus ends months of rumor and speculation that the sets have been struck and oblique references from members of the cast and crew that the show’s days were numbered.

The series, which has been fan-resurrected twice — once on The WB, the second time when UPN picked it up — will say its final good-byes on May 14 in what the network is calling a “bittersweet,” “powerful” and “heartrending” series finale.

Despite loyal fans that could organize mass mailings of Tabasco campaigns at the drop of a hat, the show just couldn’t draw the ratings numbers to continue making it viable for the network and advertisers.

In the 15 episodes that have aired so far this season, “Roswell” has averaged three million total viewers a week — ranking it 151st out of a total 186 series that have aired on the six broadcast networks. Among the target demo of 18 to 49-year-olds, it has only managed to average a 1.4 rating/3 share on a weekly basis.

“I would like to thank Twentieth Century Fox Television, UPN and especially our fans whose combined efforts helped get us a third season for ‘Roswell,'” says executive producer Jason Katims. “[Executive Producer] Ronald D. Moore and I had the fans very much on our minds when we were writing this final episode. We felt they deserved a great ending.”

The final four episodes of “Roswell” will begin airing on Tuesday, April 23 at 8 p.m. ET and promises have been made that they will resolve the many outstanding storylines, as well as offering a few plot twists along the way.

Mr. Manager let me know that E-mails went out to the cast and crew of Roswell last night and this morning from Jason Katims, saying that UPN will announce that this is the last season for “Roswell” on the network.