“The Good Student” DVD Release Date

“The Good Student” which stars Hayden Panettiere, Tim Daly and William Sadler will be available on DVD very soon. According to Amazon the film will be released on February 3, 2009.

The film is about the American History high school teacher Ronald Gibb (portrayed by Tim Daly) who has a crush on the student Ally (Hayden Panettiere) wo is kidnapped.

A review has been published on DVD Talk. They mention William Sadler in this paragraph:


Targum’s script has some promising moments, but they’re mostly in the first act and don’t fully develop once the kidnapping story takes over. The dialogue has moments of occasional cleverness (particularly in the inventive profanities of William Sandler, who plays Ally’s slimy car dealer dad), but much is riddled by clichés (Worst line: “You’re hurt inside, just like everyone else on this green earth.”).

The Good Student (2006)

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