“Californication” – Review

“Californication” premiered on Showtime and you can find a review on the LA Times Blog “Show Tracker”. The third season premiered on September 27, 2009 together with the new episodes of “Dexter” in which Julie Benz stars.

As already reported, Diane Farr has a 10 episodes guest-gig on the show. She plays Jill Robinson, Hank’s T.A. at the university where he’s teaching.


As for what I enjoyed about Sunday’s episode, Becca going off the sensible path and stealing Dad’s weed from inside his typewriter was an amusing character shade that I hope to see more of, and a couple of newly introduced characters show immediate potential: Peter Gallagher as the hilariously named Dean Koons (if you don’t get it, go to the bookstore), because, well, he’s Peter Gallagher and I see him and Duchovny as having a lot of potential playing off each other; and Diane Farr as Jill Robinson, a university teaching assistant who’s both brutally honest about her imperfect personal life and (at least for now) immune to Hank’s advances. “Don’t charm me,” she tells him at one point during the dinner party, and when she denies him again at the end of the night, it’s a breath of fresh air to see that Hank is actually not going to get laid. Even still, the chemistry between the two characters dripped off the screen, and whenever Farr was on screen, the scene popped.


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