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Brendan answers more questions

Brendan answered some questions asked by Fans on his official messageboard.

September 10, 2006

Mrs. George Eads – If you were to run for mayor or let’s say Prime Minister of our great country, what would your platform be and the main important issues?

Well off the top of my head, it’d be education and Medicare. Education, because in talking to my mother (she works in the federal prison system) and several of my family members (who are teachers) there is just so much money being spent on people who, though are not lost causes, but have definitely taken the wrong path in life, and who’s chances based on statistics will eventually have them back behind bars at some point in life, and a significant lack of money spent of human beings who have yet to make that choice. If we can help in steer them in the right direction early there’d be less need to spend it later on when a half decent result is simple maintenance of a life instead of progress of one. The second Medicare because it’s some thing I think Canadians take for granted and is abused by some out there in terms of going in for the simplest of coughs or something that could be corrected from a $10 purchase at the pharmacy. I’m not sure the solution but a different version of Medicare is needed I think. Again, what that is I don’t know. Genius right?

cirita – Which experience as actor or in your life, has more contributed to you and why? Thanks Brendan, sorry by my english (I don´t speak very well english)

The divorce of my parents I suppose is one. Simply, it taught me that good things do in fact come from bad things. Roswell was a great one because looking back, it has taught me a lot that about what changes in me as a professional I had, and continue to have, to make.

xstarlightx – Is there anyone you idolized has a young boy?

Wayne Gretzky and Alyssa Milano. The last one wasn’t exactly a case of “idolizing” but…

ellen4332 – First, if/when you get married, how comfortable are you in doing love scenes (sans the wife) in a movie, or how far do you think it is appropriate to go in those scenes?
Second, if your wife was uncomfortable at all with any affection in your movies, would you cease to participate in movies where you had a romantic role, or would you expect your wife to accept that part of your life? I know these may seem like crazy questions to you, but I am studying to be a marriage and family therapist and I really am interested in finding points of view from all different kinds of people. Since a lot of celebrities appear to treat marriage as an accessory (thus the ridiculous practice of pre nups), I was interested in your point of view since your views on religion are so refreshing in today’s society.

Well first off, in terms of how far, it depends on a lot of factors and most importantly how relevant is it and who is the director. Does he/she have a reputation for being tasteful, acclaimed, respected, etc. But obviously if it called for anything beyond a make out session, it’d be up for a “family” discussion but my wife is pretty sensible and understands these kinds of things so… If she was uncomfortable, it’d depend on why she was, why she said she was, and whether or not I actually thought that was the case. You woman, ya know, aren’t always exactly forthright, this stuff requires a lot of digging from us Neanderthals and we aren’t exactly adept at such things. Past having a proper discussion about it and why it is or is not necessary, everything situation would be slightly different.


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