Roswell Mentioned in U.S. New & World Report

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A small tid-bit about Roswell in Culture and Ideas

DVD it Yourself

Fans of My So-Called Life thought they’d never again see their favorite teen
drama in it’s entirety. Of the 19 episodes that aired on ABC in 1994-95,
only 12 were out on VHS, three one DVD. THe company that held the rights had
little interest in a season set, even after years of lobbying and 4,700
“signatures” on an E-petition.

Most stories like this don’t have a happy ending- not yet at least. But this
June, MSCL fans not only will have their season set; they’ll have a
custom-made limited edition. How? They cut their own deal, giving new hope
to the petition-prone fans of lost shows.

[…] My So-Called Life was the first show pushed onto DVD by fans. Consultant
Jason Rosenfeld sold online retailer on a novel


And now, “I’m getting unsolicited E-mail from fans asking to do their
shows-some of them are doable, some of them are ‘Wow, I never knew that
existed,'” says Ross Rojek, CEO of The shortlived 1991
sci-fi series Eerie, Indiana is next up for resurrection.
Rojek plans to look for ideas on an ambitious new site,, which lets visitors vote for shows they want on DVD.
Fan sistes are dispatching their ranks to vote, making ROSWELL and La Femme
Nikita the most requested shows. Were it only so easy. “In fans’ minds, if
you request something enough it will be released,” says founder Gord Lacey
of Edmonton, Alberta. But rights and other realities play a role. Yet fans
dare to dream.’s Fowlkes propses that devotees donate money to
“actually buy the rights…” and have [DVDs] done themselves.” That though
alone will sustain those pining for Punky Bresters: The Complete First