15 Years Later: Where Is The Pod Squad Today?

I do know that I am not the only Roswellian that has ever wondered where the Pod Squad is today, or where they have been all these years, after they left their hometown Roswell in that small van.

I know they were books written after the show was over and I respect them, but I have got a huge list of:

What If?

  • What if they went to L.A. and made Kal complete his job? It was the reason he was sent to Earth, after all.
  • What if things got so complicated here on Earth for them that they only had one choice? Going back home!
  • What if they could use the same space-ship we saw on season three? It would make sense for me, I still believe this machine could work.
  • What if that day when the space-ship disappeared from Utah and appeared in L.A. the machine made that trip on its own?
  • Who took it there, if Kal Langley didn’t want anything to do with it? We know he had to obey Max, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t lie to him, when he said that he didn’t know where the space-ship was he definitely lied.
  • What if the piece that Michael picked up from the spaceship that brought Tess, and her son was everything they needed to fix the space-ship? If there was a chance that this piece was the thing that the original spaceship needed to get out of this planet the whole problem would be solved. If you don’t believe my words, remember what Topolsky-in-disguise told Liz when she arrived at Senor Chow’s:“I’ve learned things, seen things … that no one would believe. Sometimes I don’t even believe them myself.
  • And knowing so much about everything she told Michael when she saw the orb:
    “It’s a communicator, and there’s another one just like it. I took it from the special unit evidence vault back in Washington. Now, I know they only work when they’re together, so if I bring you the other one, if I risk my life for you…I need to know that you will take me with you when your people come to get you.” So, if Topolsky thought this could happen … Why wouldn’t I too?
  • What If our favorite aliens could have found a way through these objects, and they had gone away and for some reason decided to come back? For me would be the perfect plot!
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    • October 29, 2014 at 4:17 pm

      hey Anderson, well done Roswellian. You gave us a lot to think about. I could see whole new seasons on their planet with them happy, unhappy with Tess causing trouble, interplanetary exploring, coming back to earth with Liz pregnant. Wow, many more seasons. We need movies! Thanks for the article.

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