Don’t miss: “The Cutting Edge 4 – Fire and Ice” with Brendan Fehr

Webmaster Lisa added a news entry to which features some links to brand new ABC videos.

The original ABC Family movie “The Cutting Edge 4 – Fire and Ice” is going to premiere March 14, 2010. The official website is available here:

March 10, 2010

ABC Family has put some more material up on their website about the upcoming airing of Cutting Edge 4: Fire and Ice.

Be sure to watch this weekend, and then visit Brendan’s discussion forum to share your thoughts and ideas about the show with other Fehrians.

Follow this link to the newest clip on ABC Family

Brendan on his Character

And another one (oops, did that fall hurt Brendan?)

Becoming the Perfect Pair

How about those lifts?

Perfecting the Lifts

Check out Brendan’s dance moves!

Ballet for Two