Major changes coming to crashdown

Hey everyone,

As you probably know, it has been a major struggle to keep this site paying for itself, and to keep it alive. We have had traffic numbers the last 3 months that were our highest ever. But with high traffic, comes higher server bills, and the site just isn’t making it.

I had really hoped to have a Roswell shrine basically that would summarize the 3 seasons, and keep them alive for as long as anyone was interested. It seems that that time was much shorter than I had predicted.

Fan Forum, which Crashdown is probably the most expensive part of, launched a new support system this week, that was really kind of our last hope to keep things going as they were. Unfortunately, even though this page alone gets over 25,000 hits a day, we have only had 195 people give even marginal support to the new program. That was basically the death blow to doing what we have so far.

I very much want to keep alive in some form, and we will be looking very hard at what we can still do. I think having a news page and probably an episodes summary, as well as select pictures from BigSpam and Christina Radish is doable. But everything else is probably something to look at closely. Please bear with us during this time of transition, and thank you for the support of the last 3 years.

If you would like to help keep Fan Forum and this site alive, please check out the various support methods. **Note you must log in, or register at Fan Forum to view this page.