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On August 5th, 2012 Shiri tweeted “Check out what it’s like working on a pitch for Hulu from the pov of a Hollywood intern… Such fun to work with them!” and included the following link, to the lizalleninterns2012 Blogspot.

Elizabeth Allen and Shiri Appleby are developing ideas for a new web series. Make sure to read the blog of the Hollywood interns:

[…] First off, we wanted to let you all in on a project we’ve been working on for Liz. She and Shiri Appleby (see previous post about our awesome trip to the set of Dating Rules from my Future Self) have a meeting in a few weeks with Hulu and were asked to pitch an idea for a web series. They came up with a concept, and I helped out by fleshing it out and preparing a little pitch for Liz, Shiri and the other Minterns. At this point, Jesse, Elizabeth and I have each gotten a chance to do such a pitch to practice conveying our ideas and visions for a project.

So on Tuesday, the Minterns headed over to Shiri’s for a photo shoot. The plan is to create sample posters so Liz and Shiri can show off the concept’s marketability. We can’t reveal the full concept of the potential series, but suffice it to say that big love can come in small packages!


Read more: Photo Shoot and Q&A, Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our fingers are crossed for the new project!