Fresno Bee: Roswell Mention

Thanks to GeminiGuy for this :)

There was an article in todays Fresno Bee by our entermainment writer, Greg
Bentley. Here is some of what he said…

“Roswell ends its earthly visit”

Three years of struggles finally come to an end. Those struggles were the
efforts to keep the series on the air. The WB launched the show 3 years ago,
a write-in campaign gave the show a second year & UPN gave it one more year.
Roswell has one of TV’s strongest young ensemble casts-Shiri Appleby, Jason
Behr, Katherine Heigl, Majandro Delfino, Brendan Fehr & Nick Wechsler-made
this “X-Files” meets “Dawson’s Creek” a weekly rocket blast of fun. The show
centered on 3 teens from another world who have grown up in Roswell & it
delt with the emotionally charged issue of what it feels like to be
Loyal fans will want to lift a glass of hot sauce in honor of the aliens odd
culinary taste.
It’s an awful cosmic joke that “Roswell” will end after only 3 years & “The
Bachelor” and “Survivor” thrive.

Mr. Bentley graded the final episode a B+