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Watch The Night Shift & Read’s Exclusive Interview With Brendan Fehr

By • Aug 31st, 2016 • Category: Baron And Toluca, Brendan Fehr, Leading

Tonight is the night. NBC’s “Night Shift” wraps its third season with the second half of the two-part season finale. Read an exclusive interview with Brendan Fehr on ‘The Night Shift’ exclusive: Brendan Fehr talks finale, Brianna arc, and season 4 hopes* … and please tune in tonight! Tell NBC how much you enjoyed […]

More Clues – The Plot Thickens Like Honey

By • Aug 31st, 2016 • Category: Baron And Toluca

So, what’s going on on the official B+T front? Something is brewing. Definitely. Do you remember that Brendan mentioned in the Huffington Post interview, that maybe they release a trailer next? He said “[…] So, we’ll be releasing more throughout time. Maybe a trailer? We haven’t decided.” Last week before Saturday’s Twitter Mission, he posted […]

The “Night Shift” Season 3 Finale Airs Tomorrow – August 31st

By • Aug 30th, 2016 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

NBC’s “Night Shift” wraps its third season tomorrow on August 31st, 2016. Please watch and tweet live! Show the cast and crew how much we enjoyed the season and let NBC know that we look forward to a season 4 renewal. Gabe Sachs just shared a behind the scenes clip, which you can watch below. […]

Emilie De Ravin Attended “Heroes & Villains” Con in San Jose

By • Aug 29th, 2016 • Category: Emilie de Ravin, Leading

Emilie De Ravin attended the “Heroes & Villains” convention in San Jose this last weekend. “So excited to meet more #oncers !!! Who’s coming?!”, Emilie tweeted before the event. A day before the convention she wrote “Dear San Jose: I can’t wait to see you tomorrow & meet a bunch of awesome #oncers!! @heroesfanfest #hvff […]

Twitter Session on Fire – August 27th

By • Aug 28th, 2016 • Category: Baron And Toluca

Thanks for tweeting with us yesterday. There was some new oil in the fire of desire for the TV show “Baron And Toluca”. Did you feel it, too? During August 27th Twitter session, fans came up with memes and themes to spice up the Twitter mission in order to get Netflix’s attention to the project […]

Vote For Your Favorite B+T Fanart – August 27th

By • Aug 28th, 2016 • Category: Baron And Toluca

Thanks to the amazing B+T fans for posting all this great fanart on social media. Again, we picked four amazing graphics fans posted on social media. Please retweet all artworks and vote with a LIKE. The winner will be announced on Monday. Now, please show your support! 1/4 By @jedeamjo #BandTfanart contest! Please RT & […]

Brendan’s Instagram TAKEOVER & Twitter Q&A – August 24

By • Aug 26th, 2016 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

“We’re handing the reigns over to Brendan Fehr! Follow along to see a day in the life on the #NightShift set.” – NBC Visit the official “Night Shift” Instagram page and check out the photos Brendan shared and commented on. He also answered fan questions on Twitter: Twitter Q&A With Brendan Fehr – August 24th, […]