Roswell Review in Times – Picayune

The following is from the May 12-18 TV Focus, the weekly tv magazine for the New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune. Anyone that reads this magazine each week knows that the staff at TV Focus has been incredibly supportive of Roswell from day one. So please take a moment to send thank you emails to the addresses listed.:)

By Renee Peck, TV Focus Editor

Earthlings and aliens alike bid farewell to UPN in the series’ final episode. “Graduation” involves both literal and figurative commencement exercises for the “Roswell” teens. As the government closes in on them, the youngsters must make major decisions about their futures. There’s one new plot twist, but most of the episode is devoted to resolving romantic storylines.

Of course, if we told you more, they’d have to kill us. Also, we were told we’d be inundated with Tabasco bottles if we gave anything away. And just one of those little suckers lasts an extra-terrestrial’s normal lifetime.

A hint, however, for fans: “Roswell’s” ending leaves plenty of room for new beginnings. So keep sending in that Tabasco.