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Colin Hanks – “Young Literati Summer Party”

By • Aug 31st, 2013 • Category: Colin Hanks, Leading

Colin Hanks attended the “Young Literati Summer Party” on August 29, 2013. Writers, actors and musicians came together to celebrate Herman Melville’s novel “Moby-Dick” and to support the Library Foundation. “About to read some of Moby Dick out loud to a bunch of strangers. It will be the 1st time i’ve read Moby Dick. Out […]

“Hollywood Game Night” With Emilie de Ravin

By • Aug 29th, 2013 • Category: Emilie de Ravin, Leading

Don’t miss NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night” season finale this Thursday, August 29th at 10 PM on NBC. The show follows two contestants who take part in a game night with big-name celebrities. Terry Crews, Jerry Ferrara, Hoda Kotb, David Giuntoli, Tom Arnold and Emilie de Ravin join Jane Lynch for an evening of party games. […]

Read An Excerpt of Roswell S4E4: Origins

By • Aug 28th, 2013 • Category: Roswell

Have your read episode four of Tessitura’s “Season 4”, yet? You can read an excerpt of “Origins” here on Crashdown or head on over to Tumblr and start reading the full episode now: Season 4, Episode 4: Origins Please make sure to read Crashdown’s interview with the author, too: Roswell S4 Fan-Fiction: Expect Action, Drama, […]

“NCIS” Premiere Photo Features Colin Hanks

By • Aug 28th, 2013 • Category: Leading

As earlier reported, Colin Hanks will be back on CBS’s “NCIS”. The first episode of the 11th season will be titled “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” and premieres on September 24, 2013. TV Equals released a first photo from the season premiere which features Colin Hanks and “Gibbs” Mark Harmon: NCIS Season 11 Premiere Photo Features Guest […]

Brendan Fehr Joined Twitter

By • Aug 26th, 2013 • Category: Leading

Brendan Fehr joined Twitter. He posted a new thread at the Media Blvd forums, Official Twitter FYI, and confirmed that he officially joined the social network. From his official forum: For those who care, and I’m not even sure I’m one of them, I have officially joined Twitter (though my participation will be extremely scarce). […]

Read An Excerpt of Roswell S4E3: The Unpredictable

By • Aug 25th, 2013 • Category: Roswell

The busy author of the fan-made fourth season was kind enough to give us an interview about what you can expect in the fan-fiction. In addition, you can find excerpts on “The first half of the season focuses more on the second generation whereas the second half includes the first generation more.” Tessitura told […]

“Parkland” Premieres At “Venice Film Festival”

By • Aug 24th, 2013 • Category: Leading

“Parkland” will premiere at “Venice Film Festival”. The film is scheduled to screen in the main competition section. The 70th Venice Film Festival opens on August 28th, 2013. Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden, Tom Welling, Billy Bob Thornton, Jacki Weaver, Paul Giamatti, Jeremy Strong, James Badge Dale, Mark Duplass and Colin Hanks star in the […]